An American Weeia in Paris

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Impressively entertaining, deftly crafted, and unreservedly recommended

Another impressively entertaining, deftly crafted, and unreservedly recommended novel in author Elle Boca’s ‘Weeia Marshals’ superhero fantasy series, “An American Weeia in Paris” will prove to be an immediately and enduringly popular addition to community library Science Fiction & Fantasy Fiction collections. It should be noted for personal reading lists that “An American Weeia in Paris” is also readily available in a digital book format (Kindle, $5.99).

Midwest Book Review Small Press Bookwatch September 2020


Sheri Wilkinson

Danni is a Weeia, superhuman with special abilities. She must keep her secret and appear to be Human. She is in pursuit of a Superhero, who just may be one of her own. As she tries to find the truth, she is up against a rival for her position. She has a tough position as head of the Marshal in Paris. Danni enjoys her work, she is tough and will stop at nothing to get to the truth.

A fast paced original story with a Superhuman heroine. The plot is original, descriptive, with plenty of actions, suspense, thrills and danger. Danni is very likable, she is in a situation that would deter some, but not her. She is tough but caring, the perfect mix to get a job done. Overall I found An American Weeia in Paris very enjoyable and feel others will as well. I Also recommend the first three (books) in this fascinating series.

Sheri A. Wilkinson, reader

Thank you Sheri for posting the first review!

Action packed, this mystery has a beautiful backdrop of Paris that only enhances the story.

Erin Cataldi

Elle Boca opens up the latest Weeia Marshals book with a bang and the action never stops! Danni, the acting head of the Paris Weeia office is inside the Eiffel Tower guarding some high ranking American Weeias when suddenly the structure is held hostage by brute men with guns and bombs. They are able to take out some of the enemy, but the real mystery is; who took out the other men? Some lightening fast superhero has been running around Paris and stopping crimes. While that is excellent for Parisians, it’s worrying for Danni because it appears there is a Weeia flaunting their powers, just asking to get caught by human authorities. It’s going to take all her skills (and a little help from her friends) to track down this vigilante. And as if she didn’t have enough on her plate, she has another smaller case to attend to and a huge surprise that will rock her to her very core. Action packed, this mystery has a beautiful backdrop of Paris that only enhances the story. Descriptions of mouthwatering food, her new poodle, and the sights around Paris really make the reader feel at home in this world. Fantastic as always, I can’t wait for the next installment!

Erin Cataldi, librarian and reviewer
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I recommend it to readers seeking urban fantasy that isn’t a retread of classic mythical creatures

Dave Higgins

Boca continues to blend police procedural with the mystical, creating urban fantasy where magic can be both powerful and not the solution to problems.

This novel is the fourth in the Weeia Marshals series. Possible spoilers ahead.

When an apparent superhero foils an attack on the Eiffel Tower, Marshal Danni Metraeux finds herself trying to capture a Weeia who seems to love the spotlight while dodging those in the Marshals’ service who want to see her fail. Unfortunately, someone is also spying on one of her Weeia friends. Handling one risk of exposure in a city constantly watching for terrorist plots would be hard enough: how can she handle two without even the full support of her own service?

The book opens moments before the attack, with Danni at the Eiffel Tower on a routine—if irksome—bodyguarding mission, and heads almost immediately into action-thriller territory. While this immerses the reader in her attempt to get her charges to safety without exposing the Weeia to the humans in and around the site, it does mean the reader isn’t informed of the significant changes in the Paris Marshal’s office since the previous book. While Boca does provide this information once the situation has calmed slightly, the lack of it at the time might make certain of Danni’s decisions seem odd; for example, her decision not to contact her deputy because she doesn’t trust him occurs before the reader discovers that Sebastian, her charismatic and supportive deputy, has been replaced by an egotist with connections with in the Marshals.

In addition, Boca’s delivery of the changes is terse in places: Francois’ departure as head of the Paris office, his decision to put her forward as his replacement, and her appointment as acting head, for example, is dealt with in a few sentences. This both provides the reader with a large lump of facts all at once and weakens—or removes—the emotional resonance that could come from Danni achieving a situation that—based on the start of the series—is of huge personal significance.

While the power level of this novel (mystically and politically) is higher than that of previous volumes, it does fit Danni’s advancement and does build on matters from earlier books; thus, it does not feel an implausible escalation.

Boca also balances the vastly significant arcs with several entirely personal arcs regarding pet ownership and visits by friends. These both add lightness and provide a pleasing contrast with the emotional weight of international manoeuvring.

Danni remains a sympathetic protagonist, caught between awareness of her limitations and pressure to do everything flawlessly. After a while in Paris, and among Parisian Weeia, her concern for dressing the part has lessened; however, her narration is still filled with descriptions of people’s clothing.

The supporting cast remain nuanced and realistic, and—unlike some ongoing fantasy series—free from the shift from “obnoxious obstacle” to “misunderstood friend”.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel. I recommend it to readers seeking urban fantasy that isn’t a retread of classic mythical creatures.

Dave Higgins, speculative fiction author
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I love this series!

Tome Tender review of An American Weeia In Paris

Danni is back, just as dedicated as ever and she is in for one tumultuous ride. From emotional highs to the stress of secrets kept, duty and her temporary position as head of the Paris marshal’s office, she is, as usual, on her own against the world…or is she?

So many changes in her life, yet still Danni seems so alone so often. Is this the time she finally gets the respect she deserves or will she find herself the lonely heroine in capturing a rogue weeia?

I love this series! There is humor, a heroine who has the dedication to her job and the honor to do the right thing, no matter what obstacles are in her way, and trust me, there are many. A fun read that is refreshing, fast-paced and truly entertaining! Elle Boca has another gem of a read on her hands!

Dianne, reviewer and co-host of Tome Tender Book Blog
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Smart, astute, unyielding at times and a force to be reckoned with

Fran Lewis
Experiencing a terrorist attack is common for newly appointed acting Marshal Danni. Her appearance is unorthodox for someone in her position but this assignment to protect two Superhumans and the outcome of what happens at the Eiffel Tower sets off a strange set of events. The Walkers are not ordinary “people” the husband is high up in the Weeia hierarchy but his wife will shock Danni as the attack occurs, she and the Walkers are in an upscale restaurant about to order dessert when things get tense and as he tries to take control but his wife won’t budge because her kids went out and have not returned.

There’s a super crime fighting hero going up against the terrorists and crime in Paris. But , Weeias are not supposed to flaunt their existence to humans. This is against their laws and Danni now the acting head of the Paris Marshal’s office is up against a real foe right in her own backyard. Rupert has political connections and brings in a task force aiming to solve the case and push her out. Her own boss took away the case and gave it to this team. Danni needs help but first a friend calls who thinks that she and her partner are being followed but why? Doing some surveillance Danni spots someone using her tracker on her badge and sends his pictures to her old friend Ernie learning his identity but not why he’s following them.

Her old partner left and finally contacted her and she’s hoping he’ll help with this case so she gets the position permanently but there are obstacles in her way. Amanda Walker discounts her warnings about danger and her husband Ted follows Danni but the result of what happens shocks Danni learning just what Amanda is and can do. Lives are lost but somehow, she and Amanda work as one to try and save a guard but will this be the end of her job or will her boss understand the outcome? Ted Walker is considered a superhero and a superhero has gone rogue and Danni is charged with stopping this hero before Rupert takes her down and gets the position she wants. The issues of betrayal, deception, friendship and loyalty are just some of what author Elle Boca brings out as the tensions rise and the dangers increase.

The humorous highlights surround her problems dealing with this toy poodle, Ceri who belonged to her former direct report and who insisted she take him in. Ceri is smart and cunning making it hard for Danni to deal with her and the surprises she finds when she comes home. Plus let’s not forget Madame Marmotte her somewhat secretary who adds her own spin on Danni and does not always deal with her without her terse comments but when push comes to shove, and Russell asks and requests something from her the response is priceless.

Danni becomes embroiled in solving the case and keeping tabs on Mathias and the Walker children. Called on the carpet by Rupert’s father closing she was harassing the children she stands up for herself, but something happens during her surveillance for Mathias that changes every about her parents and Danni must deal with the harsh realities and startling truths. Speed walkers are hard to track and she’s on the prowl to find this one who’s creating havoc and is dangerous is it Sammy Walker or just who is this new Superhuman? As things get stranger Ernie appears and Danni is forced on an unusual journey in the middle of the night where she learns the history of the Weeia, the person called Unelmonija the most gifted and powerful Weeia known to their history and he enlightens her to much more. But first she learns about her parent’s powers and what similarity she had to one. Ernie explains a group formally known as Ihmiset called The Descendants. This woman descended directly from the Ulelmoija are known as The Daughters of the Descendants. Added in this links to why her badge has limited abilities and what she experiences takes her to an entire new dimension and is astounding. Danni faces hard choices and her goal is to track the MGV and solve her case before Rupert’s team does.

Danni and Ernie have an unusual relationship and as a result of this encounter you never know how things will progress and knowing that Marla is about to descend on her changes things as what she experienced and what she learns about her parents has to remain a secret in order to protect her own life.

The world of Weeia is much different than ours but Danni using her new app was able to learn just who MGV is but that is not to be revealed to anyone but this person is smart, quick and with this person’s help you won’t believe what they accomplished and how they took down some dangerous criminals. But, things get tense when someone close to Danni is seriously hurt, Mathias is kidnapped by Argus who is at the heart of what is happening to so many others, bribes, torture and more to get people to do what they want but can anyone ever really get away from this dangerous group that thinks they are so elite and higher than all others. Situations get tense, Danni must make a difficult decision, hoping to find Mathias and learning the truth behind Argus and once again having to say goodbye to people she loves. As things get more dangerous and Danni hopes to get the permanent position as Head of the Paris office, she needs to rethink her thoughts about someone, find her own way and hopefully reconcile her own differences within herself. An ending that leaves us wondering what is next for Danni, will she find someone in her life after losing the one person she really loved? Learning about her ability that she did not know she had, will that change the way she handles thing? Smart, astute, unyielding at times and a force to be reckoned with and of course let’s not forget Madame Marmotte who adds some color and zest to every scene that she’s in and her loyalty to Danni is unfounded. What’s next for her? Will she get the permanent position? Friendships are broken, others cemented, and trust and loyalty are at the heart of whether she will succeed. But what she does to make Sammy smile before the Walkers return home is priceless and amazing.

Author Elle Boca created a plot filled with suspense, intrigue and an ending you won’t expect as we learn more about An American Weeia in Paris, named DANNI!

Fran Lewis, Just reviews/MJ Magazine
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Benefits and broadens the Weeia experience considerably

Cabe Polk

Weeia Marshal Danni Metreaux spends an incredible amount of time eating in Parisian restaurants and navigating Parisian traffic, which, I’m sure can be a serious problem just as it is in any other large city. Nevertheless, the Weeia Marshal Series is not a Parisian travel guide but a superhero action series, isn’t it?

Much of the rest of her time she spends ducking Weeia politics. No wonder she remains “acting” Chief of Marshals in Paris. For all her faults, she was an acceptable main character in her role as “Weeia Marshal without a clue”, but her cluelessness is getting old and her inability to stand up to internal politics may be realistic but does nothing to endear her to readers.

Previous Weeia books have had reasonably creditable storylines. There are real mysteries to solve and real victims at risk. American Weeia in Paris feels more like a pity-party than an action-adventure superhero book.

First, our super-hero is tasked with providing security for a visiting Weeia Elder and his family, none of which respect her role, her responsibilities, or her abilities. Second, a “task force” usurps her investigative authority of a terrorist incident. This task force is suspected of being an effort to disrespect her by the Elder but that is never definitively shown to be the case. She does not interact with the task force and they do no active investigation that helps drive the story so I found them a distraction. Her lackluster supervisor is a non-starter; a man; who talks to her on the phone only to harass her without providing advice or helpful direction. She is forced out of her office and into the streets more by her own inability to assert her authority with the task force than by their actions or inactions. Yet, there is a real problem to deal with and she knows it. She musters, with great difficulty, the wherewithal to complete the investigation but sheer luck and help from an utterly unexpected source is all that saves the day.

This book introduces a totally unexpected aspect of Weeia existence that both benefits and broadens the Weeia experience considerably. Readers will like it and understand that it opens the possibility of better stories from future Weeia Marshal books. For that reason, coupled with the quality of the writing, I feel An American Weeia in Paris rates 4-Stars.

Clabe Polk, author, and contributor, Midwest Book Review

I got caught up in and read in one day.

Ronovan Hester

In Elle Boca’s latest stand-alone book An American Weeia in Paris , the fourth entry in her The Weeia Marshals series, I was treated to a tale of mystery, suspense, surprise, intrigue, friendship, science fiction and urban fantasy all rolled into one so smoothly that I didn’t realize all of that until I started writing this review. There are at least five subplots going and all are clear, and I still didn’t think about there being that many until now. An American Weeia in Paris is simply put, a great read I got caught up in and read in one day. I could not put it down.

The Story

Marshal Danielle ‘Danni’ Metreaux, now the acting Head of the Paris branch of the Weeia Marshals, is tasked with the job of watching over a Texas Weeia Elder and his family. The book starts at the Eiffel Tower where the group is having dinner in one of the famed Eiffel Tower restaurants when a terrorist attack occurs. That’s when the mysteries begin. While I watch some suspenseful and thrilling moments in the tower above, a Weeia takes action against the terrorist on the ground, with the scene captured on social media threatening to reveal the existence of Weeia to Humans, who are not aware they have a gifted race living among them. Who is this good Samaritan the media dubs MGV? But that’s not the only mystery. Stalkers? Mystery Weeia? And there is a life changing shock I never saw coming.

My Thoughts

I am enjoying seeing the continued development of the main protagonist in the series, Marshal Danni Metreaux. She is no longer the unsure, self-conscious girl, who grew up on her aunt and uncles farm. Now she is comfortable enough in her position as acting head of the Paris branch of Marshals, to face off against elitist members of the Marshals. She traverses the streets of Paris, both the good and bad more and more like a native, which is a wonder considering the maze that is Paris. Her personal skills with others improves to a surprising degree, but she’s still the same plain speaking Danni.

There is more of Danni’s oldest friends from her Marshals Academy in Portland, Maine, with tech gifted Ernie Satuan and best friend Marla than in the recent books. Both have surprises in store for her. And then there is Danni’s friend Ceri…the Poodle, a match that could only be made in Paris.

I learn about Paris through Danni’s adventures as Elle Boca gives life to Paris by giving us Danni’s thoughts as she negotiates through the streets of Paris, following the street names and historic landmarks she sees. Bits of history only the Parisians know is shared. For this former History teacher and Historical Fiction author, through the words of Elle and the eyes of Danni, I can see vividly what it must have been like centuries ago and learn how the early intentional forward progress of Parisian society was formed. This is not done in a scholarly or boring fashion.

The supporting cast and fringe figures are well developed and as the series moves from one book to the next, I know the feelings each one brings to Danni. Plus, I remember the characters, as opposed to looking back to previous books to find out who they are. Great job!

Elle Boca has created a world where Weeia and Humans can co-exist, with the help of Marshal Danni Metreaux and her friends. Weeia, who Humans don’t know exist, are people gifted with abilities and can cloak or mask themselves to the eyes of others, make people ‘like’ you or seem charming, or even teleport across an entire continent and ocean with a friend in tow. Some might say Weeia have superpowers, but don’t think costumes, superhero names, or robot armor. Think more like Charles Xavier, who appears as normal as anyone else but just happens to have an incredible ability he uses when among Humans only when necessary.

What I liked about this book:

  • I enjoyed the overall easy flow of the book, making reading enjoyable.
  • There is a good balance of surprises with new characters and moments with recurring cast members that keep the protagonist grounded and happy.
  • I really liked the parts with the Poodle, Ceri, though simple for the most part, they showed some emotional development in Danni.
  • I think the handling of the supporting cast is well done, especially how they fit into the everyday life of Danni.
  • There are things/words used in the Weeia world that I had no problem with understanding. The author does well with her choices when it comes to language. Anyone can read this book and the previous three in the series with relative ease.

What I liked a little less bout this book:

  • There are a few scenes and a minor subplot that I stumbled over a bit and took me out of the story, but I can see how the author would have thought it helped show consistency in how a certain element in the Weeia world view her.
  • Staying with the scenes above, the editing during those particular areas broke up the flow.
  • An American Weeia In Paris review image

What book/author would I compare this book to:

I liken this book to a less dark urban fantasy than say a Jim Butcher Dresden Files offering. I love Jim Butcher, but his books can be a tad intense at times. With Elle Boca’s The Weeia Marshals series does have the occasional dark moment, and twisted character, they are used in just the right amounts, so as not to desensitize the reader to dark themes, then you are truly disturbed by the rare moments and thus concerned for those involved.

You could also say with the secretive nature of the Weeia in the series, that J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter shares some similarities, but not in the YA manner or in that magic sort of way. This series can be read by most any age.


I recommend this book to those who love Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Adventure, and a bit of Travel. And of course those who love learning more about Paris than you might have known was out there. For those expecting a superhero book in the vein of the Avengers or Watchmen, that’s not happening.

This is a 4.25 Stars Review.


Character Development 5
World Building 4
Editing 4.25
Believability 4
Enjoyment 4.5
Clarity 4
Flow 4

Ronovan Hester, author, Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling is a reviewer and writer of History and of Romance
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Smells Like Weeia Spirit

A compelling, engrossing read, I was hooked from the first page.

Sheri Wilkinson

Danni is a Weeia Marshal in Paris France. Paired up with her (Marshal) Partner Sebastien they make a great team. Things get complex when superhumans start acting strange for no reason at all. If that is not bad enough people are dying and the Weeia may be discovered. Danni has her hands full as she tries to find the one responsible and keep the secret of the Weeia.

A compelling and fascinating story with an original plot and likable characters. Danni is strong willed, dedicated to her job and an all around likable woman. She is able to balance her job and personal life perfectly. Elle Boca grabs your attention by blending fantasy and (the) real world to a perfect mix, making a engrossing page turning read. I was hooked from the first page. I highly recommended Smells Like Weeia Spirit to all. A true five-star read.

Sheri A. Wilkinson, reader

Thank you Sheri for posting the first review!

A pleasing mix of the two genres

Dave Higgins

Boca continues to meld her bespoke variation on urban fantasy with accessible detective action, creating a thriller that showcases the metaphysical without hand-waving away the more routine aspects of investigation.

This novel is the third in the Weeia Marshals series. Possible spoilers ahead.

When a healer calls Marshal Danni Metreaux in following an inexplicable death, Danni isn’t sure whether the death is anything more than an obscure but entirely innocent death by natural causes. Unfortunately, her investigation is stopped almost before it’s started when the headmistress of a Weeia private school demands the Marshals investigate a pupil’s misadventure. A situation made worse by the need for discretion with many pupils being the children of Weeia elite. A situation made worse still by Sebastien—Danni’s subordinate-cum-partner—being an alumnus.

As with the previous two volumes, this book is a police procedural with urban fantasy elements. Ironically perhaps, the presence of magic mostly serves to make the investigation more plausible rather than detract from the tropes of a police procedural; for instance, mystical perceptions justify the rather fast forensic turn around that features in many entirely mundane crime thrillers without removing the need to interpret the results.

However, there are also new techniques and obstacles caused by the existence of magic users; the book is therefore a pleasing mix of the two genres rather than a story that fits neither.

Unfortunately, Boca’s style is somewhat prone to detailed description and to through explanation. Although these bursts of exposition are usually the narrator’s memories being triggered by a location or event—so do not feel forced in merely to educate the reader—the presence of, for example, several long paragraphs on the taxonomy of Weeia power, between a character violently releasing power and the immediate impact of that release does weaken the building tension.

This style might also lead readers to misinterpret the extremes: so many asides containing information that can be useful to understand the world create the expectation that all the details are important, and thus disappointing readers who have tried to integrate, for example, the names of roads taken into a theory of plot; conversely, the presence of such detail creates an impression that the absence of detail is the absence of significance, disappointing readers who had incorrectly discarded a theory because some necessary item or behaviour was not mentioned until later.

Where these expositions do provide clear advantage is in accessibility: readers who either do not recall or have not read Boca’s other books will suffer no confusion.

These niggles of style aside, the plot has a pleasing level of complexity and is free from a sense that plot is driving character rather than the other way around. Thus, while readers might come to the wrong conclusions or curse the characters for not seeing a particular lead, there is neither a single inescapable answer that fits ongoing events nor a circumstance that is unfeasible even in hindsight.

Danni continues to be a sympathetic character, neither too passive in the face of obstacles to be engaging nor able to shrug off disaster without noticeable pause. Her continued ability to separate the better treatment Sebastien receives on account of his social position from his dedication to the Marshals, while still experiencing moments of displaced annoyance, in particular highlights this complexity of character.

The supporting cast are similarly nuanced, with returning characters acting consistently but displaying occasional deviations from the expected—positive and negative—when new circumstances arise.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel. I recommend it to readers seeking an urban fantasy detective story that focuses more on the investigation than the fantastical.

Dave Higgins, speculative fiction author
(see it and other reviews on his website at

Moments of humor, attitude and brilliant dialogue once again will bring start to finish entertainment and adventure when Danni is involved!

Tome Tender Smells Like Weeia Spirit

Tome Tender review of Smells Like Weeia Spirit – click to enlarge

Hidden within the human community are people gifted with “super powers.” To remain under the radar of the “normal” people, the Weeia police their own kind. Danni Metreaux is one of the Weeia Marshals, working out of the Paris office, a fish out of water, the square peg in a world with round holes, a bull set loose in a china shop. But Danni is dedicated, smart, well-trained and a force to be reckoned with when she is on a case.
The latest case to come across her desk smells of trouble, mystery and danger for the entire Weeia community. With her trusty sidekick, the handsome, poised and wealthy Sebastian, must discover what is causing gifted Weeia to go berserk like puppets on the string of crazed masters. Their investigation leads to an exclusive private school and they must face the formidable School Mistress to uncover clues as to why people are dying mysteriously after a rapid but unknown disease and what link it has to the academy.

There may be more to worry about as a Weeia perfumer becomes entangled in a deadly chemical attack and Danni realizes that something is rotten in Paris and the Weeia could be outed to the world. But Danni may not be at her best as she reels from news that will bring our heroine to her emotional knees.

Elle Boca is back with another piece of the saga that is Danni Metreaux’s life. SMELLS LIKE WEEIA SPIRIT not only demands that Danni step up to the plate once again, but to do it with only the support of her partner as she continues to be treated as a second class citizen by both her superior and her underlings. Danni is the heroine you want to cheer for, to hug and to stand up for. Sure she is a little hot-headed, less than diplomatic, but no one is more dedicated to doing the right thing.

Get ready to learn what most humans don’t, there are those among us that have special powers and there is one small woman determined to keep both worlds safe, while hiding her world from danger. Moments of humor, attitude and brilliant dialogue once again will bring start to finish entertainment and adventure when Danni is involved! Another shiny gem form Elle Boca!

Dianne, reviewer and co-host of Tome Tender Book Blog

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Darker, yet I was unable to put it down

Author Nicholas Rossis
With “Smells Like Weeia Spirit,” Boca continues her Unelmoija spinoff Weeia Marshals series. Danni, one of the most grounded and likable modern heroines, despite her faults (or because of them), finds herself once again in the midst of trouble. Office politics notwithstanding, she has at least the support of her trusted aide, Sebastien. Together, they go through a cross-section of Parisian society. When the need arises, she has extra help from her old friends, who rush to her side.

Despite the obvious similarities, I found “Smells Like Weeia Spirit” different from the rest of the series. Darker, for one thing. The description of an unexpected death in the family and its repercussions bring out Boca’s amazing writing talent, and I’d want to read this book for those chapters alone. At the same time, it felt more disjointed; like a car ride that has sudden twists and turns that leave you slightly disoriented. Not enough to make me give it four stars, but enough to warrant a mention. Then again, Boca has a tendency of leaving loose ends, only to tie them in the next book(s) in her series, so I suspect this is the case here as well.

I’ll be looking forward to her next book, as I’m hooked on her world by now.

Nicholas Rossis, award winning author Pearseus epic fantasy series

Should be entertaining to anyone who likes an investigative adventure with a light fantasy flare

Cabe Polk

When Marshal Danielle Metreaux and her junior partner, Sebastien, answer a call to investigate a student’s death at the Académie Superieur de Goin, (Sebastien’s upper class private school alma mater) she was as unprepared for the uncaring defensive posture of the school administrator (an old friend of Sebastien’s family) as she was the free use of narcotics among the students. With nothing to indicate a homicide, they must assume the death was the result of accident related to the student’s use of drugs.

However, when other Weeia began to act strangely in a manner that would reveal their presence to normal humans, Danni and Sebastien must intensify the investigation. At a loss to explain the phenomena, they must enlist the aid of the CUT Team to resolve issues until a full time command center is organized with Danni’s boss, Francois, in command. When Danni is side-lined during the investigation with a personal loss, Sebastien steps in with the help of a Syrian chemist and provides the expertise need to allow Danni to figure out what is causing the disruption among the Weeia.

Once again, we have Danni Metreaux who is beginning to feel increasingly comfortable in Paris, and who is more comfortable with Sebastien as well. Her boyfriend, Iaen, is a big help to her adjustment, but is not destined to be a permanent part of her life. The intensity of the crisis for Weeia forces Francois to become more active, and Danni who has come to the attention of the CUT team leader may have a chance for advancement outside Paris.

As are the other Weeia books by Elle Boca, Smells Like Weeia Spirit should be entertaining to anyone who likes an investigative adventure with a light fantasy flare.

Clabe Polk, author, The CPMA Book Review Blog ( and contributor, Midwest Book Review

My favorite one to date

Erin Cataldi

The third installment in the Weeia Marshal’s series is where the novels really seem to hit their stride.

Danni Metreaux is finally in her element as the Paris Marshal, she knows the city, it’s weeia residents and has gotten the hang of having a partner. Smells Like Weeia Spirit starts off with some unexpected guests. A Syrian mother and her two children have come to Danni seeking asylum, unsure of the protocol she houses them in her old apartment despite her bosses orders. Soon after that a weeia healer calls saying that someone has died under mysterious circumstances. To top it all off, a pushy headmistress calls and demands the marshals help with some weird incidents occurring at her elite weeia school. Danni and Sebastian can’t catch a break, there is hardly any down time (although they do find some time for some delicious french cuisine). As if they didn’t have enough on their plate there are odd reports of other weeias acting strange and showing off their superpowers in public. Are all these events related? Can Danni keep her boss and her conscious happy? Is the solution to their problems right under their nose?

A wonderful installment and honestly probably my favorite one to date. Elle Boca goes above with her descriptions of Paris, the food, and their culture. Truly a pleasure to read and contains a nice little mystery.

Erin Cataldi, librarian and reviewer

Boca really hit her writing stride with this book because it was just amazing

Ashley Tomlinson

Ah yes more Weeia! I will always love getting back into this magical world. It never gets old. Danni is still my favorite character and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. She’s such a strong character that it’s hard not to be completely mesmerized by everything she does.

Boca really hit her writing stride with this book because it was just amazing. Danni really seemed in her element and so much more comfortable with her job. She had her hands full in this one trying to stop mere mortals from discovering the existence of the weeia. No pressure Danni. I still adore seeing Paris through the scenes that Boca creates in excellent detail.

Sebastion is a great character too. He and Danni make a great team and they are always fun to read. They worked so well together it was like they were made for each other. All in all, this was a great installment to this series and I can’t wait to read more!

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of
(see it on her website at

Fastpaced and a rollercoaster of emotions

A very accurate and beautiful Parisian setting but quite a rollercoaster of emotions. Danni and Sebastien have grown in depth as protagonists but at a cost.

KMH.Pimpernel, reader

I am enjoying this series and am looking forward to reading more of Danni’s adventures in Paris

Kirsty. Amethystbookwyrm

Smells like Weeia Spirit is a fun paranormal crime series with a bit of romance and action. This book was fairly predictable apart from one incident which truly surprised me and it was brave and unexpected from Elle to do this.

Danni is dedicated, intelligent and she is finally getting a hang of living in Paris and being ignored by her boss. Sebastian is the same as ever handsome and loyal, and Iaen is the perfect balance to Danni and they are a really good couple.

I am enjoying this series and am looking forward to reading more of Danni’s adventures in Paris. I would recommend Smells like Weeia Spirit to fans of the first 2 Weeia Marshals books and those who enjoyed the Weeia series.

Kirsty, host of Amethyst Bookwyrm Reviews

Author Elle Boca delivers a powerful ending

Fran Lewis

Marshall Danielle Metreaux is back along with Sebastien Poyager in another adventure that will take them deep inside the Academie Superieur de Goin to uncover the mysterious death of a student and the death of an older man who was visiting his sister. Sebastien seems to have the upper hand most of the time when doing interviews and interacting with the difficult staff they work with. He is smart, hot and calling them in to solve this case where people are dropping like flies and the answers are not apparent brings them inside the school meeting the headmistresses who is only concerned about appearances, not really quite concerned about the true cause as long as Sebastien helps solve the issue and places her back in total control. Coldhearted, methodical and often appears cold and unfeeling in manner and demeanor, she hopes that since she is an old friend of his family, that he will acquiesce to her wishes and solve the case even though Danni comes as part of the package. Meeting with the sister of the man who died from strange causes brings to light that there might be a connection to what is happening in the school and it could be related to drugs. The first student tries to recount what happened to his fellow student and by his demeanor and body language you can tell he’s afraid, apprehensive and fearful that he might upset the rigid headmistress. Did Mr. Monde use drugs? Was it murder or an accidental overdose? Weeia are different than we are and many are acting odd and more bodies will fall. Some seem human while others do not and is this related to being human? As the story progresses and the investigation is going nowhere like in real life the police bring in the FBI or CIA or a Behavioral Unit, they bring in CUT Team to aid in solving the problem and hopefully find out who or what is killing students. ?

Interviewing several students an oddity comes out that some of the girls used their sister’s makeup and their status among the students soared as opposed to before they used the makeup. But, their final decision was that he used and others did drugs.

They were not out of the woods by a long shot as many other disturbances happen in a club between two mindshifters that seem bent on destroying each other. Gathering up their cell phones, passwords needed she sends them to CUT: The Clean Up Team to wipe out any videos of pictures that might have been taken during the disturbance. But, the odd thing is that neither woman knows what caused them to blow up. While one seemed upset the other cold and could care less having a father as the Attorney General she thought she would skate. But, Danielle is tough when she has to be and with her partner things somehow manage to get down. In between she wants to spend time with her great boyfriend but another incident sends them to the Garden Park and then a second to another place making them wonder just who if anyone was in control of what is happening. So many incidents of violence but no one knows what is causing it and why? Reporting it to Francois who does nothing at all but criticize and ridicule, Danni hopes to get some answers and help from Ernie her old friend in Portland, the CUT team and hopefully some of the witnesses.

Things go downhill as more incidents happen and each one more serious than the next. But, Susanna, the Syrian chemist who is seeking refuge for her and her two children, along with Ernie and his amazing resources hone in on what might be the cause of the problem and why people are acting strange. But, in the middle of the case even before they single out the cause Danni suffers a loss that she barely recovers from or can deal with before getting into the thick of things with this serious case. What is causing Weeia to act out of sorts? Where does it stem from and who is creating this powerful thing to change personalities? A specially created scent that aligns with a person’s Henki and when properly applied can make you popular if that is what you want, make you charismatic or anything you want. But, that’s if it belongs to you. When the CUT leader, praises Danni and would love to steal her for his unit, will her loss and what she is enduring make her leave Paris and go in another direction? With her friend Marla, Ernie and her partner and Susanna, will they solve the mystery and will she remain?

The ending is filled with some unexpected twists as we learn more about the headmistresses who could care less when another student dies. Who loves being high? What is the motive behind the deaths? Just what will happen to anyone already infected? Will Sebastien remain with Danni? What about the offer from CUT? Author Elle Boca delivers a powerful ending that lets readers know this is not over yet and there is much more to come but first lets hope that somehow they solve the puzzle of what Smells Like Weeia Spirit?

Fran Lewis, Just reviews/MJ Magazine

Weeia on My Mind

Weeia on My Mind

What others say:

Another adventure in the life of the most underrated heroine in town

Tome Tender Weeia on My Mind

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Weeia Marshal, Danni Metreaux, our own snarky little misfit in Paris has once again found herself neck deep in danger. Instead of the usual lack of an ally, she finds she has become a trainer for a handsome young marshal who knows the lay of the land in Gay Paree, of course the land he comes from is paved with gold while our Danni is constantly reminded of her poor upbringing and the stigma associated with her family name. Instead of finding another Parisian Weeia to ignore her, make her job twice as hard and pretty much make her a pariah, he is helpful, sincere and quite talented, not to mention he has an in with the Weeia high society.

Someone is terrorizing merchants for “protection” money and humans are their pawns to do their bidding, if that isn’t enough, priceless art has been stolen from the home of a wealthy Weeia family. With the help of her new “student” and the strength to endure from her new love, Danni does what she does best, dig in and dig deep. Will she be able to save humans and Weeia alike?

Elle Boca’s Weeia on My Mind is another adventure in the life of the most underrated heroine in town. Ms. Boca has pulled another fantastic tale of the super natural from her growing magical bag of tricks. Heartwarming at times, full of mystery and adventure and even a little romance, it’s about time our Danni has some happiness in her life. Danni is the heroine who seems to stand alone, and it makes her all the more endearing to watch her stamina after watching her being treated as less than the woman she is. Fabulous reading, characters you love to hate and Danni, all wrapped up in a tale that is magnetic from start to finish. Ms. Boca has put her stamp on this tale and it glows!

Dianne, reviewer and co-host of Tome Tender Book Blog


Erin Cataldi

Although Weeia on My Mind is the second in the Marshal series (Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia being the first), it reads incredibly easy and would most likely be easy to follow along with even if you hadn’t read the first. This second installment follows Marshal Danni Metreaux as she continues to police Paris and keep the peace among the Weeia. With no help fro her superior (or her lazy secretary) she has her hands full trying to keep the peace and stay on top of the paperwork. Just when she thinks things can’t get anymore complicated an attractive young trainee shows up and she has to help show him the ropes. At first Danni is annoyed but her new trainee proves useful on her cases and she finds that she is starting to stay on top of work for once (plus he’s good eye candy). With some extra time on her hands she rekindles a romance with an old flame and she couldn’t be happier; that is until one of her cases starts to get more complicated with no leads in sight. What’s a girl to do? Another great installment in the Weeia world, readers will relate to Danni as she tries to stay true to herself and prove everyone wrong in the process. The descriptions of Paris, the food, and the fashion are out of the world and really help immerse the reader into this cosmopolitan urban fantasy. I can’t wait for the next one!

Erin Cataldi, librarian and reviewer

Weeia on My Mind is entertaining and the reader finds themselves rooting for Danni

Cabe Polk

When we last joined Danni Metreaux, a third level Weeia marshal assigned to Paris in Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia, she had just finished dealing with a threat from a band of Gypsies with the grudging assistance of her boss, Francois. In the course of the earlier Gypsy investigation, she met a young Weeia man named Iaen and now the beginning of a romantic relationship begins to bloom through Danni’s confusion about her job and her life in Paris.

She is beginning to feel more comfortable as she meets more people and she begins to feel a little less isolated, but only a little since Francois is more remote than ever and Madame Marmotte continues to trash her behind her back. Now, she’s faced with training a new level 1 marshal, Sebastien, whom she was neither expecting nor prepared for. Worse, he is Madame Marmotte’s nephew, has Francois’ approval and comes from an influential Parisian family. To top it off, Sebastien appears just in time to save her from getting her ass kicked by a gang of Serbian-Croatian mobsters. How embarrassing!

Despite that, they are soon deep into a case involving one of a kind art pieces apparently stolen from a private collection, and case in which a Weeia exhibiting a particularly strong gift of mental manipulation is allegedly manipulating humans to commit theft.

Like Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia, Weeia on My Mind is entertaining and the reader finds themselves rooting for Danni to overcome her challenges in Paris. There are hints about why Francois is not supportive, but his real story remains to be told. This book introduces Sebastien as Danni’s junior partner and the route through which she can begin to interact with some the Parisian elite. It likewise identifies Iaen squarely in the role of Danni’s boyfriend. Ho hum, I guess action and intrigue aren’t enough; there must be some romance somewhere I suppose.

Oh…the story? If you want to know about it, buy the book. Those who love cozy mysteries, light fantasy and intrigue with occasional intense action should love it!

Clabe Polk, author, The CPMA Book Review Blog (see it at

A Well-Written, Suspenseful and Thrilling Read

SA Molteni

Weeia on My Mind by Elle Boca is book two of the Weeia Marshals series and continues the story from the first book in the series – Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia.

Danni is in Paris and is seven months into her first assignment after graduating from the Marshals Academy in America. Her boss, Francois, is very “hands-off” in directing Danni and hardly acknowledges Danni’s work until she proves herself to be a very capable Weeia officer. Madame Marmotte is the local Weeia office manager and also shows quite a bit of disdain for Danni.

When the Marshals Academy sends a new recruit, Sebastien to the Paris office to work with Danni, the tables turn and Danni must oversee the new underling. Something she is not at all eager to do. Sebastien is related to Madame Marmotte and soon Danni sees a different, softer side of the office meddler and malcontent who thinks the world of Sebastien. No sooner has Sebastien arrived in Paris, he and Danni come up against several villainous sorts akin to the Mafia and are in a fight for their lives. Sebastien proves he is a worthy partner and Danni soon warms up to the idea of having him in the Paris office.

In the midst of fighting Weeia on Weeia crime and carrying out assorted other duties, Danni becomes romantically involved with Iaen, a border-line “bad-boy” type who is just the right mix of good and bad to send Danni’s heart aflutter. The two become very close and soon are spending all of their free time together – which may or may not be a wise choice for Danni.

This second book in the Marshals series is a well-written, suspenseful and thrilling read that is a bit darker than the first book in the series. But, as with any crime-fighting story, criminals die and the manner in which they die could be off-putting to some readers. However, the events that unfold are paramount to moving the story forward and bringing it to a satisfying conclusion.

If you are a fan of urban fantasy or paranormal books, the Weeia collection is a wonderful world to get caught up in and enjoy. I have read all of the Weeia books and cannot recommend them highly enough. They are great stories that I could see being on television or the big screen.

Keep the Weeia stories coming, Ms. Boca, this fan is definitely hungry for more.

S.A. Molteni, author of I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak

I was hooked from the first page…

Sheri Wilkinson

Danni is a (Weeia) Marshall in Paris, France. There is a criminal on that she fears is doing a horrible deed, forcing humans to commit crimes. Not only this, but they seem to have no memory of what they did. Danni has her hands full, but is ready to find out who is doing this and why.

A fantastic original story. Danni is very likable and she has a unique job. She takes her work seriously, she has a new love in her life and things are going well for her. She is a strong woman who stops at nothing to protect the people and Weeia. I highly recommend Weeia on My Mind to Adults and Y/A as well. Another great five-star read by Elle Boca!

Sheri A. Wilkinson, reader

This story has mystery, action and romance
Kirsty. Amethystbookwyrm
Weeia on my Mind is the second book in the Weeia Marshals series, which is an enjoyable Unban fantasy book. This story has mystery, action and romance and while mostly predictable there were a few twists I did not see coming. However, I get the feeling that Elle is not sure how she wants the series to progress, I could be wrong though, but it doesn’t feel as if it is working towards an end point like her previous series was.

Danni feels more secure in herself in this book and is determined to do a good job and to protect those in need, and is also short tempered and observant. Sebastien is considerate, friendly and easy-going but I was not sure if he was trustworthy as he seemed too perfect. I am glad Iaen is in this book but I hope in the future he is more part of the story instead of just the love interest.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. I would recommend Weeia on my Mind to fans of the first book in the Weeia Marshals series Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia and those who enjoyed the Unelmoija series.

Kirsty, host of Amethyst Bookwyrm Reviews

This is a very underrated series that so many more people need to read!

Kelly Smith

Another great UF book from Ms. Boca! I love reading her work, because her writing is very clean and plain, but gives characters and situations that are so unique. I really have to mention the setting for the book, Paris. It really helps set the tone for the plot and I hope the city keeps playing a part in the rest of the series.

Danni is again a capable marshal, hunting down Weeia and saving humans. She’s a different kind of paranormal detective that you don’t usually see.

This is a very underrated series that so many more people need to read!

5/5–fast, fun, and unique!

Kelly Smith, reviewer

Kelly Smith WoMM
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Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia


What others say:

I recommend it to readers seeking an urban fantasy thriller that relies on character and investigation more than magical abilities

Dave Higgins

Boca mixes the shock of moving to a new culture, the frustration of being a cop with a boss who won’t support them, and an urban fantasy world that isn’t filled with the usual creatures to create a tale of magical investigation that is driven by character rather than special effects.

Near identical but gifted with magical abilities, Weeia have always lived among humans in secret. The Marshals exist both to capture criminals and ensure the secret remains. When Danni is offered a placement in Paris straight out of training, she can’t believe her luck. However, with her predecessors dead, the Marshals’ office near derelict, and her boss only interested in her not getting in the way of his life of decadence, she realises her posting might not be what it seemed.

This novel is set in the same world as Boca’s Unelmoija series. However, it neither relies upon nor reveals events in those novels. As such, it both is suitable as an introduction to the world, and can be read in parallel to the Unelmoija arc.

Unlike the focus on mystical heritage and secrets of Unelmoija series, this novel is akin to an urban fantasy detective or police procedural. While it has a large dose of the same unique metaphysics, a substantial part of the plot revolves around using—or subverting—procedures, analysing evidence, and investigating rather than wielding strange abilities and unravelling prophecies. By creating a police service that is similar to those of Western nations but different in a number of key ways, Boca skilfully balances the reader’s desire to solve along with the characters against the use of magic for investigation.

Boca weaves a detailed but not obsessively so thread of Parisian life through these mysteries, adding to the firm foundation created by mundane detection, creating a parallel series of challenges, and rounding out characters. While she admits to taking some liberties with reality, this Paris is likely to feel real to all but the most Parisian of readers.

Although there are—as might be expected of what was written as the first book in a series—some questions left unanswered, Boca resolves the majority of threads, providing Danni with victories that are not only satisfying but significant enough that the book could stand as a solo work.

Danni is a sympathetic protagonist. The daughter of Marshals who were disgraced by some unexplained event, she is torn between an unconscious desire to present herself as a good Weeia and many years of not letting bullies silence her; this opposition both drives and inhibits her efforts to undertake her posting efficiently despite the rest of the Marshals’ presence wanting her to stay quiet and leave thing alone.

The supporting cast are similarly shaped by internal contradictions, making them, Weeia and human alike, feel like real people living lives beyond the plot.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I recommend it to readers seeking an urban fantasy thriller that relies on character and investigation more than magical abilities.

Dave Higgins, speculative fiction author
(see it and other reviews on his website at

The sights, sounds, and underground of Paris plays a big part in the narrative, and it gave the story a very nice background

Kelly Smith

I have read works by Ms. Boca before, but none of her previous books can match the skill with which Gypsies was written.

We have a great female lead, Danni, who has a unique mission to patrol for fantastic creatures which masquerade amongst humans. She’s a likable character, very easy to get to know as the book wears on.

The creatures in the book are different from many other books I have been reading lately. They are interesting to read about, and their novelty is a big part of what kept me reading this book.

The main character, to me, was not Danni, but the city of Paris. The sights, sounds, and underground of Paris plays a big part in the narrative, and it gave the story a very nice background.

I really liked this book, and I am excited to read more.

Kelly Smith, reviewer

A fresh YA urban fantasy that fans of the genre shouldn’t miss

Author Nicholas Rossis

When Boca finished her Unlemoija series, I wondered what direction she’d take next. Her Marshal series was a pleasant surprise. It continues building on her imaginative Weeia world, in a way that makes perfect sense. The story continuity alone is impressive, but Boca also manages to throw in a remarkable new heroine. One who’s only too human, despite being a Weeia – and one that emerges all the stronger because of it. From her filthy tobacco-chewing to her occasionally irrational behavior, Danni is a down-to-earth character. A flawed hero who is shaped by her struggles; quite unlike the almost-perfect Unelmoija. That alone makes it easy for readers to identify with.

To me, that was the greatest strength of Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia, and I find Boca’s choice of her new heroine to be bold and exciting. If you throw in one of the best depictions of Paris I have seen in a while – warts and all – this is a fresh YA urban fantasy that fans of the genre shouldn’t miss. Can’t wait to see where Boca brings Danni next.

Nicholas Rossis, award winning author Pearseus epic fantasy series

Danni is my favorite character created by Boca

Ashley Tomlinson

I always loving getting back in the land of the Weeia. I still desperately wish to be a part of these magical people but only if I can be Danni. I loved her so much, she was blunt and snarky when she needed to be but in the end, she just wanted to do a good job. Her ability was awesome and by far my favorite one so far.

Like all of the books in the Weeia world, this book was action packed. Everything starts happening quickly and the pace stays that way, which I love. There’s never an opportunity for me to get bored. I thought it was awesome that Danni got to go to Paris for her first assignment, how lucky was that? The way Paris was described made me feel like I was there and sad when I realized I wasn’t.

I really think Danni is my favorite character created by Boca so far. She felt more real to me even though she had this cool ability. She had an addiction that is all too real in this world. There was just so much about Danni that felt real and I connected with her which made the story so much better.

I can’t wait to see where Elle Boca takes this series next.

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of

I couldn’t put it down & read it straight through.
Weeia Marshals in France

This is the first book by Eille Boca that I have read. I loved it. I couldn’t put it down & read it straight through. I found the concept of Weeia interesting & really enjoyed the main character Danni & her various adventures delightful. I look forward to more of the same.

Susan Clarkson, reader

I loved Danni as a character

Kristyn, host, Reading to Unwind

This book follows Danni who just became a level 3 Marshal for Weeia. She gets a post in Paris to help police the Weeia. Danni experiences some setbacks when she arrives in Paris such as a bad living situation and a boss who is MIA. Danni then works hard to prove herself as the new marshal in town.

I loved Danni as a character. The author did a great job creating a whole new world regarding Weeia and it was very easy to follow along with. Danni was a very interesting character she obviously had a difficult upbringing, which has continued into her adult life. I liked that Danni was able to admit her faults and in turn able to be stronger because of them. Danni was a very independent character and someone who would work very hard to achieve a goal.

The author does a great job describing Paris when Danni is touring the town. I felt like from all the vivid details I could imagine myself traveling through this town along with Danni and picture exactly what Paris looked like. I also liked that we got to not only see the tourist areas, but other areas of the town. It was great that we also got some background on the current economy in Paris during the book. The details that the author used to describe the setting were great I felt like I was right along with Danni.

The beginning of the book is a lot of background information on Weeia as well as getting to know the characters. I feel the book picks up towards the middle to end with a large amount of action. The author does a great job writing the action scenes I felt like I could imagine what was going on with Danni during these settings.

My major issue was I felt like I was missing a huge bit of information by not knowing what happened to Danni’s family. The author kept alluding to something bad happened, but didn’t elaborate in the beginning. I felt like I was missing a big piece while reading since it was brought up several times in the beginning of the book and was definitely a major issue that effected Danni’s life.

I would suggest this as a nighttime read. It was easy to follow along in the book and was easy to find natural stopping points to put the book down and pick it up the next night. The story flowed very quickly and was easy to read.

I received a copy of this book from France Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of this book.

My Rating: 4/5

Kristyn, host, Reading to Unwind (see original at

A good choice for the 15+ crowd

When we first meet our character, we are sort of thrown into her story mid-step. We learn about Danni as we read the novel; who she is, what she’s lived and this feels a bit like more of a self-exploration story. This novel was for Danni to sort of come into her own as a person and as a member of this world normal humans don’t know anything about. She is a member of what is known as the Weeia and she has made it her life’s work to protect and uphold the laws. As the story unfolds, we learn more about a mystery that quickly becomes our (the reader’s) main interest. There’s a lot of things that happen as this story unfolds, but the characters are fun and well-written with great detail and lots of interesting moments that will keep you as a reader interested.

There is a magical/fantasy element as well as some spy like stuff that makes it fun and of course, the heart of it all….a mystery our young Weeia must solve. Toss on a little romance and cut it into a triangle, and we’re all cooking now in the pot. The end result is a savory and enjoyable novel that will be enjoyed by several audiences. There’s nothing too adult in this novel such as foul language or sex-scenes, so it’s a good choice for the 15+ crowd for sure.

All in all I enjoyed the book and didn’t find any slow parts that lagged. I enjoy reading new authors and I hope you’ll pick this one up and you’ll enjoy it too.

Milady Adler, host, Milady Adler Blog
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Fantastic! A true five-star read!

Sheri Wilkinson
Danni completes her Marshal training and is ready to start a new job. She is being sent to Paris, France. Once she gets there she is shocked to learn the place is a wreck. The offices are a mess and unorganized, her boss is a jerk, and the previous Marshall died under suspicious circumstances. It appears this job will be harder than she thought, and a bit dangerous, but Danni is will to face the underworld of Gypsies and tramps and get her job done, no matter what.

Danni is determined to do a great job, no matter what comes her way. The plot is original with drama, action and danger. Danni is very likable and a brave and determined woman. Overall I found Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia intense, fun, and very enjoyable…. a fantastic five-star read. I highly recommend to all.

Sheri A. Wilkinson, reader

Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia should appeal to any reader that loves mysteries with a supernatural twist

Cabe Polk

Weeia are a specialized group who live among humans and who possess certain special powers. Except for these special powers, Weeia are undistinguishable from humans. Weeia Marshals are trained to prevent unscrupulous Weeia from using their powers against humans.

When Danni Metreaux, a recent third level graduate of the Weeia Marshal academy, is unexpectedly sent to Paris for her first assignment, she is excited and a bit over-whelmed. She is also the envy of the rest of the academy graduates who have received much more mundane postings. However, Paris disappoints her as her boss, Francois appears completely burned out an uninterested, his friend Patrick is an unknown factor and the Office Manager, Madame Marmotte comes across as an ineffective busy-body manipulator.

Soon, Danni is up to her heck in intrigue involving a gypsy clan and desperately trying to get her boss to back her. Will she be successful and survive the gypsy threat? I suppose you’ll have to read it to find out!

Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia should appeal to any reader that loves mysteries with a supernatural twist.

Clabe Polk, author, The CPMA Book Review Blog

Enjoyable and really well written, especially when describing Paris,” reader says of Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia

Kirsty. Amethystbookwyrm

Danni has completed her training to become a marshal, the police sworn to protect Weeia hiding among humans, and is surprised to receive a good assignment in Paris. However, when she gets there Danni discovers that not all is as she was expecting, with an apathetic boss, an office in shambles and her predecessor Marshals dying under mysterious circumstances. Despite the risks, Danni is determined to do her job, even if some in Paris believe they are above the law.

Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia is an action-packed book set in the Weeia universe. It is enjoyable and really well written, especially when describing Paris. This book also had suspense and humour.

Danni is persistent and determined to do a good job and to prove herself, she also comes across as blunt and abrupt but that is just a front because she is really insecure. There are a few secondary characters but only one really stands out in my mind, Iaen, as he is cocky, charming and a loveable rogue. I liked that Ernie was in this book and I hope he is in more of the future novels.

I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next book in this series. I would recommend Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia to fans of the Weeia series.

Kirsty, host of Amethyst Bookwyrm Reviews

The author does a good job of creating a three-dimensional protagonist with special powers and a whole host of tangential characters

Elle Boca is the prolific author of seven books about Weeia, and three in the Marshalls series, of which this is the first. Although I have not read the previous books, it was easy to immerse myself in this one.

The Weeia look like normal humans but they possess special powers for the sole purpose of protecting humans and Weeia alike. Their lifespan is longer than humans, but they are subject to the same dangers. Marshalls are trained to police Weeia hiding among humans.

At the opening of this story Danni Metraeux, who, while constantly bullied at the academy, completes her final exam and becomes a level 3 Marshall. The bullying is the result of something that happened to her family, but it’s not explained, so I was left wondering exactly what had marked her. Expecting to be given an assignment in a backwater place, Danni instead receives a plum assignment to Paris. Arriving there, she discovers why the assignment isn’t plum: her housing is less than substandard, her immediate superior isn’t interested in working with her, and her predecessors all died.

Nevertheless, Danni, who is strong, persistent and inventive, gradually overcomes all the negatives and finally – one her own – discovers a purpose for her being in Paris: to find a missing Weeia man in the underworld of gypsies and tramps who also populate the city.

The author does a good job of creating a three-dimensional protagonist with special powers and a whole host of tangential characters: a sort-of boyfriend named Ernie, who as second to the school’s Weapon Master, supplies her with the weapons she needs for her work; her BFF Marla, with whom she can share her troubles, both at school and in Paris; Odile Marmotte, an overly-made up matriarch who handles the day to day affairs of Weeia Marshals and is largely dismissive of Danni until Danni stands up to her; and the handsome Alain, who takes her on a tour of Paris on a motorbike, introducing her to the city. Of course, there is also Paris, and the author makes the city real and immediate.

In Paris, Danni comes into her own, as her growing powers allow her to be successful. I did like the paranormal aspects of the Weeia and enjoyed this world the author created.

There were a few issues for me, in addition to wondering about Danni’s parents. The pacing of the book was somewhat uneven. The testing of new marshals at the beginning started the book at a good pace but was followed by a lot of background information slowing the story. The tempo finally picked up around the middle of the book. The author does a great job with action scenes – I just wish there were more of them!

This book will definitely appeal to readers interested in the colorful world of a paranormal race, and there are two more books in this series.

Noelle from Rosie Amber

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In the Garden of Weeia


What others say:

A great addition to the Weeia universe

Author Nicholas Rossis

Fans of Boca’s Weeia series (myself included) will be relieved to learn that the story continues, albeit without Amy – aka the Unlemoija. This new story features Ernie, the wiz-kid who got a second chance at life, courtesy of Amy.

To be honest, when I learned that Boca was continuing her series, I was apprehensive. I could not fathom how the story could go on without Unelmoija. Feels like Star Wars without Yoda.

Thankfully, pull it off Boca did.

As I read, I gradually stopped thinking of Amy. Instead, I focused on Ernie; an unlikely miscreant, with a knack for letting his talent lead him into trouble. And by the end, I wanted to dig deeper still into her Weeia world. I devoured the novella within a single hour. I thought it flowed really well, and that it’s a great addition to the Unelmoija universe. Ernie is a fine character, likable despite his flaws, and it was great watching him develop into a well-rounded young man.

I’d love to hear more about Ernie and Amanda, and the Marshals in general, so I hope she keeps that angle going for a few more books.

Nicholas Rossis, award winning author Pearseus epic fantasy series

I recommend not only this novella but the Unelmoija series by Elle Boca, also.

Ashley Tomlinson

I was worried I wasn’t going to like this book because my favorite characters weren’t going to be in it but I still liked it. I came to know weeia, as Duncan and Amy but I was so glad to hear that there was a little more to the story. I wasn’t quite finished being in the land of weeia yet. This is a novella, spin-off from The Unelmoija series. It was fast paced, short and a fun read.

Poor Ernie, his weeia abilities always seem to get him trouble. He gets punished for a crime he didn’t commit and basically sent to do military service and gets in trouble there too. Poor guy. I liked the Marshalls Academy, it made this book feel so much different from the other series. At first, I thought I wanted it to feel the same but once I started reading I realized that I was craving something different.

I recommend not only this novella but the Unelmoija series by Elle Boca, also. These magic filled books are awesome.

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of (see the original at

A Lovely Addition to the Weeia Series

SA Molteni

In the Garden of Weeia by Elle Boca is a novella length story centered around Ernie, a secondary character in the previous Weeia Series (Unelmoija).

When the last book of the Weeia Series ended, I was sad that the series was complete and still hungry for more. Thankfully, Ms. Boca delivered with this wonderful offering that makes a lovely addition to the Weeia Series.

I do miss Amy and the rest of the Weeia from the previous books. However, I found myself getting very engrossed in this new story which focuses on Ernie after he is dropped off when Amy, Kat and several other Weeia go back in time in the last book of the series, Unelmoija: Paradox.

This novella would not be complete without a crisis for Ernie to get involved with and where his technical expertise might just save the day. Although many new questions arise than answers by the end of the book, fans of the original series will not be disappointed in this latest chapter in the Weeia saga.

S.A. Molteni, author of several award-winning short stories including Fade to Gray, Her Name Was Half Calf and I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak: Leaving High Tech for Greener Pastures

Click to buy it on Amazon In the Garden of Weeia

I recommend not only this novella but the Unelmoija series by Elle Boca, also.

Ashley Tomlinson

I was worried I wasn’t going to like this book because my favorite characters weren’t going to be in it but I still liked it. I came to know weeia, as Duncan and Amy but I was so glad to hear that there was a little more to the story. I wasn’t quite finished being in the land of weeia yet. This is a novella, spin-off from The unelmoija series. It was fast paced, short and a fun read.

Poor Ernie, his weeia abilities always seem to get him trouble. He gets punished for a crime he didn’t commit and basically sent to do military service and gets in trouble there too. Poor guy. I liked the Marshalls Academy, it made this book feel so much different from the other series. At first, I thought I wanted it to feel the same but once I started reading I realized that I was craving something different.

I recommend not only this novella but the Unelmoija series by Elle Boca, also. These magic filled books are awesome.

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of

Ernie Unlocks the Plot

Richard Bunning

This is a light weight novella, which I think is aimed primarily at secondary school level. That doesn’t mean that adults that enjoy Hogwarts and Narnia won’t enjoy reading about Weeia. The lively little story kept me well entertained, though this sort of fantasy is no longer exactly my thing. I would have been a very enthusiastic reader it my early teens.

There is certainly some originality in Boca’s characters and at least in this book their superpowers are kept almost in the bounds of the possible. That was perhaps why Boca suggested that if I really was going to get off my backside to buy and read any of her already well reviewed books I might be best starting with this one. By the end, I was left wanting to know a great deal more about the only stone-cold character. Perhaps in a next in series the minerals of that magnetic personality softens. We seem to be in an almost contemporary fantasy world, as is Harry Potter, Ernie could pop around to see you the reader. However, Boca has developed her own mythology to weave her stories into rather than merely reinterpreting well-worn fantasy ‘lore’.

The book is well enough written, into a quickly paced short read. There are editing errors, as there nearly always are, but not enough to agitate even my glacially slow reading rhythm, which is inclined to pause on every other word. What a relief to find a real series that isn’t fixated on the ‘undead’ of some sort or other.

I won’t ever be in the Boca fan club, but I do like her parallel race idea, which though certainly not original is developed in an original way. For some strange reason I was reminder of a 1968 TV series about ‘humans’ given superpowers: The Champions. Um- there is no real connection to Boca’s urban fantasy- unless the Champions were helped from their crashing plane by Unelmoija (Dreamer). Except that perhaps there is, because both that half-forgotten TV series and this book worked by keeping a close contact with real, every day, life. It is the very ordinariness of the characters that make some fantasies work.

Richard Bunning, author, Spiderworld

“…fast paced and interesting…”

Kirsty. Amethystbookwyrm

Ernie has been given a fresh start but he has fallen in with a wrong crowd. When he has been charged with a crime he didn’t commit, Ernie is sentenced to do grub duty at the Marshals academy for a year. He tries to keep his head down but he cannot resist a challenge and gets swept up in a sinister plot which could cost him his life.

In the Garden of Weeia is the enjoyable spin-off novella set after the events of the Weeia series. It is fast paced and interesting to see the Weeia world without Amy and her family and how much impact they have had on this world. That being said the action in this novella didn’t really happen until late in the story.

Ernie is a likeable character and I felt closer to him than Amy because we are similar as he is geeky, shy, rebellious and quick. However, I was not fully invested in the secondary characters but that is not surprising as it is a novella, and hopefully if Elle decides to continue this story we will get to know more about Amanda, Harry and the Marshals.

In the Garden of Weeia is an enjoyable novella and I hope we will get to see more of Ernie in the future. I would recommend this novella to fans of the Weeia series.

Kirsty, host of Amethyst Bookwyrm Reviews

Unelmoija: Paradox

Paradox Cover 300x450

What others say:

The perfect read for Young Adult, Adults and lovers of fantasy

Sheri Wilkinson

Amy and her friends are back in the fifth installment of the Weeia series. Amy must uncover the cause of the disappearance of New Lyon. But this is no easy task. Changing the past could mean the end of all humanity. But doing nothing will certainly have a horrid outcome. Amy and friends will do what ever it takes to avoid the Paradox and save mankind. This is her biggest challenge yet. Will she be able to succeed?

A well written story. I really love Amy, I did from the first book. She is older wiser and able to handle her special abilities much better. The secrets she uncovers were shocking and there are quite a few “I didn’t see that coming” moments. I love that shock factor in a great story. The vivid details, suspense, and secrets pulled me into the story as if I were there.

The plot is intense, and kept me hanging and telling myself “Just one more chapter !”. Everything unfolds perfectly. With an original plot, likable characters, tension, suspense & secrets Unelmoija: Paradox is the perfect read for Young Adult, Adults and lovers of fantasy. I would also like to say the cover is fantastic. It really is beautiful and has an air of mystique. A true 5 star read!

Sheri Wilkinson, reader

Gut clenching emotional scenes and that perfect touch of romantic heat

We’ve all heard it; the ripple effect of one small event can change the path of history and the future. Leave it to Amy to test the theory of a paradox in time, all in the hopes of discovering hidden truths in the past that could possibly end the battle between two mortal enemies. Unelmoija: Paradox by Elle Boca is a rapid-fire, action-packed time traveling adventure as Amy attempts to unravel secrets from the past that have been kept from people she loves. Will the knowledge she searches for make a difference in the events of the present and future? Could one emotional action in the past cause a paradox in time, warping every second from that time on?

Still learning to master her seemingly never-ending new sets of powers, she and Kat now have their grandparents watching over them. With the old knowledge shared by her powerful grandmother, her lessons are intense, and urgent. Never has time been such an unknown factor, never has racing against and beating the clock been so imperative. With Vlad and his father Klaus once again planning and plotting, humanity is in immediate danger, as is a lifelong enemy, weakened and an easy target for revenge. If ever her powers were needed, it’s now and Amy will stop at nothing to save the world.

Hang on to your hats, your heart and your wits as Elle Boca brings it all home without missing a beat! Prepare yourself to be shocked, to be caught off guard, and go on a journey of a lifetime as the past, present and future come crashing into each other with the force of a tsunami. Not everyone will walk away, no one will be left unscathed and Amy’s life will never be the same.

Fabulous characters, all coming to life under Ms. Boca’s fertile imagination and her ability to create dialogue that feels and sounds real. Amazing action, gut clenching emotional scenes and that perfect touch of romantic heat all blend together for another powerful tale from Elle Boca.

Dianne, reviewer and host of Tome Tender Book Blog

An engaging take on time travel

Dave Higgins

Boca balances the mutability of the past with temporal inertia to create a time-travel story that is neither burdened with the irrevocable nor rendered insipid by the opportunity to redo things until they are right.

This book is the fifth in Boca’s Weeia series. Potential spoilers for previous volumes ahead.

Convinced that Amy’s father, Thomas McKnight, is responsible for the death of his father, Klaus threatens to blow up a nuclear reactor and expose the Weeia unless he is handed over immediately. Still reeling from the death of her mother, Amy attempts to use her timeshifting powers to discover the truth. With both Klaus and McKnight having memories of places and events that never happened, it is clear the past has changed. But what is the true past and will trying to restore it do more damage than good?

As with the previous volume in the series, the narration is full of explanations and short reprises of past events. While this does not create an overwhelming feeling of objective reportage—and might even assist readers who have not read the previous books recently—readers who prefer a more immersive point-of-view might find these ‘speeches to camera’ distancing.

In contrast, the other half of the narration—that of fresh events—is mostly free of these expositions, maintaining a greater sense of tension and subjectivity.

The plot is an engaging take on time travel: building on the idea that the past can be changed but only with risk that she introduced in Timeshifter, Boca provides the reader with character statements and images of history that do not all fully fit together, along with clear signs that both key figures in the inciting incident are suffering symptoms of having been affected by a change in their timeline. This evidence of at least two different pasts both undermines the reader’s usual certainty that if one person is telling the truth another is lying and conceals the original past, making judging the cost of restoring it (or not) more of a gamble.

Unfortunately, these threads do not explain why Klaus waited as long as he did to make his threat rather than attempting something during an earlier encounter with Amy; While readers might be able to guess possible reasons, the absence of explanation in a book where there is a clear explanation of many other matters stands out, creating a slight sense of author-driven rather than character-driven action.

In parallel with these unravelling timelines and the various threats, metaphysical and character-driven, that they pose, Boca also reveals more about Amy’s powers and place in Weeia society. Providing both a plausible explanation of the Unelmoija and a reason Amy’s impact will not continue to grow as she comes to better understand her powers, this is likely to provide readers with a satisfyingly certain conclusion to the series.

Amy is consistent with the previous books. As before, her powers grow beyond her experience, making her challenge more how to access her ability than whether she has the ability. Her compassionate and truthful nature both make her sympathetic and create further obstacles; while Klaus has treated her badly on several occasions and her father continues to act poorly, she rejects the easier courses of foiling Klaus or abandoning her father in favour of trying to uncover the truth and save both of them.

The supporting cast, both Weeia and human, each display a mix of commendable qualities and understandable frailties, providing alternate perspectives to Amy’s that both showcase her virtues and her imperfections.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I recommend it to readers who enjoyed the previous volumes in the series.

Dave Higgins, speculative fiction author(see it and other reviews on his website at

I would recommend to all who love great series and writing!

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 11.03.23 AM
Click to enlarge

OOOOhhhh the last book in the series! Honestly, I take my time with the last book in every great series I love because I do not want it to end!

Thankfully this book has an amazing ending and perfectly wraps up the series. The writing is great and captivates you from the beginning of the story and takes you on a great journey with enjoyable characters! The originality is weaved throughout every aspect of this book from the characters to the ending. The timeshifting in most novels is a little difficult to follow for some readers but I feel like Elle did a good job with the aspect and I just think all readers should take their time reading this book to truly enjoy it. I would recommend to all who love great series and writing! I would like everyone to start with the first book in this series and read them all. You will not regret it!

T.M.B.A. Corbett, reader and host of TMBA Corbett Tries to Write

The very best one in the Weeia collection

SA Molteni

Unelmoija: Paradox by Elle Boca is the last book in the Weeia Series and in my opinion, the very best one in the Weeia collection.

Most all of the loose ends from the past four books are tied up quite nicely and come together in a surprising ending that gives the reader a tremendous amount of closure.

If you have read the entire series up to this point, you will not want to miss Unelmoija: Paradox!

S.A. Molteni, author, Fade to Gray, Her Name Was Half Calf and A Special Bull.

I highly recommend this book and this entire series to magic lovers everywhere

Ashley Tomlinson

This is a series that I’m sad to see come to a close. I loved every book in this series so much. I know I’ve said this a million times but it’s just so easy to get into this world that Elle Boca created. The magic in this series is so unique and fun to read. So seriously can I be a Weeia? Pretty please.

This book takes place a few weeks from the ending if last book. With the way the previous book ended I knew this book wouldn’t be it’s super upbeat and cheerful self. There’s just no way to be cheerful after a tragic thing like that happens. Sorry, if you want to know the awful thing that happened you’ll have to read to find out. Even though it wasn’t all cheery it wasn’t depressing in anyway. I did kind of miss the carefreeness of the other books sometimes, this one was a tad more serious. I also kind of missed Duncan and Amy moments but I completely understand the reasons for that. Plus with the ending being that amazingly adorable, how can I say anything negative?

Timeshifting was explained a lot more thoroughly in this book. It was so easy for me to picture those scenes with Amy and her Grandma traveling through time. This family is seriously so amazing, I just love how close they are. Something that I don’t know if I ever commented about these books is about how passionate the characters are about their food. Not kidding, they make some amazing sounding food. Can I have some recipes, please?

Okay the only negative things I can say about this amazing book is that there were a couple of times that I felt like the story got a little slow. I highly recommend this book and this entire series to magic lovers everywhere.

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of

A great book

Kelly Smith

I should note that I have not read the first four books in this series, so starting with book five, I was quite certain I would be lost. Thankfully, that was not the case, as the author recaps nicely throughout the book. It give many spoilers, of course, but it ensures that any reader who sees this book can read it without confusion.

The book itself is not overly long, but there are times when I found it to fall a bit flat when it comes to emotions. This is a character-fueled story, but those characters start to get very two-dimensional after a while, as do many author’s characters when there have been numerous books surrounding them.

I am not sure if this is going to be the last book in the series, but if it is, it is an excellent place to end it. There was closure for all issues the previous books did not solve, and there were still very slight things left unsolved, which I think is necessary: it will keep the readers thinking about your books long after they’ve finished reading them, and allows them to be creative thinking about the things left undone.

Reading this book was a very visual experience, and I honestly felt that I knew the characters personally, which was a nice touch. As I said, my only issue is that there could have been more descriptive action and emotions. A great book, and I just might head over to Amazon and pick up the rest of the series!

4/5–Great work!

Kelly Smith, reviewer

Praise for Ms. Boca. Intriguing characters as well as a fresh take on the magical world and fantasy. Unelmoija: Paradox is a definite page-turner.

A great read. The book works not only as a standalone plot in itself, it does a good job of including tie ins to finish the story off I think for other readers. I didn’t feel I was missing anything.

Melissa Manes, beta reader

Author Nicholas Rossis

Boca’s final installment in her Unelmoija series is her best book so far. Full of her unique blend of suspenseful action and all-too-human moments (especially enjoyable by this foodie), it wraps up the story in a perfect way that manages to both surprise the reader and offer us the expected closure.

Indeed, seemingly random events mentioned in the previous books find their explanation in this one in various little twists that provide readers with unexpectedly fulfilling ‘aha!’ moments. If you have followed Boca’s excellent series so far, be sure to read Paradox for the perfect conclusion to the series.

Nicholas C. Rossis, author, Amazon best-selling epic fantasy series Pearseus

Unelmoija: The Timeshifter


What others say:

Shocking Ending!


Unelmoija: The Timeshifter by Elle Boca is the fourth installment in the Weeia Series and one that does not disappoint.

Up to this point, Amy, Kat, Amy’s mom and Amy’s boyfriend, Duncan are thrown into life and death situations. Through all of it, they miraculously survive using their Weeia abilities.

This fourth book begins with Amy’s abilities not working quite right. Duncan and Amy’s family are very worried about Amy and will go to the ends of the Earth to find a cure for her ills. If you have read the series up to now, you would know that Amy was poisoned with centurion in the first book and it is now rearing it’s ugly head once again. The poison is concentrated in her brain, so her mom thinks that it is causing some of her issues.

In the search for a remedy, Duncan, Kat and Amy travel to Cambodia and meet up with other Weeia. Of course, everything is not as it seems and there are Weeia bad guys involved. The group returns to Miami a bit deflated, but hopeful that Amy will finally get better.

Near the end of the book, the world is turned upside down for the group and their lives are endangered once again. But, this time around, will one of them not come back from the brink of death? The answers to this and more are revealed, along with many more new questions being raised about Amy’s newest and most shocking ability. The ending will surprise you and will tug at your heartstrings!

If you love urban fantasy, The Timeshifter is the perfect read and is filled with fantasy, adventure and romance along with comic relief in many places. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

S.A. Molteni, author, Fade to Gray, Her Name Was Half Calf and A Special Bull. Find her at

The writing is so fantastic and realistic like a movie playing out in front of me

This was the best book in the series for me! The writing is so fantastic and realistic like a movie playing out in front of me. I loved the main character Amy and following her throughout the story was fun! There is so much action in this book it make for a fast enjoyable read! I loved all the aspects of this book from the action, to the gripping mystery, and exciting romance. Yeah this was a great read!

I would recommend to anyone who loves paranormal, romance, and/or mystery books! I do not feel like you have to read the whole series, if your not a series person, each book stands on its own and reading anyone and not all will not leave you feeling like your missing something. If you read the whole series though you’ll get to know the characters better and get other great mysteries. So go out and read this book or any book in the series today!!

T.M.B.A. Corbett, reader and host of TMBA Corbett Tries to Write

A new adult urban fantasy that will captivate and intrigue readers

Erin Cataldi

A new adult urban fantasy that will captivate and intrigue readers. While this is the fourth installment in the Weeia series, it also serves as a standalone because it seamlessly catches the reader up to events that happened in the previous novels. Due to a centurion overdose that was administered to Amy in the past, her weeia abilities are on the fritz; she’s more tired than usual and has suddenly been able to timeshift in her sleep. The timeshifting is a HUGE problem for Amy because she can’t control it and if anything happens out of the ordinary it could screw up her entire future. She has to find a cure for the centurion lodged in her brain or she’ll end up screwing her timeline and taking her friends and family with her. Determined to find the source of centurion and maybe a cure, Amy, her sister, and her boyfriend head to Cambodia to try and put a stop to their predicament. Even though time is pressing the trio find time for food, fun, and lots of sightseeing while on their quest. Will they find what they need and will they find it in time? Read to find out more!

For fans of fantasy and adventure.

I received this book free from the author in return for my honest, unbiased review.

Erin Cataldi, reader and librarian

Another terrific read!

The characters continue to develop; they are REAL people (even if super-human). I keep thinking about them and wondering what will happen next. Hoping the next book in this great series will be out soon!

Lara Pizzorno, reader

Heart-racing urban legend
Author Nicholas Rossis

Amy gains her time-shifting ability in the most annoying way possible. Nothing is safe, as whatever she does in the past can have big repercussions in the present. Even worse, the Elders have not stopped worrying about her and her friends, and the toxin in her body is messing with her abilities.

In other words, a day as usual in the world of Amy, the Weeia who has abilities beyond the already impressive ones of her people. Having read all four installments in the Unelmoija series, I was happy to discover that Timeshifter continues to excite and draw in the reader from the beginning, with a tense opening scene, designed to get the heart racing.

The ending was no less shocking, with Boca setting the scene for the fifth (and final?) book in the series. I’m already looking forward to it!

Nicholas C. Rossis, epic fantasy author, Pearseus series

Intriguing Fantasy Adventure
Sharon Stevenson

‘Unelmoija: The Timeshifter’ is the fourth book in Boca’s Weeia series about a young woman called Amy, who is super human and has been developing new abilities.

The book gets off to a thrilling start as Amy’s adventure continues. Her latest ability is an intriguing one as it soon becomes clear that her time-shifting episodes could alter the past. Her romance with Duncan is also a big part of this book and this side of things is very well handled.

The book had a slow-paced middle after a thrilling start but it picks up the pace again towards the end, with suspense growing towards the conclusion. The ending was very tense and shocking this time around. I can’t wait to see how it all ends now and I hope the last book will be coming out soon.

Overall this is another enjoyable read with an interesting story and great characters. Recommended to fans of paranormal romance!

Sharon Stevenson, author, The Gallows Novels and After Death Series

A fantastic read. I was hooked from the first page. I highly recommend to all!

Sheri Wilkinson

In the fourth installment of the Weeia series Amy finds herself with a new power. Also things are not quite right in her life. She must be careful on what she does, so she can get back to the present. What is wrong with her? Will she be able to find out?

With the help of her man Duncan and her family, they try to figure out what is going on with Amy and how to “fix” her. They face many dangers, who can be trusted, who can not? One thing is for sure, her friends and family will stand by her no matter what, and they will stop at nothing to help Amy.

A fast paced adventure/fantasy. I loved Amy in the previous books, and I still love her now. I really enjoyed the originality, and the new developments in Amy’s life. This is not just a fantasy, but a story of friendship, family and love. I highly recommend Unelmoija: The Timeshifter to those who love a great fantasy/adventure/romance. I was hooked from the first page until the last!

Sheri A. Wilkinson, reader

What happpens when you can’t turn back the hands of time?

What would you do if you could shift back and forth in time from the past to the present instead of in chronological order? What would you do if when you went back in time you relived events in your life that brought created dangerous situations and your other talents or skills were frozen and you could not control the outcome until the event was over? Amy has always been able to control her Dreamshifting and Spirtshifting but at the present she is being stalked and followed. Stopping her to show her a photo and realizing that this has to be some type of trap, Amy finds herself at his mercy but is this real? As the scene continues Amy learns just why she has been captured, the relation to her mother and the next thing she knows she is waking up in her bed with the alarm clock going off. Recalling several incidents and the death of a good friend named Ernie at the hands of a rogue Elder, Amy begins to analyze what is happening to her but comes to no conclusion as yet. Amy might appear to be human and live with humans but she and her family are Weeia with abilities that most humans would love to have. She can dreamshift and control her dreams and the outcome most of the time. She can Spiritshift, she can mentally speak to someone and communicate without words, she can feel someone’s emotions and she can even heal someone wounded.

Finding herself having lunch with her friend Krissa she begins to wonder if she has not gotten another talent similar to her friends that of being able to have an Emotional Henki. Asking if her friend controls it or is it anything you touch that she can get impressions of someone’s whereabouts or actions. How amazing! Krissa explains that she can pick up emotions people leave on objects they own or touch. This allows her to understand people, her enemies and much more. But, Amy’s powers are out of whack and she begins to wonder if she did not touch something in the Council Chamber when questioned in the past about the death of her friend at the concert, if it triggered or set off something in her Emotional or Mental Henki! But, things continue to spiral out of control and the dreams turn into nightmares and she finally explains the situation to her mother.

Dreamshifting allows her to have dreams allow them to become realities and then decide when they ended. She can create or change the objects used. Thinking of what happened in her present dream and how it related to her father really shook her up and the only way to resolve the issue would be to discuss it with her mother. Each time she had a dream it would lead her back to the present and although she focused on her daily routine Amy realized that something was off.

Amy and her mother discuss the many possibilities of what happened to her and when they narrow it down to something that one of the Elder’s might have injected her with which cause could cause her death if an antidote is not found. But, first they need to find the source, which is a Centurion Plant, which in this case is poisonous and has overtaken not only her body but also her brain. Centurion Plant according to is: any New World plant of the genus Agave, requiring many years to mature and blooming once before dying, especially the widely cultivated species A. americana, having leaves in a basal rosette and a tall flower stalk. Agave americana, native to tropical America but naturalized elsewhere, having very large spiny greyish leaves and greenish flowers on a tall fleshy stalk. It blooms only once in its life, after 10 to 30 years (formerly thought to flower after a century) also called American aloe.” But, can they find it and where it is grown and who might have it before it’s too late? One more dream about living alone, her mother missing and being thrown out of her living quarters brings it all to light as she realizes that something from the past is controlling her present. Spiritshifting might be good but what happened when she was questioned might have allowed them to inject her with this plant. MRI’s, scans and tests revealed the truth.

With the help of her mother, her sister Kat and the appearance of her boyfriend Duncan, Amy just might be able to put the pieces together but first they have to decide where to begin and how.

With her mother traveling to find out what the cause of her problems are and with Duncan and her sister Kat at her side Amy hoped that she would be safe. Beaches, museums, diversions and hoping to find a way to control her timeshifting, her mother spoke with her grandparents and the answer seemed to be mint tea or at least for now. But, when things begin to spiral even more they realize that they might have to travel far and wide to another country to find the centurion plant, where it is grown and who might have it and why.

As Duncan, Kat and Amy decide to go on an Organized Swim to try and relax and rid her of the tension Duncan recounts for readers that there are four Weeia Henki, that most of us would like to have: Emotional, Material, Mental and Temporal. Amy has all four and they are stronger than most people’s. So, would they neutralize the centurion and just how would the mint tea help as a temporary fix? Centurion from another plant or another batch would not blend. Amy needs to be injected with the right protein or she would lose the delicate balance she found. This was really frightening to all of them and they needed to find the exact batch and the right color, which is purple. Each of the strains of this plant has its own specific color based on the color of tits flower. Their problem is they do not know which one is in Amy! As Amy recounts what happened when she was questioned by the Elders they realize answer might be in Asia.

Cambodia was the destination and the author takes readers inside this country, the museums, temples, the hotels, restaurants and more giving readers a guided tour throughout this country. Visiting the nurseries was first on their agenda and then going to the capital Siem Reap, their cultural capital was part of their itinerary and because Kat could communicate with them in their language made it easier for them to get around. The author relates that the capital was quite a tourist attraction and hoping to find centurion their top priority. Meeting different families, staying with one in particular and sharing their customs and the food helped to bridge the gap and prove that people of different cultures and with differences can get along. The history of the country is quite interesting and the many places the author relates to makes you want to visit on your own. But, when Amy senses Weeia and they find out who and why they are there, the answers they hope to find might not be the ones that will help them with centurion.

As their time in Cambodia draws to a close and the disappointment sets in they find their way back home and just where and how they find the plant will surprise readers as author Elle Boca creates a twist and unexpected surprise that no one will see coming. Added in before they leave the head of this family or Weeia family gives Duncan a special pendant that he is supposed to wear all of the time not stating what will happen if he does not.

But, the past is about to come into the present and just when they think they have the centurion and are home free the harsh true is presented and their rate of survival diminished. Shots, injuries, danger and someone just might not make it out alive. Will Amy be able to use her healing powers to save someone close to her? When the final count is assessed who will be left to carry on? Will she become Unelmoija and at what cost? An ending so explosive and powerful you just won’t believe the end result.

Once again author Elle Boca brings to light the issues of family loyalty, friendship, honest, power, greed, revenge and hate in order to create a plot that will keep you riveted to the printed page and wondering: Is this the last we will hear of Amy, Duncan, Kat and Mom or is there more to come?

Fran Lewis, reviewer

Boca continues to mix plausible modern-day characters with a magical world that doesn’t rely on stereotypes, to create urban fantasy that is both fresh and accessible.

Dave Higgins

This novel is the fourth in the Weeia series. Spoilers ahoy!

Amy’s past is literally catching up with her: sometimes when sleeping or under great stress, she finds herself back at significant moments in her life; she has her memories of what happened to help her navigate these revisits, but Weeia legend says that if something goes wrong a time traveller can become lost forever. And when she is in her own time, her powers are erratic and her health deteriorating.

The book opens with Amy already within the first relived event; but without any indication that it is the past. While this does create a sense of confusion for the reader that might enhance their sympathy for Amy’s struggle to understand what’s happening, the lack of flags as to when this is might leave some readers feeling denied facts the narrator knows.

This sense of concealed facts occurs occasionally throughout the book. At one point Amy refers to a movie as one she liked staring one of her favourite actors rather than using the name of either the film or actor; with no reason she wouldn’t use the names, this has an air of a riddle or concealment for the sake of it. However, for the most part, the narration seems trustworthy so this is not a major issue.

Ironically, Amy’s narration is sometimes too objective. Rather than describing what people are doing and leaving it to the reader to infer intent or emotion, she often provides a statement of what a character is thinking or feeling followed by her reason for that. This, combined with filtering language such as “She saw that…”, distances the reader slightly from the action, making the story potentially less engaging for those who enjoy trying to guess the answers to mysteries.

Although the plot does have both a ticking clock from Amy’s deteriorating health and a sense of threat from antagonists in the present and past, both Amy’s attempts to maintain a past that leads to her present and the overall investigative nature of the plot give the novel a slower, less active feel than previous volumes. This is compounded by Amy reacting to time-shifting rather than gaining a new advantage in the way she has during previous books.

Fortunately, Amy remains consistent with previous books and strives to overcome her new situation, making it likely that readers who have read this far will care enough about her survival to want to find out what happens.

The supporting cast are similarly both consistent and fully involved in events, adding further interest for those who have read the previous novels.

While this book does contain a complete arc from challenge to resolution, many of the events do rely on past matters that do not feature in Amy’s time-shifts; thus, this novel is unlikely to make a good entry point for new readers.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel. I recommend it to readers who enjoyed previous volumes.

Dave Higgins, speculative fiction author
(see it and other reviews on his website at

Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter

Unelmoija The Spiritshifter

What others say:

My favorite of the series so far

Melissa Manes

Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter picks up where the Mindshifter left off but leans more toward Amy and Duncan’s relationship. While the series is about the Weeia, a group of individuals with abilities that must be kept secret, the underlying budding love between the Amy and Duncan characters is more prevalent here.

This one is my favorite of the series so far.

Melissa Manes, reader

A great Urban fantasy for Y/A & Adult readers, I could not put it down! I was hooked from the first page!

Sheri Wilkinson

Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter (Weeia, #3) by Elle Boca

In book three of the Weeia series, Amy finds her friend Loi dead. He is an “amplifier” and Amy discovers she may be one too, it is rare for Weeia to have more than one ability. Amy and her boyfriend Duncan, sister Kat and friends decide to go to Miami to get to the truth.

She must stay low profile and hide her identity to try to help the young Weeia and find Loi’s murderer. Her life (and her friends) are in danger, but should she take this risk? Amy is determined to resolve the issue and find her friends murderer at any cost.

I really enjoyed this story, it delves more into Amy’s life. Amy, Duncan & Kat are very likable. Well written and easy to follow, it felt as if I were part of Amy’s group of friends. I feel that Y/A and Adult Urban/Fantasy lovers will enjoy Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter. Plus I loved the cover! A must read!

I also recommend Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter and Unelmoija: The Mindshifter.

Sheri Wilkinson, reader

I recommend it to readers looking for fast-paced urban fantasy that isn’t reliant on tweaks to common supernatural creatures for it’s sense of freshness

Dave Higgins

Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter by Elle BocaBoca continues her exploration of a world neither quite our own nor populated by well-known supernaturals. Mixing easily recognisable concerns with political intrigue and mystical powers, she provides a fantasy thriller that offers significant threats without challenging plausibility.

This novel is the third in Boca’s Weeia series. There are mild spoilers ahead.

Aligned with, if not a leading force in, the Youth for Change movement, Amy accompanies Duncan, Kay, and a couple of other friends to a gathering of the Weeia. However, when Loi—the husband of an acquaintance—is found dead, her foray deeper into Weeia society takes on a more dangerous air. Loi’s power was allegedly to unlock the powers of other Weeia, offering a possible solution to the issue of most young Weeia not developing a power; when a previously powerless Weeia manifests his power shortly after meeting Amy, she realises she might have the same gift. The Weeia Elders claim Loi’s death was natural causes, but Amy isn’t so sure. If someone did kill him because he could unlock powers, then should she hide that she might be able to do the same? Or offer Youth for Change the possible solution to their biggest issue?

The novel opens with Amy and a couple of other characters standing over Loi’s dead body, followed—almost immediately—by an Elder arriving to take charge. Although the narration and conversations that occur after Amy and her friends are ushered out do fill in gaps, the lack of any context for the opening image both leaves readers without a reason to care that Loi specifically is dead and—while it does evoke confusion—diffuses the reader’s attention with unnecessary questions such as ‘where is Amy?’ and ‘why is she involved?’ As such, readers might feel somewhat distant from what, to the characters, is potentially a brutal murder.

Once past the initial scene, Boca provides a better balance of context and mystery, adding a desire to uncover the truth to the any continuing interest in Amy’s life that the reader has carried over from previous books. With both Amy’s investigation and the threats against young Weeia growing more complex as the book proceeds, readers who forgive any initial lack of immersion are likely to find their decision rewarded.

However, further moments in which the order of things is odd do occur throughout the novel. On several occasions, Amy narrates that a man speaks then mentions the man’s name a few lines later, or mentions a person doing something then describes their appearance later in the scene; while a single incidence might create a feeling that Amy had been so caught off guard her rational mind took a moment to catch up, repeated delays in identifying people she’s familiar with (including Duncan) weakens the tension by suggesting any missing information might not be significant and might be provided in a few lines.

As with the previous volumes, this novel introduces new aspects of Boca’s world and metaphysics. Viewed through the lens of Amy’s unfamiliarity with Weeia society and the relative rarity of the new powers and events, this feels like more like the mention of things that had always been there than the addition of new things to support a further book.

Amy herself continues to be a sympathetic protagonist. She is proactive rather than reactive when faced with a possible threat to either herself or Weeia as a whole, and her improved understanding of her abilities is counterbalanced by a very plausible set of uncertainties in both what that means and whether she can actually use it effectively.

The supporting characters, reoccurring and new, display a similar balance of ability or understanding, and complexity of character. This depth of personality provides a pleasing human note to the wider plot.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel. I recommend it to readers looking for fast-paced urban fantasy that isn’t reliant on tweaks to common supernatural creatures for it’s sense of freshness.

Dave Higgins, speculative fiction author
(see it and other reviews on his website at

Ashley Tomlinson

This is one of the most creative series’ I have ever read. There is so much detail in this magical world that I wish I lived in it, and that I was a Weeia. This book was lighter and more fun than the two before it, it wasn’t quite so action packed and danger filled. Normally I would be upset by the smaller amount of action but there was more Duncan so that made up for it.

Amy is still trying to figure out everything there is to know about what she is, a Weeia. Along with her boyfriend Duncan and sister Kat they all look into the death of their friend Loi, an amplifier. When it comes to light that Amy may also be an amplifier they realize that she too could be in danger.

Even though there is less action in this book does not mean Amy is in less danger. The poor girl is a danger magnet. At least she has her amazing boyfriend and touch as nails sister to look out for her. Have I mentioned how much I adore Duncan? I was so excited this one had so much more Duncan than the second book, I was going through withdrawals. And Amy and Duncan together are the cutest thing ever. I also liked how many Kat and Amy scenes there were. I’m a big sister so I really enjoyed their bond and appreciate it. Their closeness brought humor to the book which made it more fun to read.

I’ve read so many books that I am automatically suspicious when there is a new character. That goes the same for Vlad. I did not trust him from the minute he was introduced and look forward to see what comes from him in future books. I know he’s not gone yet.

There was so much to like about this book that it’s really difficult to form my thoughts around each thing. This book explained more about Unelmoija and the different forms of Weeia abilities. It was fun to read, had humorous scenes, Amy showed a little more of her badass self and the many Duncan/Amy and Kat/Amy scenes. It delved into the musical atmosphere some which I always think is awesome.

This is just an amazing series and I can’t wait to read more.

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of

I enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading Unelmoija: The Timeshifter

Kirsty. Amethystbookwyrm

Loi, an amplifier who is able to develop Weeia’s abilities, is found dead is mysterious circumstances in which the Elders seem to be involved. Amy along with her sister Kat and boyfriend Duncan investigate, but Amy fears she might be next as there is a possibility that she is an amplifier and the murder is targeting them. Amy also wants to help the young Weeia who seem to be not developing their abilities, but is she able to help without her identity being revealed and her life being in danger?

Unelmoija: The Spiritshifters is the enjoyable third book in the Weeia series and I found it was not as dark as the previous books. It is easy to read with humour, romance, and action (although not as much as the previous books). The one small problem I had with this book was that the beginning few chapters were very confusing as it came across as starting part way through.

Amy is selfless as she always thinks of others and is trying to figure out her unusual amount of powers and what it means for her. Kat and Duncan are good secondary characters and I love their interaction with Amy, with Kat’s protectiveness and Duncan’s humour.

I enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading Unelmoija: The Timeshifter. I would recommend Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter to fans of the rest of the Weeia series.

Kirsty, host of Amethyst Bookwyrm Reviews

Entertaining continuation

Sharon Stevenson

‘Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter’ tells the continuing story of a young woman named Amy, who has superhuman abilities, as she finds out more about her people, the Weeia, and sees her abilities develop over the course of the story. Could she be an amplifier?

This book is somewhat lighter than the first two in this unique fantasy series; there was still a good bit of action and Amy is still in danger but there was also a strong sense of fun to this book, which had Amy combining a human talent with her new ability in order to help other Weeia in a rather unusual way. I found this entertaining to read and I also very much enjoyed Amy’s interactions with her sister and boyfriend.

Overall this is another enjoyable book in a very interesting and unique fantasy series. I look forward to the next book and seeing where Boca takes these characters next! Recommended for modern/contemporary fantasy fans.

Sharon Stevenson, author, The Gallows Novels and After Death Series

A highly enjoyable, well-written young adult/adult urban fantasy and a perfect summer read!

Author Nicholas Rossis

In the latest book by Elle Boca, Amy unlocks yet another ability, coming closer to her destiny. This book was lighter in tone to the first ones, and I for one enjoyed it all the better for that. For one thing, it focuses on character development, specifically in the blooming relationship between Amy and Duncan. It’s nice to read more about this, as the first books were too action-packed to allow us a chance to do so.

Not that this book lacks for action, starting with a murder and ending with a shocking conspiracy being the reason for the lack of abilities that has troubled young Weeia. Masks drop and powerful forces reveal themselves, forcing Amy once again to take matters into her own hands. The Weeia can be saved, but at what cost?

A highly enjoyable, well-written young adult/adult urban fantasy and a perfect summer read!

Nicholas C. Rossis, epic fantasy author

Another five stars must read that I couldn’t lay down!


Wow! Another five stars must read that I couldn’t lay down! This episode begans where the last book left off. Amy, Duncan, and Kat are at another Youth for Change gathering and almost at once the action begins. Loi, Ann’s husband is found dead by Amy, Duncan, Kat and Ann in a room on the compound. An Elder along with two associates come in and immediately take over the scene. He commands that the young people leave. They are acting like zombies, except Amy, and she’s wondering why??? They move down the hall to an empty room and sit down, Amy is complexed and ask them as to why they are acting so strangely. Completely unaware how to answer her, Amy goes over to a side chair to meditate and dreamshift back into the room unseen by the men so she can observe and listen to their conversation. What does she learn and is it murder or natural causes for Loi’s death?

Amy finds that she has yet several more abilities which cause her, Duncan, Kat and a leader of the Youth for Change to be summons before the Council of Elders. But things DO NOT go as they should, at least not in a world where human rights are most usually upheld. What new family members will they meet in this book? And is Amy’s love for beading going to cause problems? When will Amy and Duncan become more than boyfriend and girlfriend?

Although each book could be a stand alone novella, it’s so much more exciting to began with the first book!!!! I highly recommend these books to anyone that loves urban fantasy, romance, action, and suspense. I can’t rave enough for this talented author and her imagination to weave such a delightful tale(s)!

Lani Houston, reader

Five golden salads for Amy and five heavily seasoned pizzas for Duncan

Entering a room and finding someone covered in blood is how our story opens. Loi, thought to be an amplifier, or someone who is able to bring out the Weeia powers or abilities in a person, for some reason he is killed. As Amy, our main character and her sister Kat and boyfriend Duncan along with Loi’s wife Ann try to sort out what has happened, they are instructed by a group called the Elders to leave the room and allow them to take care of Loi’s body and call for help. As we get to know Ann, Loi’s wife and she requests help from Amy, Kat and Duncan the reader will become unsettled by her actions and her lack of emotion. Ann wants help to sort out his murder but she withholds information that might help find the killer. Amy has many Weeia powers such as dreamshifting, mindshifting and now thought to be a spiritshifter and an amplifier. But, there is much more behind what has happened and in order to understand and learn what the Elders are discussing Amy decides to Dreamshift into the room and hear what they have planned and why. In order to Dreamshift she concentrates, mediates and leaves her body, enters the room with her mind and then returns hopefully unheard and unseen. But, getting involved in learning the truth about Loi’s death and possibly being an Amplifier too could be dangerous. Amy is smart but at times she acts childish when her thoughts are tested, she is forced to listen to reason and her loyalties are tested. Spiritshifter: Unelmoija: Book 3 will tie up some lose ends, leave you wanting more of these characters and hopefully reunite Amy, her sister and mother with their absent husband and father.

Abilities are something that humans do not have but Weeia do and they are kept secret. Not allowed to discuss their powers with humans or reveal them to anyone else, Weeia have to be careful when speaking about their abilities and using them. But, Duncan is smart, humorous, sarcastic and the best medicine for Amy especially when she is in one of her moods. Wanting to learn why some of the younger members of the Youth For Change have no powers he and the leaders will go more than the extra mile to find out why.

Entering Ann’s home and looking into Loi’s death they are confronted by two men that seem quite angry and need to be stopped before Ann or anyone else gets hurt. Two men promised abilities and paying thousands to Loi for them. But, his death negates the promise and they want their money back. But, Amy is clever and although the money is returned somehow she manages to bring out the powers in one man named Ralph leading Duncan to think that maybe she might be the answer for the Youth for Change. What would you do if you could give someone an extraordinary ability? Duncan is a speedwalker that would be fun to walk so fast and get back unseen. Amy can mindshift and dreamshift and Kat is a super warrior and strong. What power would you like? What would you do if you were Amy and you were asked to see if you could amplify or bring out the abilities of so many? Would you risk it?

Throughout the novel we get to know Duncan and we all wish that we had his metabolism so we could pig out and eat as much as he does. The chemistry between Duncan and Amy is almost as electric as her powers. Bringing the Weeia youth for change to Miami by creating a venue such as a concert was quite ingenious. Amy would replace the lead singer and with the help of her friend Lilly her identity would be hidden. With her sister Kat promising to watch her back along with Duncan will she be safe? Learning more about her ability opens up many different avenues for her as well as Duncan and Kat. Most Weeia have only two abilities is it possible she has four? Besides being called Unelmoija. Henkis: abilities: The Undelmoija is said to be: identifiable in part because of her abilities. Dreamshifter, mindshifting, amplifier and timeshifter and much more, are just some of what Amy will have to deal with if she is so powerful. But, will it place her in danger? What about her family?

As focus shifts from Loi’s murder and Amy decides to awaken the Weeia in many young people humans and Weeia during a concert where she will sing, but no one will know it is her; the author focuses on what happens when a decision is made, the Elders are not consulted and the end result is an interesting twist.

Enter Vlad from Russia who appears to like Kat but for some reason Amy feels cautious around him and feels he has another agenda. As it becomes apparent that she might be an amplifier the decision to test her powers is decided. When her mother learns that they think she is the Unelmoija it title is defined as: their leader, wise, generous and powerful, their future and their past. She is “ our daughter and our mother.” Powerful words!

But, they needed to be certain and more convincing would come about. How would you handle being an amplifier, dreamshifter, mindshifter and a spirtshifter?

A concert that will bring to light more than just her ability to amplify as the light bounces from her to those in the audience and back to Amy again. Read Chapter 28 and learn more about Weeia light lines and how they are distinct from human. Learn more about how the lines left each person’s body; moving outward toward other people’s bodies awhile lines form others entered each Weeia or human body. The rest you need to read and experience for yourself when you attend the concert, hear Amy sing and find out what happens next.

With the first concert behind them and rave reviews they are waiting to learn whether Amy is an amplifier and if anyone has new abilities and if she was able to unlock them in those that did not have them before. But, something happens at the second concert and lives are in danger and deceits are revealed. Why was Loi killed and who was really behind it you just won’t believe? Why would the Elders block the abilities of young babies? What was their reason and why would come after Amy?

One young technologically creative young man named Ernie created the sets and graphics for both concerts. Why come after him? When all of the pieces of each graphic come to light and a video is played explaining it all, what happens next will surprise readers as Amy fights for her life but will she win? What happens when those in charge abuse their power? What happens when on young girl is determined to fight for what she believes in? With a surprise curve ball someone just might come to her aid but will anything be done to those guilty of murder? How will things change for the Youth group and will anyone try to right the wrongs that have been in place for so long?

These questions and many others remain unanswered but one thing is for sure this is a must read series for all teens, young adults and adults to learn the true meaning of honesty, friendship, love, loyalty, moral values, ethics and the abuse of power. Once again the author has created a plot and storyline that gives readers much pause for thought.

Let’s give this one: Five golden salads for Amy and five heavily seasoned pizzas for Duncan

Fran Lewis, reviewer

Unelmoija: The Mindshifter

Unelmoija: The Mindshifter

What others say:

Fast-paced, well-developed, and a stunning new read


Elle Boca’s novels get better and better with each new print. I was highly intrigued after the first novel and now even more so. Unelmoija: The Mindshifter is the most suspensful of her series yet.

So much at stake and so little time. Amy and her friends go out for fun only to have bad things happens. One of them is taken and may disappear forever unless they find her quickly. With two left of the fun trio, time is running out and they must act fast. But now, Amy may have done the unthinkable. Using her powers in front of those who she shouldn’t have. This may cause more trouble and delay in rescuing her friend. Can they rescue their friend before it’s too late or will they loose her forever?

I love suspense and a novel packed with action. There’s enough action and dialogue that will keep readers turning the pages. Fast-paced, well-developed, and a stunning new read that will draw in readers from everywhere. I enjoyed reading this new story by Elle Boca and look forward to reading her next one. Overall, I highly recommend this to all. Unelmoija: The Mindshifter is definitely a must read.

Danielle Urban, Goodreads reviewer

Another engaging urban fantasy that is both fresh and immediately accessible

Dave Higgins

This novel is the second in the series. As such this review might contain spoilers for Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter.

Amy is the daughter of one of the most feared killers among her people, the Weeia, required to keep her powers hidden from humans under pain of death; but she doesn’t see why that should stop her living an ordinary life. However, when her friend doesn’t come back from a night club, Amy discovers both another part of her past and that humans can be equally brutal as her father.

While it is perhaps somewhat ironic to mention plausibility when discussing fantasy, the Amy’s behaviour following her friend’s disappearance might strike some readers as out of character. Her initial decision to return to the nightclub rather than report the matter feels reasonable: she might have gone home with someone or other innocent reason for not returning, so it might be too soon to make a fuss; however, once there is evidence that something suspicious has happened, deciding to investigate herself with the aid of a Weeia friend rather than involve the authorities – while not utterly without reason – might feel more for the sake of the plot than a natural reaction to circumstance. Once this initial choice has passed, Amy’s continued involvement is, however, driven by entirely plausible motives and reactions.

With the majority of events occurring in human rather than Weeia society, the story is as much about Amy and those Weeia who agree to help her finding ways to use their powers without revealing their existence as it is about recovering her missing friend.

However, the novel also expands the magical world that Boca introduced in the previous book. Amy’s powers have developed in unexpected ways, giving her an unexpected advantage but also attracting the attention of both mysterious forces from her past and those who are concerned over the failure of many young Weeia to develop powers at all.

As with the first volume in the series, the narration has a slight tendency to list people’s clothing and appearance in detail, especially toward the start of the book; as such, the opening might give a false impression of what is a fast-paced story.

Similarly, the reader is presented with the occasional somewhat objective narration of certain past events; but – unlike in the previous book – these are fewer and usually come in direct response to present events, reducing the sense of a narrator providing a history lesson.

Freed of the soliloquies Boca used to set the scene in the first volume, Amy presents as a sympathetic – if somewhat naïve – protagonist. Despite the potential trauma of being a kidnap victim with a hated executioner for the father, she is not prone to fits of moping, making those moments when events do push her hard times readers root for her rather than recall that she has brought it upon herself by becoming a vigilante.

The supporting cast are – as with the previous novel – well-crafted and diverse, with powers and skills seeming parts of a coherent whole rather than bolted on for interest or convenience.

I enjoyed this novel. I recommend it to readers looking for a fresh and engaging take on urban fantasy.

Dave Higgins, speculative fiction author
(see it and other reviews on his website at

This is one powerful novel.

What would you do if you could read someone’s mind and hear their every thought without their knowledge? What would you do if you could separate from your body and be in two places at once? What would you do if you could touch an object and sense where someone has been, a specific location or surrounding? What would you do if you found out that you were part human and part Weeia and had special abilities that had to remain secret and could not be shared with anyone but another Weeia? What would happen if you accidentally let on who you are or told someone else about your power?

Amy and Krissa are best friends and with their friend Lilly decided to celebrate the end of their classes and have some real fun. Lilly seemed to get friendly with a guy that Amy found odd and began to feel might be trouble. When entering the bar something caught Amy’s eye and from then on the plot takes off and the story will send readers on a roller coaster ride on a hunt for a young girl that was kidnapped and might have been sold to slavers. Seeing something that looked like Lilly’s Amy noticed to be her wrap but no Lilly in sight. As Krissa touches it something happens that would surprise them both. An odd feeling and a split second thought or vision as Krissa felt that she was next to both Lilly and this strange guy for a split second. But, where was Lilly and by touching the material or fabric Krissa sensed her presence but where?

The guy was nothing special and to Amy looked like a real loser and what they decided to do would send them on a hunt for a young girl that seemed to be caught up with this man, placed in a van and then the two of them find themselves face to face with someone that claimed they botched up their plan to catch this man. Slavers: just who were they and how many girls did they have and how did this relate to Lilly?

Human trafficking is the theme of this book but just one theme. Imagine young girls being sold into slavery, bought and paid for and forced to do things that would make you cringe. Often starved, tortured and drugged these young girls are sometimes victims of their own family’s greed, kidnapped or in this case staked out at this bar and taken.

Amy has Weeia abilities that allowed her to figure out that Lilly was drugged and taken by the guy in the nightclub. Her plan along with her friend Charlie and Krissa was to find Lilly. But, how? A plan developed and with Krissa’s help they found themselves facing two men in black clothes, with serious weapons and trying to enter a dark building. But, Amy is quick and sharp but the next face she sees would be a shock facing her missing sister, Kat. The circumstances are quite compelling and the reunion short lived when Amy learns what her sister was doing, what she endured and why. But, first the man who took the young girls from the bar faces more than just those who paid him as Kat and her team extract what they want from him and the end result will surprise you. Human traffickers pay a lot of money for these young girls. Holding up the pictures of young girls that were killed, maimed and tortured to this man nothing seem to phase him but the pain she inflicted on him would be nothing compared to what happened to those missing. Afraid for his own life he gave up some information but not all. But, Krissa used her powers and you won’t believe what she found out.

This is where the story takes another turn as Kat, Amy’s sister enlightens her into her life, her goal to close down the human trafficking business and find out who is behind it. Introducing her team and one hot guy that both Amy and Krissa would not mind knowing better, both girls become involved in trying to help find Lilly and hopefully bonding as sisters.

With the police on the take the author brings to light why this secret group of talented young people with extraordinary abilities decided to take on this dangerous task. As Kat reveals that she can often hear what people are thinking and their thoughts both sisters relating how that feels and how that has helped her in the past. So, how do they prevent humans from knowing about them? What is the punishment if they reveal themselves? Who is the enforcer? Kat reveals that not only can she mind read and has object moving abilities. But, not everyone in her team is happy that Krissa and Amy are there and they explain that everyone time they get close to an address that might lead them to these people they give them the slip. But, a plan comes to light and with Krissa’s ability and Ernie’s brilliant technological skills, an address is found and a plan is formed. Weapons decided but not the conventional and decisions as to who would handle what you have to read what happens when they arrive in the van and Kat and Krissa are told to remain inside but things change. Since their actions and whereabouts are supposed to be a secret I can only reveal that you will have to find out what happens when they rescue on girl by reading Chapters 8 and 9 for yourself. But, the danger was far from over and one member named Melanie did not want the girls in on the next phase as they learned where the warehouse was that these people might have Lilly and the end result is horrifying. Flashbacks are told as Amy relates and Kat are reminded about the time during which they were a near captive at Douglas Estate and how she learned the art of dreamshifting and why meditation was vital to her abilities. Imagine being able to undo your bindings, think about getting free and getting free using your mind. Imagine being able to unlock a door and go back to your normal state. The rest remains within the pages of Chapter 11 for readers to learn more about Amy, her powers and the plan that would take them to this warehouse, Melanie’s thoughts about why she wanted Amy out of the way and why Kat agreed to allow her to come if she and Krissa remained in the van. But, not all plans go the way they are supposed to go and what happens that causes them to become more involved just might save some lives. Imagine what happens when so many girls are found drugged, bruised and disoriented. Imagine their fear and learn just how both Krissa and Amy are able to work with them, talk them into seeing the doctor and remaining in the shelter for their own safety. Hear their voices and understand why this issue is very important because it is something that is happening right now and not stopped by many government officials that are paid off, don’t care and police that are corrupt.

The story is far from over as the family reunites and Kat returns home and someone close to both Amy and her mother appears once more. Meet Duncan and learn about his place in the Weeia’s and join both Amy and Kat as they attend Weeia youth meetings, begin to understand their heritage, meet others just like them but don’t think the danger is over. But, first hear Kat’s voice as she relives her captivity, the betrayal of one young girl and her ability to survive as the author shares Kat’s story in Chapter 15. Duncan is colorful and really interesting as you begin to see his connection to Amy and things in their relationship start to change. But, taking her along with him on Youth For Change Meeting helped her grow along with both Kat and Krissa but something happens when they return home and Amy is taken, the reason revenge and the end result might take her life or worse. Hear the voice of her captor and find out his reasons for taking her and what he hopes to accomplish. Will she get away? Will she be able to use her mindshifting? Will she be able to contact Duncan or Kat to save her? Will these people who are running this business make her one of their slaves?

A story quite compelling and issue that is in the news in many countries and often hidden beneath the pages unnoticed. Once again author Elle Boca has penned a novel that brings to light not just human trafficking and the need for laws to protect these young girls and boys from those that take them but loyalty, trust, friendship and an organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited (as by being forced into prostitution or involuntary labor). (

These types of crimes do not require smuggling or movement of the victim. Undocumented migrants can be and are vulnerable to being coerced because they are afraid of the authorities allowing these traffickers as you will learn in this novel to use their ability to exploit these populations, naïve young girls that go to bars and do not realize that men will drug their drinks thinking they find them pretty and forcing minors into prostitution and slavery. Some governments are working hard to stop this crime taking down escort services and suburban mansions and bars. Let’s hope that someday this crime will be permanently stopped and young girls will be more vigilant when going out to bars, talking to strange men and learn to stay in groups and be more careful. This is one powerful novel.

Fran Lewis, reviewer

Author Nicholas Rossis

Can’t wait for the next one!

Boca continues to weave the threads of her exciting Weeia adventures in Unelmoija: The Mindshifter. Trouble is brewing in Miami, and Amy finds herself caught in the middle of it all. Forced to rescue a friend from a gang of slavers, Amy has to balance her love for her friend with the need to hide from everyone her true nature and abilities. We meet old friends from the past as well as new ones in this well-written, fast-paced adventure.

Once again, Boca manages to take the reader on a wild, suspenseful ride. There are enough twists and surprises to satisfy even the most demanding reader, while the back story of Weeia – one of my favorite parts of the plot – is expanded upon. We get to learn more about their society and its struggles, while we catch hints of what Amy may be capable of.

Boca’s writing matures with every book, making me look forward to the next installment in the series.

Nicholas C. Rossis, author, Amazon’s #1 Pearseus fantasy book series

You’ll be hooked after the first paragraph

I knew this would be a great read by the end of the first paragraph — the characters were already real to me, and the plot far from predictable. All I would request of Elle Boca is to give us the next book in the Unelmoija: The Mindshifter series as soon as possible. I finished this book a couple of months ago now, but am still thinking about the characters and wondering, what comes next?

Lara Pizzorno

This is such a unique and enjoyable series that anyone that loves a good fantasy read will enjoy

Ashley Tomlinson

It’s been a few months since I read the first book in this series and once I started reading it everything began coming back to me. This is such a unique and enjoyable series that anyone that loves a good fantasy read will enjoy. The characters are well developed and very likable, with a magical twist to them.

Amy is apart of a secret magical community called the weeia. When she goes on a girls vacation with her friends Krissa and Lily things don’t exactly go as planned. When Lily doesn’t return to their hotel after a night at the club it’s up to Amy and Krissa to figure out what happened to her. They find help in an unexpected person and commence to retrieve Lily and a cargo ship full of other women from being sold as “slavers.” Will Amy be able to get Lily without getting caught herself?

I liked how this book went to a dark place that most people don’t like to think about, sex slavery. It’s not something that is usually in books so it was cool to see it in this but done in a tasteful way. So it wasn’t too intense to read about because things didn’t go into detail. Kat’s story was dark but it wasn’t too much for me to read, I didn’t feel uncomfortable while reading it which is always a good thing.

I wished there was more Duncan, he was one of my favorite characters in the first book. And Duncan and Amy are too freaking adorable together. I wanted him to be a bigger part of this book but he wasn’t even mentioned until over halfway through. I got worried for a second that he wasn’t going to be in this at all but thankfully he got his part. Amy is a great protagonist, she’s brave, witty, and will do anything for those she cares about. Everything you want in a hero you get in her which is nice to see.

I thought Krissa was a weird character. She gets her ability suddenly out of no where and then while on a wild goose chase to get her friend, she wants food. Really? You’re trying to find your friend that you think could be being sold into sex slavery and you stop for a huge bbq dinner. I know with the abilities they have to eat more it just seemed weird that they wouldn’t have gone through a drive-thru instead of sitting down to eat. I don’t know, I just thought that was an odd scene.

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of

I recommend for readers who enjoy urban fantasy and a fun, light read.

Angela Kay

Unelmoija: The Mindshifter is book number two of the Weeia series, and it’s a pretty good one, story-wise. The writing was fast-paced, like all the other novels I’ve read of Elle Boca. Amy’s character has grown fictional-wise and writing-wise, which is a good thing. However, there were some points in the story where I thought she was being a bit strange. I won’t mention it in case of spoilers.

In the first book, The Dreamshifter, I was curious about the kidnappings of Amy and her sister before the story opened. It was brought to our attention out of the blue, never really discussed, except in passing. This time around, we do get to find out where Amy’s sister has been for the past two years, though I still felt something was missing in the story. My main issue with the kidnapping subplot is that the ordeal was treated as if it were perfectly normal for someone to be kidnapped and show up years later. There weren’t enough tears, especially where Amy was concerned. I also wondered, “why did Kat not attempt to reach out to her family?”

Additionally, when they’re searching for their missing friend, Krissa’s ability suddenly develops and she forgets that something serious is going on and starts acting giddy. Granted, it’s rare for her age for abilities to manifest, but her friend is in danger. If it were me, I wouldn’t be too focused on receiving a special ability until my friend was safe.

I like how Amy grew from not having a clue about what Weeia is, to a young woman who embraces who she is, and will use her sacred ability to save someone, no matter the cost to her.

This is only Elle Boca’s second book and I believe she’s still getting her feet wet, finding her voice. While I am enjoying learning about Amy and her abilities, I prefer the Weeia Marshalls series the most. I recommend for readers who enjoy urban fantasy and a fun, light read.

Angela Kay, author, reviewer and host of

Sharon Stevenson

Suspenseful Continuation

The second book in Boca’s Unelmoija series shows the darker side of city life while superhuman Amy uses her powers in ways she would never have imagined. I really liked the grittier story line in this book; it took me completely by surprise, yanking the ground out from under me just as I was lulled into a false sense of security by the main character’s enthusiastic narration. It feels like the tension has really been built up for the continuing story now. Can’t wait for the next book!

Sharon Stevenson, author, The Gallows Novels and After Death Series

Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter

Unelmoija Cover Final 2 468x450

What others say:

Elle Boca has masterfully woven a beautiful tale…


Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter is the most unique fantasy I have ever read. Readers beware, this novel will lure you in like a moth to a flame. Elle Boca has masterfully woven a beautiful tale that will take readers on a rollcoaster ride of life time.

Intriguing, mystifying and the most exciting novel yet. Unelmoija: The Dreamshfiter will captive readers everywhere. The main female character, Amy, will bring readers deep into her special power of dreamshifting. A unique power that she posseses and one that makes her belong to a special group of people. Yet despite her recent findings danger, is close by and she must learn to face it. With her father and a trusted man to help her, Amy will learn what she’s up against.

Elle Boca’s novel is the first in this intoxicating new series. I can’t wait to read the novels after this one. Interesting characters that can do extraordinary things and as in real life, danger is always nearby unexpected. I highly recommend this story to readers everywhere. I loved reading.

Danielle Urban, Goodreads reviewer

Boca does a great job of character-development and world-building

Madhuri Blaylock, author, The Sanctum Trilogy

What starts as a normal morning for young Amy as she heads out for a run along the Miami waterfront takes an unusual turn when she crosses paths with two men – the father she never knew, Thomas McKnight, and a stranger who both repels and attracts her, Duncan Bittersdorp – and her life is forever changed.

So begins the tale of Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter.

Armed with the knowledge she is Weeia, a superhuman race, and is able to dreamshift, a rare power among her people, Amy suddenly finds herself on the run, hoping to survive whoever and whatever is trying to track and kill her father.

Assisted by Duncan, another Weeia with vast knowledge of the dealings of her father, the two embark on a fast-paced, thrilling journey through the streets, cafes, and estates of Miami, doing their best to keep Amy alive and ahead of whatever danger is lurking around the next corner.

Boca does a great job of character-development and world-building in this introduction to the Weeia, and she lovingly captures life in Miami so intimately that you come away feeling as if the city itself is one of the living, breathing characters in her novel.

While reading Dreamshifter, I figured most readers focus their attention on Amy and Duncan, as they are the center of the action. They are sweet and I thoroughly enjoy their interactions and the energy between them, it’s very natural flow, but they don’t compare to Amy’s father, Thomas McKnight. For me, he was the real intrigue. He’s mysterious, powerful, something about him is rather sinister and honestly, I cannot wait to get more of him in the next books in the series. Interestingly, I’m not certain Amy will be sharing my sentiments.

Boca asks readers if they’re ready for a new kind of fantasy and if your answer is yes, then waste no time and snatch up a copy of Dreamshifter.

Madhuri Blaylock, author, The Sanctum Trilogy

A promising debut


Amy is Weeia. As in belonging to a superhuman race with special abilities. Her upbringing by her single mother has been secluded and full of fear of discovery. She might not know exactly what her abilities are, but one thing she’s fully aware of is the need to remain inconspicuous and keep a low profile. But this doesn’t keep her mysterious, fear-inducing father from tracking her down, or Duncan, her supposed polar opposite, who nevertheless doesn’t repel her at all, to pop right in front of her. They both claim to put her safety before all else. But when she has to deal with an attempt against her life, Amy finds herself more alone than ever. It’s high time she explored those dreamshifting abilities and found out why that old psychic called her Unelmoija, seemingly in awe.

What I particularly appreciated in this book was the very fact I found myself having trouble dealing with in the beginning. The writing. At first, I felt the writing was procedural (or expository if you prefer those terms) but soon I realized that the more Amy grew into her own skin and saw more of the world than her own shadow, the language became richer, more layered, more descriptive; it evolved right along with its main character. I found that ingenious. The story is well-paced, the friendship between Amy and Duncan sweet, but my favorite aspect was the reluctant relationship between Amy and her father whose role in the story is still somewhat of a puzzle.

I loved hopping around Miami through the eyes of Elle Boca. What I felt more vividly than the images were the tantalizing smells. In fact this book should come with a warning: do not read if you’re to go on a diet. Boy, do those people eat…

A fumbling teen who taps into uncharted strengths for survival, her broken family tensions, a superb race’s intricate politics, escalating suspense and lots of southeast Florida. All in all, Dreamshifter is an excellent debut urban fantasy, and I will definitely read its sequel, Mindshifter, to see Amy coming to grips with her reality.

MM Jaye, a bilingual Greek native who pens contemporary romances

A delightful urban fantasy set in Miami

Author Effrosyni Moschoudi

Young Amy is no ordinary girl. She’s a Weeia; i.e. she belongs to a special clan of people who have various super powers. Amy’s special ability is dream-shifting. Through her dreams, she can visit places and people. One day, she meets a man in the street who introduces himself to her as her father. Seeing that he’d abandoned the family years ago, she’s very cautious towards him, especially as he’s a powerful Weeia who’s said to be a ruthless killer.

When Amy meets Duncan, a delightful young man who’s also a Weeia, the story takes on a lovely, light-hearted turn. The two of them spend lots of time together as they explore the multi-ethnic eateries of Miami, but their joy soon gives way to angst as they face mortal danger.

After an accident, Amy is separated from her mother and is kept hostage in a strange place where she’s discouraged to use her dream-shifting abilities.

I found this story unique and delightful, although I would personally enjoy a hint of romance between Amy and Duncan. Also, I’d prefer less restaurant scenes as after a while they felt rather repetitive without contributing to the story. I loved the way the book ended in a happy, carefree moment when the conflicts had all been dealt with.

I wonder what the upcoming adventures of the Weeia will be, and I look forward to the next books in the series.

Effrosyni Moschoudi, author, The Necklace of Goddess Athena and The Lady of the Pier

Great Fantasy Adventure


I really loved this book! It was almost too short – but lucky for me, the next book in the series was already ready and waiting for me!

I thought the story was unique and original, and the characters were well developed. The main protagonist, Amy is very likeable and is presented in such a way that is very true to her age. The author accurately captures her uncertainty and all the feelings that come along with being a teenage girl.

The magical elements were very imaginative (not your run of the mill superpowers), and there were just enough plot twists to keep the story moving – it was a rapid pace, but easy to follow.
Overall a very quick and enjoyable read. I finished it in a weekend and then immediately went and downloaded the next one and will probably continue to do so until I meet the end of this wonderful adventure. I would recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy and/or paranormal books.

Teresa Carlson, self described writer, illustrator, nerd

A unique story idea and great characterization says reader author about Unelmoija The Dreamshifter

Jen Ponce

In a short amount of time, main character Amy meets a stranger who she finds out is her father, as well as a mysterious man who attracts her physically but repels her magically. The meetings are harbingers of the trouble ahead for Amy, as she struggles to put together the story of who she is and what type of world she actually lives in.

The author’s strength is the character dialog. The back and forth between Amy and Duncan is well done and gives insight into their personalities that you wouldn’t get from ordinary exposition.

Amy’s relationship with her father was most interesting to me. It raised the most questions and the author left me wondering if he was to be trusted or not. Of course, you’ll have to get your own copy if you want to find out if he’s out to help Amy or put her in an early grave.

I’d recommend this book to lovers of paranormal mysteries like Charlaine Harris’ “Grave” series.

Jen Ponce, author, The Bazaar

A very intriguing, thrilling Urban fantasy!

Sheri Wilkinson

Amy leads an ordinary life in a prestigious Miami waterfront Estate. Then she meets her father and learns of her superhuman powers. So she turns to her Mother for answers. Soon her life is in danger and (she) finds herself living a dangerous adventure.

A fast paced urban fantasy. I really like Amy, she definitely had character, I also like her Mother as well. The story was original and kept me up way past my bedtime wanting more! I highly recommend to (Urban) Fantasy lovers and look forward to the second book Unelmoija: The Mindshifter also by Elle Boca.

Sheri Wilkinson, reader

Can’t wait for the next one!

Author Nicholas Rossis

I don’t know what I expected when I read Unelmoija, the Dreamshifter. Probably another coming-of-age, young adult story. Instead, I was treated to an endearing, rich tale, expertly written, with many twists and surprises that made me finish it in a single weekend, unable to put it down. Boca’s writing is sharp and witty, much like Amy, her lovable heroine. It’s hard to believe this is her debut novel, first in the series.

I loved the clearly defined characters, and particularly how she avoided using a cliched “good vs. bad” approach to them. Her nuanced descriptions add much to the story, as does her constant mentions of food that reminded me of Camilleri’s books.

I’m now off to buy the next book in the series, the Mindshifter…

Nicholas C. Rossis, author, Amazon’s #1 Pearseus fantasy book series

Ms. Boca’s The Dreamshifter is debut novel

Ms. Boca’s The Dreamshifter is debut novel in her Weeia series. Amy is a young girl finds out she can use her dreams to visit places and people.

Amy comes across the father who abandoned her family when she was younger. He’s mysterious and powerful and she learns he belongs to a superhuman race with special abilities similar to her.

Follow Amy on an adventure as she meets a man she wants to be with yet wants to run away from and rescues her mother and sister.

Melissa, reader

I enjoyed this book so much that I finished it all too quickly. Now I am very much looking forward to the next book involving these very appealing and interesting characters.

Lara Pizzorno, reader

“Unelmoija is a fresh take on Urban Fantasy. The characters pull you in and welcome you into their lives.”

Jennifer Martinez, author of Written in the Stars

“Fun read with an interesting world and very different Magic System.”

Susanne Rieth, author, New York

Sharon Stevenson

I received a copy of this book for honest review. ‘Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter’ is the tale of a young woman named Amy as she begins to discover the depth of the magical powers she possesses. She is learning about others like her while trying to decide if her father is trustworthy and attempting to figure out who’s been trying to kill her and why.

Amy’s world gets turned upside down by a series of occurrences right at the beginning of the book. Her father, a man she doesn’t know, makes an appearance. Then a man named Duncan shows up who is her opposite when it comes to their powers. When someone tries to kill her, she realises something bigger is going on than she is aware of. She’s not sure about her newly found father’s intentions but knows little about her own powers. Who can she trust?

The story is interesting and different and is told in an accessible way. This definitely isn’t your usual type of urban fantasy book. It’s set in Miami and the setting is well described but the story itself is more mysterious and moves at a slower pace than the urban fantasy books I’m familiar with. It felt kind of like a paranormal mystery to me, as there are a lot of questions raised and little clues dropped as the story goes on. Amy is working to find out who’s trying to harm her and uncertain over whether she can trust her father, and at the same time she’s trying to figure out who she is and what her powers mean. The coming of age element to the story is well done and felt true to the character.

For me the characters came to life most effectively whenever they were conversing. I was amused by some of Duncan’s turns of phrase and his sarcastic streak whenever he is talking to Amy’s father. There was also the possibility that his friendship with Amy will turn into something more as this is hinted at. Amy was likeable and seemed quite uncertain of herself which was appropriate for her age. These two characters were the most well developed. I look forward to seeing more of Amy’s mother and perhaps meeting her sister eventually as the series unfolds.

I found the magic side of things intriguing. It was quite different to anything I’ve read before and I read a lot of fantasy books. It wasn’t fully explained in this first novella but there was enough revealed to be able understand what was going on. I’m keen to see how the story is going to play out and how Amy’s powers develop.

Overall this is a unique and interesting debut by new author Elle Boca. I would recommend to fans of paranormal, fantasy, suspense, and mystery books.

Sharon Stevenson, author, The Gallows Novels and After Death Series

A fresh and engaging take on urban fantasy or paranormal romance

Dave Higgins

Combining an interesting twist on the modern world and fast-paced plot with a growing friendship that doesn’t escalate to obsessive commitment in the first book, Boca avoids the clichés of paranormal romance without abandoning the frisson.

Following false accusations of theft, Amy has moved to a new area of Miami. While out jogging she is approached by a man claiming to be the father she thought missing since childhood, who asserts Amy is part of another race. But before she has processed this, they are interrupted by a young man who accuses her father of only using her for a scheme. Knowing she is special, but not who to trust, Amy finds herself caught between warring factions.

Containing no mention of vampires or werewolves, and little similarity to classical Western magic, Boca’s mythology provides the reader with an opportunity to unravel the truth along with the character without any confusion or disappointment from comparisons to other works. In addition to this freshness, the magical structure revealed appears both consistent and plausible.

Both the immediate plot and the wider society created by the addition of this paranormal structure to the modern world are similarly engaging. And – while Amy does rapidly find herself facing a high-powered conspiracy – her involvement grows as a logical result of who she is and how she reacts rather than by constant coincidence.

However, Boca’s narration is more likely to cause readers issues. Using a mixture of close first-person description of events as they happen and brief statements of past events, it bears some similarity to a Shakespearean play: of Amy stepping back from the scene to deliver back-story and thoughts directly to the reader. This is particularly noticeable in the first chapter, which features both Amy’s discovery and use of her dream-shaping powers and the kidnapping of Amy, her mother, and her sister each delivered as a paragraph of fact rather than integrated into the story.

Most unfortunately, much of this information unloaded onto the reader wasn’t necessary to understand the story: while it might be relevant later in the series, Amy’s previous kidnapping didn’t appear connected to specific events and – without resonance – didn’t create a feeling that Amy had been constantly under threat even before her father appeared.

Amy’s portrayal is similarly divided: half of her is a sympathetic character struggling to make choices and find allies in a world she doesn’t fully understand; the other delivers laundry list descriptions of what she and other people are wearing and displays as little actual emotion from her past as her blunt descriptions of it evoke.

Freed of the act of narration, the supporting characters display Boca’s skill at creating interesting stories without the unfortunate distancing effect of talking to camera.

Overall, the reader’s opinion is likely to turn on their stance on internal monologues: a reader who prefers to be immersed in the story is likely to find the narration distracting; whereas, one who is more tolerant of being told facts to serve the story rather than because it is plausible they are mentioned, will appreciate the story and world.

I enjoyed this novel. I recommend it to readers looking for a fresh and engaging take on urban fantasy or paranormal romance.

I received a free copy from the author with no obligation to review.

Dave Higgins, speculative fiction author

Unelmoija begins when Amy finds her self alone in the world. Her sister is somewhere unknown at the moment, and her mother had to go away to take care of some things. The problem is Amy is in danger. She’s unsure if it is the newly found “Father” she has, or if it could be the mysterious young man who she seems to attract and repel at the same time. Add all this into the fact that she has some abilities she’s just learning how to use, and her world is getting turned upside down. But Amy will do her best to learn to keep up.

This book was very interesting. I liked it for the unique aspects to it, and because of Amy and her new friend. It has a lot of mystery and intrigue as well. The plot line was interesting, and had a couple of twists to it. And the characters were very fun and interesting. The only main issue I had with the book was at times it felt like the writing wasn’t very clear, or it skipped over certain things and made it sometimes hard to follow exactly what was going on. Other than that I enjoyed the story, and found it very interesting.

Whitney Martin, reader and reviewer, Shooting Star Reviews

…Elle Boca crafts a masterful novella of a young girl’s realization that her world is not what it seems, and of coming into the power that lay dormant within her… Hopefully more to come of this new and exciting character.

Lourdes Garrido, reader

A well-written book that a lot of paranormal/urban fantasy readers would enjoy

Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter is the first novel in the Weeia series by Elle Boca. It’s a short book, 208 pages, so it’s a quick read. The basic storyline is that Amy is a dreamshifter who doesn’t know much about her ability or her kind, the Weeia. She is approached by a man who gives her shocking news. Then, she meets another man, Duncan, who becomes her friend. Both men help her throughout the book, since someone keeps trying to kill her. I know that’s really vague, but I’m trying not to give too much away.

This book is appropriate for young and new adults. The main character is eighteen years old. There is no romance in this book.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the story. I liked the brisk pace and the world-building.

There were some problems I noted, however. The first thing I noticed was how Amy describes herself using a mirror at the beginning of the book. This is an overused literary device. I think there could have been a better way to let the reader know how she looks. Second, I noticed some spelling and punctuation errors. For example, Sara is sometimes spelled Sarah and sometimes Sara. The third problem I noted was that a lot of the book was spent detailing what was being eaten at every meal. There was too much about food. Fourth, I felt like this wasn’t the first book, even though it was. There was a lot of stuff that went on prior to this book starting that I think could have been written first.

Those issues weren’t that big of a deal. I still think this is a well-written book that a lot of paranormal/urban fantasy readers would enjoy.

JP Schaper, reader, book reviewer, administrator and designer of Books That Hook

“What would you do if you could change the way things happen and make them turn out the way you want? What would you could wish for something to change and it becomes reality if you have the power to do it? What would you do if you could make believe do things even if they did not want to? What if you could control and manipulate people to do things and obey you against their will? This is a powerful story about trust; manipulation, power, revenge and fear tied together in a story about a teenage girl named Amy whose life changes in one split second. Jogging one morning she senses that someone is watching her and comes face to face with a man who seems to know an awful lot about her. More at Reviews Looking at him and listening to his words she realizes that he knows more about her past, her mother and her life. But how? Remembering about her kidnapping and her fear of strangers, Amy immediately demands to know who this man is and what he wants. His knowledge about her past, her mother who is away and has left her alone, seems vast and frightening. As she carefully listens to him and observes his actions she realizes that there is more to him than he is letting on. But, what he reveals surprises her as he claims to be the father she never knew or had. Telling her more about him, why he was absent from her life did not endear her to him any more. Telling her more about herself, the special powers that she possess as a Weeia, she learns that they are a superhuman race each having special and specific powers unto themselves. But, just how much about herself and her powers should she reveal to this man, what did he want of her and why did he appear at this time?

Claiming that she had powers that closely mirrored his she stated that her mother told her to hide her powers because if others knew it would be dangerous to them and to her. Amy is a dreamshifter. He has the ability to make people do things against their will, she has the ability to see things in her dreams, change the way they happen and alter time. So, what would you do if someone appeared in your life at will and told you that you had special powers that were linked to his and wanted your trust? With her mother out of town Amy is left to fend for herself but events are manipulated, orchestrated and created that will endanger her, bring her to a better understanding of her powers and test her loyalty, faith in herself to save someone she loves.

Her father is a powerful man and quite dangerous. He is capable of interfering with time, changing events that have happened in the past and creating the future as he sees it. As he tries to endear himself with Amy someone else shows up and things get out of hand. Duncan Bittersdorp is his name and his is a great character with an odd personality that you just love from the start. Standing up to her father, not putting up with his attitude, he manages to envelop himself into Amy’s life in order to protect her from harm. Little does she know that there is an eminent danger that will cause her life to be placed in jeopardy and hopefully not get killed?

Explaining more about her father to Amy, she learns that he is concerned one of the Elders and probably the most powerful one. Duncan for some reason has decided to take on the role of protector and his special power is quite unique. Although they are total opposites and basically should repel each other for some reason they don’t and she is able to not only get along with him but also avail herself of his special power, which is Speed Walking! Spending time with him and getting to know more about Duncan is quite an experience and his loyalty to her is unparalleled. But, someone is out to get Amy and she has no idea why or who? Before leaving her, her father handed her a cell phone and as we all know that have their own tracking devices and while at the beach something happens. Speaking with a psychic she learns more about herself as she refers to her as Unelmoija: that alone should have sent out red flags. As she learns the true meaning behind the name we learn that someone is out to hut her, bad people are looking for her and she warns her against her father. But, leaving is woman proves even more dangerous as Duncan is shot protecting her and just who is behind it has yet to be revealed. Definitely not wanting to deal with her so called father Duncan requests that she communicate with him through her mind and thoughts as they need his help to find out who was behind the shooting, who was after her and why. What we learn you won’t believe as Thomas McKnight, her father reveals the history behind his past but not before we learn more about Amy why she and her mother had to flee and go into hiding, the fact that her sister Kat is missing without a trace and the reason she had to move. She is a Weeia and they cannot kill another Weeia unless all of the Elders vote on it and agree. But, when someone threatens her father’s family he would be allowed to deal with the problem in his own way. Weeias each have special super human powers. Duncan has superhuman tasting abilities and can eat and never gain weight. His physical and mental abilities allow him to succeed with humans.

We get to know her father as her mother reveals his past and what it has to do with the Cuban missile crisis in the 60’s, Kennedy’s death and many other assassinations. What would you do if you could alter time? What would you do if you could undo events that happened in order to recreate history? What would happen if what you tried to do make thousands of people disappear? What would you do if you wanted to correct this and could not? Within the pages of Chapter 6 the author creatively weaves the history of the past and intertwines it in the present bringing two worlds together. Describing her father’s abilities, how he tried to undo the damage he caused and the end result that hampered and changed his personality you begin to wonder just how stable he is and why they would even want to trust him. But, they needed somewhere to stay and help Duncan recover and then Amy needed to be placed somewhere save. Dreamshifting is her power and as she describes it to her mother we enter a whole new world along with Amy.

Trust is a powerful word and placing Amy with people that owned an estate was supposed to keep her safe. But when she, Duncan and her mother are about to enter the limo that was sent for them an explosion occurs, Amy is taken and locked in the limo and Duncan and her mother are nowhere in sight. Receiving what is supposed to be a note stating that they are both okay and that her mother was injured but okay now, it never dawned on Amy that something was strange.

As we learn more bout Douglas Estate the author creatively takes readers inside the minds of some very sick people who uses drugs, poisons and lethal shots in order to control Amy’s actions, thoughts and prevent her from dreamshifting and using her powers. Punishments stiff, food withheld and a safe haven that was anything but. When Amy finally realizes what is happening just what she does will allow readers to know just how astute and clever she is and why she will stop at nothing to find out who these people are that are running this place, why they want to kill her and hopefully using her powers can contact Duncan to help her.

As she enters her mother’s mind and can see her in her dreams what she learns about the explosion will change everything. Amy cleverly uses her skills to help her escape, get into her mother’s room and hopefully will encourage her father to help her save her mother’s life. But, will he and can he before it’s too late. When faced with the truth about those running this place and meeting the owners, Amy learns the harsh truth or reality behind why she is the main target for murder. Headaches, nauseous, sick, and unable to focus and a poison that she was injected with are some of the obstacles she faces in order to survive. But, will she and will she be able to bring her mother back as she in a coma and seems to living in the past in her own world and mind.

Why does the psychic call her Unelmoija? Why would someone want to kill her if they hear that name? Is this Amy and is she the most powerful Weeia to exist? Will she be their hope or their downfall?

As Duncan, Amy and her father devise a plan to bring her mother back that will take the risks, whose life is in danger and will it succeed? An ending that will make you wonder just what is next for Amy and will she ever be free of the toxin that was injected in her? Will her mother be saved? Is her father going to remain in her life or will he disappear? A story of trust, love, revenge and one young teenage girl whose powers have yet to be cultivated and whose energies and abilities are still raw as we wait for the sequel to see where this goes next. Creatively written and definitely a unique plot within the short novella by author Elle Boca.”

Fran Lewis, reviewer (published with permission from Fran Lewis) Also at Just Reviews

So for all you Urban Fantasy fans out there, check out Unelmoija: Dreamshifter

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 5.22.42 PM

I don’t typically read a lot of Urban Fantasies. When the opportunity comes along, I’ll read them, but they aren’t something I’ve typically gone out of my way to find. I’m not sure why, because when I’ve read them, I’ve enjoyed them. But when it comes to fantasy, I’m more of a classical Lord of the Rings fantasy fan. That being said though, I really appreciate the genre, and Unelmoija is no exception.

Elle Boca seems to follow the classic Hero’s journey model. The role of the reluctant adventurer is filled nicely by Amy. The mentor figure is in the guise of Duncan Bittersdorp, he becomes a kind of Obi-Wan Kenobi to Amy, teaching her about the Weeia, her powers, the political organization of her people, etc.

Along her journey, Amy is met with many dangers, some life threatening, some emotionally devastating. But it’s watching her journey, and her growth and acceptance of her powers that draws you along through the story. As this is the first chapter in a 5 books series, I’m not completely sure of the overall plot as of yet. The author leaves a lot of questions at the end. Why are they trying to kill Amy, and who are they? Is her father, a good guy, or evil personified. Like you, I’ll simply have to read the next novel in the series to find out.

If you are a fan of Urban Fantasy, and the idea of Vampires and Werewolves leave you with Not another one, then you’ll find this a refreshing story. It comes across as more of a female superhero story, with her, much like young Peter Parker, discovering the extent of her power and what having them means to her future. So for all you Urban Fantasy fans out there, check out Unelmoija: Dreamshifter. Be sure to drop back by and let us know what you thought.

Rick Rhodes, reviewer

The Dreamshifter is a great start to this series

Jennifer Reed

Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter is a great start to this series is a great start to this series. The characters and story line are well-developed. Amy has powers that allow her to dreamshift. When her mom goes out-of-town to find her sister, Amy meets her father. Now her life is in danger and she has to stay alive. Each day her powers are growing. She is told that she is the Unelmoija, this means that she will have all the different powers. She will be the most powerful Weeia. This book has a lot of action and intrigue. I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I give Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter 4/5 STARS. I recommend this book and series to everyone.

Jennifer Reed, reader and host of

I liked the idea behind the Unelmoija universe, and I also liked most of the characters.

Angela Kay

Amy is Weeia. She doesn’t know much about the Weeia race, only that they are superhuman with special abilities. In Unelmoija: Dreamshifter, Amy is beginning to learn more about her own Weeia ability. As she discovers more about her powers, she learns someone is trying to kill her. To save her life, Amy must rely on a mysterious stranger who both attracts her and repels her, as well as her father she’d never met.

After reading Elle Boca’s Weeia Marshalls series, then reading this book, I can honestly say that she’s grown as a writer. Unelmoija: Dreamshifter is her first novel and also the book that introduces us to the Weeia universe. I liked the idea behind the Unelmoija universe, and I also liked most of the characters. The only thing about Amy that I wasn’t too crazy about was that it seemed as though she was a little too happy-go-lucky. Even in danger, I couldn’t really feel her trepidation. I also felt she struck a friendship with Duncan a little too quickly after deciding that she didn’t trust him. I think it would have been better and more intriguing if Amy and Duncan showed their obvious attraction, but struggled with feelings that were developing.

When I first started Dreamshifter, Amy was acting like normal people do, then the narrative throws in something about a kidnapping of her and her mother, which, as the story progresses, never got fully explained. I had gone back to the very beginning of the book to the table of contents and began to flip through, thinking I may have missed the prologue or something. But, I didn’t, which made me feel as though I was thrown into something I should have already known. Sometimes the way the dialogue was written confused me.

*For example: “I can see your mind is set.” I’d won the first battle. I kept quiet, as the situation was uncertain.*

In that scenario, it’s Duncan who is speaking. Then, in the same paragraph, it jumps into Amy’s first-person narrative. There were a lot of instances about that.

I think this was a decent beginning to the series. It isn’t my favorite, but I did like the premise. And as I said earlier, Elle Boca does grow as a writer. All series needs something to get the ground running, and Dreamshifter does the trick. I would be interested to see where Amy goes now that she’s learned more about Weeia and her powers. Maybe the questions I had in the first book are embellished in the ones after.

Overall Rate: 3 out of 5 stars

Angela Kay, author, reviewer and host of
(See the review on her website at )


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