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Amy and her friends uncover the cause of the disappearance of New Lyon, only to face their greatest challenge. Altering the past could mean the end of all humanity, while doing nothing could have dire consequences for those they love. Forced to risk everything and choose between the familiar and the unknown, even the Unelmoija may not be strong enough to evade the paradox.
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Unelmoija: Paradox (Weeia, #5)

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Author Nicholas Rossis

Boca’s final installment in her Unelmoija series is her best book so far. Full of her unique blend of suspenseful action and all-too-human moments (especially enjoyable by this foodie), it wraps up the story in a perfect way that manages to both surprise the reader and offer us the expected closure.

Indeed, seemingly random events mentioned in the previous books find their explanation in this one in various little twists that provide readers with unexpectedly fulfilling ‘aha!’ moments. If you have followed Boca’s excellent series so far, be sure to read Paradox for the perfect conclusion to the series.

Nicholas C. Rossis, author, Amazon best-selling epic fantasy series Pearseus

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I highly recommend this book and this entire series to magic lovers everywhere

Ashley Tomlinson

This is a series that I’m sad to see come to a close. I loved every book in this series so much. I know I’ve said this a million times but it’s just so easy to get into this world that Elle Boca created. The magic in this series is so unique and fun to read. So seriously can I be a Weeia? Pretty please.

Timeshifting was explained a lot more thoroughly in this book. It was so easy for me to picture those scenes with Amy and her Grandma traveling through time. This family is seriously so amazing, I just love how close they are. Something that I don’t know if I ever commented about these books is about how passionate the characters are about their food. Not kidding, they make some amazing sounding food. Can I have some recipes, please?

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of

…an amazing ending and perfectly wraps up the series

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Thankfully this book has an amazing ending and perfectly wraps up the series. The writing is great and captivates you from the beginning of the story and takes you on a great journey with enjoyable characters! The originality is weaved throughout every aspect of this book from the characters to the ending. The timeshifting in most novels is a little difficult to follow for some readers but I feel like Elle did a good job with the aspect and I just think all readers should take their time reading this book to truly enjoy it. I would recommend to all who love great series and writing! I would like everyone to start with the first book in this series and read them all. You will not regret it!

T.M.B.A. Corbett, reader and host of TMBA Corbett Tries to Write

Praise for Ms. Boca. Intriguing characters as well as a fresh take on the magical world and fantasy. Unelmoija: Paradox is a definite page-turner.

A great read. The book works not only as a standalone plot in itself, it does a good job of including tie ins to finish the story off I think for other readers. I didn’t feel I was missing anything.

Melissa Manes, beta reader.

The perfect read for Young Adult, Adults and lovers of fantasy

Sheri Wilkinson

A well written story. I really love Amy, I did from the first book. She is older wiser and able to handle her special abilities much better. The secrets she uncovers were shocking and there are quite a few “I didn’t see that coming” moments. I love that shock factor in a great story. The vivid details, suspense, and secrets pulled me into the story as if I were there.

The plot is intense, and kept me hanging and telling myself “Just one more chapter !”. Everything unfolds perfectly. With an original plot, likable characters, tension, suspense & secrets Unelmoija: Paradox is the perfect read for Young Adult, Adults and lovers of fantasy. I would also like to say the cover is fantastic. It really is beautiful and has an air of mystique. A true 5 star read!

Sheri Wilkinson, reader

A great book

Kelly Smith

I should note that I have not read the first four books in this series, so starting with book five, I was quite certain I would be lost. Thankfully, that was not the case, as the author recaps nicely throughout the book. It give many spoilers, of course, but it ensures that any reader who sees this book can read it without confusion.

The book itself is not overly long, but there are times when I found it to fall a bit flat when it comes to emotions. This is a character-fueled story, but those characters start to get very two-dimensional after a while, as do many author’s characters when there have been numerous books surrounding them.

I am not sure if this is going to be the last book in the series, but if it is, it is an excellent place to end it. There was closure for all issues the previous books did not solve, and there were still very slight things left unsolved, which I think is necessary: it will keep the readers thinking about your books long after they’ve finished reading them, and allows them to be creative thinking about the things left undone.

Reading this book was a very visual experience, and I honestly felt that I knew the characters personally, which was a nice touch. As I said, my only issue is that there could have been more descriptive action and emotions. A great book, and I just might head over to Amazon and pick up the rest of the series!

4/5–Great work!

Kelly Smith, reviewer

Hang on to your hats, your heart and your wits

Unelmoija: Paradox by Elle Boca is a rapid-fire, action-packed time traveling adventure as Amy attempts to unravel secrets from the past that have been kept from people she loves. Will the knowledge she searches for make a difference in the events of the present and future? Could one emotional action in the past cause a paradox in time, warping every second from that time on?

Hang on to your hats, your heart and your wits as Elle Boca brings it all home without missing a beat! Prepare yourself to be shocked, to be caught off guard, and go on a journey of a lifetime as the past, present and future come crashing into each other with the force of a tsunami. Not everyone will walk away, no one will be left unscathed and Amy’s life will never be the same.

Fabulous characters, all coming to life under Ms. Boca’s fertile imagination and her ability to create dialogue that feels and sounds real. Amazing action, gut clenching emotional scenes and that perfect touch of romantic heat all blend together for another powerful tale from Elle Boca.

Dianne, reviewer and host of Tome Tender Book Blog

The very best one in the Weeia collection

SA Molteni

Unelmoija: Paradox by Elle Boca is the last book in the Weeia Series and in my opinion, the very best one in the Weeia collection.

Most all of the loose ends from the past four books are tied up quite nicely and come together in a surprising ending that gives the reader a tremendous amount of closure.

If you have read the entire series up to this point, you will not want to miss Unelmoija: Paradox!

S.A. Molteni, author, Fade to Gray, Her Name Was Half Calf and A Special Bull.

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