The book really sucked me in

Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter

Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter by Elle Boca is book one of the Weeia series, and its off to a great start!

Amy just moved to Miami, and things are already going downhill fast. Confronted with the father she thought abandoned her years ago, she’s not completely sure she should trust him. Then, her opposite, the one person in the world she shouldn’t stand to be around, saves her life.

Oh, and she can dream shift. Meaning she can affect things in the real world through her dreams.

Life on the line, mother in a coma, friends being attacked, a father she can’t trust… things go from bad to worse for Amy. But don’t worry, we’re right there with her. The book really sucked me in, letting me see the world through Amy’s somewhat not-understanding eyes. She’s thrown into the deep end, and so are we.

Loren Weaver, paranormal author, FLD Case Files