Smells Like Weeia Spirit

Smells Like Weeia Spirit

Danni Metreaux, a smart Paris marshal with a point to prove, and Sebastien Poyager, her loyal, wealthy and handsome partner, keep getting called in to deal with superhumans behaving oddly for no apparent reason, and innocent people are dying. Will they be able to find the culprit before more people die and the secret of the Weeia is revealed?

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What others say:

A real page turner!

Anne Marvin

Smells Like Weeia Spirit is a wonderful addition to the Weeia world and another success for author Elle Boca. Danni and Sébastien are at it again, calming chaos and catching bad guys. A real page turner!

Anne Marvin, blogger, TruthinFantasy

A compelling, engrossing read, I was hooked from the first page.

Sheri Wilkinson

A compelling and fascinating story with an original plot and likable characters. Danni is strong willed, dedicated to her job and an all around likable woman. She is able to balance her job and personal life perfectly. Elle Boca grabs your attention by blending fantasy and (the) real world to a perfect mix, making a engrossing page turning read. I was hooked from the first page. I highly recommended Smells Like Weeia Spirit to all. A true five-star read.

Sheri A. Wilkinson, reader

Thank you Sheri for posting the first review!

Should be entertaining to anyone who likes an investigative adventure with a light fantasy flare

Cabe Polk

As are the other Weeia books by Elle Boca, Smells Like Weeia Spirit should be entertaining to anyone who likes an investigative adventure with a light fantasy flare.

Clabe Polk, author, The CPMA Book Review Blog, and contributor, Midwest Book Review

What a great ride!

I really did enjoy the book and I am completely new to Ms. Boca’s work. Now that I have read this one I will definitely be looking for the first 2. I love that they are stand alone books and you can jump in anywhere to start, but still feel you can go back and read the others. Ms. Boca picks you up on the first chapter and has you sail along with her the entire story.

Wendy Wright, beta reader


Boca really hit her writing stride with this book because it was just amazing

Ashley Tomlinson

Ah yes more Weeia! I will always love getting back into this magical world. It never gets old. Danni is still my favorite character and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. She’s such a strong character that it’s hard not to be completely mesmerized by everything she does.

Boca really hit her writing stride with this book because it was just amazing. Danni really seemed in her element and so much more comfortable with her job. She had her hands full in this one trying to stop mere mortals from discovering the existence of the weeia. No pressure Danni. I still adore seeing Paris through the scenes that Boca creates in excellent detail.

Sebastion is a great character too. He and Danni make a great team and they are always fun to read. They worked so well together it was like they were made for each other. All in all, this was a great installment to this series and I can’t wait to read more!

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of

A rollercoaster of action and emotions

Katja van der Heijde

Lovely third installment of the Weeia series. A rollercoaster of action and emotions, the Parisian setting is ‘absolument superbe’

Katja van der Heijde, beta reader

An awesome read!

Author Elle Boca has delivered a complex and intriguing mystery for her third Weeia Paris Marshals novel. All of her characters and the amazing abilities they wield seem so real, and her descriptions of Paris make the book come alive. An awesome read!

Sandra Berg, MD


Mary van Ede

Smells Like Weeia Spirit transported me into the wonder that is Paris, to the point that it felt I was there instead of my home. Danni and Sebastien had me turning the pages faster than I could read them.
Mary van Ede, beta reader

Emotional roller coaster of a read

Author Nicholas Rossis

A great addition to Boca’s Weeia Marshals series. Human politics and conflicts spill over into the not-so-perfect world of Weeia–and of Paris. Once again, Boca has created an emotional roller coaster of a read, with larger-than-life characters, unlikely heroes, and a protagonist that is one of the most memorable characters I have ever met.

Nicholas Rossis, award winning author Pearseus epic fantasy series

Author Elle Boca delivers a powerful ending

Fran Lewis

Marshall Danielle Metreaux is back along with Sebastien Poyager in another adventure that will take them deep inside the Academie Superieur de Goin to uncover the mysterious death of a student and the death of an older man who was visiting his sister.

What is causing Weeia to act out of sorts? Where does it stem from and who is creating this powerful thing to change personalities? A specially created scent that aligns with a person’s Henki and when properly applied can make you popular if that is what you want, make you charismatic or anything you want. But, that’s if it belongs to you. When the CUT leader, praises Danni and would love to steal her for his unit, will her loss and what she is enduring make her leave Paris and go in another direction? With her friend Marla, Ernie and her partner and Susanna, will they solve the mystery and will she remain?

Author Elle Boca delivers a powerful ending that lets readers know this is not over yet and there is much more to come but first lets hope that somehow they solve the puzzle of what Smells Like Weeia Spirit?

Fran Lewis, Just reviews/MJ Magazine

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