An ending that will surprise readers and twists and turns

A paradox is a statement or proposition that appears self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses or tells a possible truth. Within the pages of this novel one or many characters create situations that appear contradictory in nature and opinions or statements can be contradictory to common accepted opinion. Amy and Kat lost the one person that was constant in their lives their mother. Her death was horrific, heartbreaking and untimely. But, Amy and her sister Kat are strong and with the help of her grandparents and her boyfriend Duncan what they are about to endure, encounter and have to counteract will hopefully bind them together as things do not always appear to be what they are and someone close to them needs their help. Changing the past, timeshifting, dreamshifting, using her second sight and all four of her powers are just part of what Amy, Duncan, Kat and her grandparents will have to employ in order to counteract what someone has planned. With a strange visit from Kat’s ex-boyfriend Vlad and knowing that his father intends to create a nuclear disaster, what happens when New Lyon disappears, her father is in danger and what he thinks caused the disappearance of New Lyon. Added in their grandparents now play an important part as Vlad and his father, Klaus present a credible threat to not only them but to mankind. But, can Amy meet with Klaus and get his to change his mind? What about trying to connect with her father who seems to be at the center of this controversy as Klaus claims that her father, the Enforcer for the Weeia is the reason his father is dead. Trying to make sense of why Klaus is targeting so many just to get her father to apologize and take his punishment does not mean that what he is stating is the truth. Things spiral out of control when her father mentally links with her, she goes back in time to find him, brings him home and he appears to be on death’s doorstep unless her grandmother can figure out what is causing his problem and Amy can use one of her powers to bring him back. Klaus’s mind has deteriorated and he is convinced for some reason that Amy’s father is responsible for his father’s death and unless he stands before him and has his chance to take him out, he will destroy the nuclear power plant in Florida killing the entire population and more. How can Amy allow this to happen? What happens that causes her grandmother to doubt her father’s words? Just how is he connected to Klaus if at all? Sharing his background, how he wound up in Germany, the experiments he experienced and his disconnection with his father, allows readers to better understand Klaus. He continues to explain what he thinks happened to his father and why he blames Amy’s for what appears to be his father’s death but was it? Listening to him explain what he thinks was the link between her father and his you begin to wonder what is true and what is false. Added in Amy is attracting many Weeia who have camped outside her door, seem enamored with her and might endanger her safety. Discussing this with her grandparents, Kat and Duncan it is evident that her newfound powers might have something to do with others being so attracted to her and even might cause her to be on the radar of the elders. Eventually they will realize that she is the Unelmoija and this could change the dynamics of her life, as finding out more about her father will too. Learning why her mother took her and her sister away, hearing him say he had them kidnapped and showing no remorse or sorrow for what they endured, you begin to wonder why she would even care about a relationship with this man even though Kat seems to want one even more.

As the story continues we learn the link between Klaus and Thomas aka the Enforcer and things become clearer but dangerous. When going back in time Klaus changed the course of events and as a result he and Thomas might face more than the nuclear blast he had planned. The year was 1935 and it was a highly volatile time in Berlin and the United States. The plan devised was to go back to that year and create a plan to capture and kill Klaus’s father before he was even born. A time circle is powerful and those within it are safe but when those with Klaus broke free of the circle they disappeared and what happened to him was startling as no one knew him, recognized him and he was alone. As a result of what is revealed within the pages of Chapter 22 the reader will come to understand what he endured and then decide if he was right in accusing Thomas of killing his father. As Kat, Duncan, Amy, her grandmother and Kat’s new boyfriend Eduard go back in time and relive the events of the past what they learn will alter their lives forever and the definition of paradox becomes crystal clear. The alterations in the timeline can and does have huge affects of the rest of the timeline. Her father has what her grandmother calls Timeshifting Illness and this changes it all. A paradox she related is a bad situation. As both Klaus and his son Vlad have to come to terms with the outcome what will be the fate of the rest? A startling revelation is made in page 252 as the truth behind Klaus and Thomas’s connection is revealed. Time waves: Powerful and both Klaus and Thomas have kept them as the grandmother states AT BAY but now with what has happened and their lives weakening the rest need to distance themselves from them both before they meet the same fate.

Events forced the group to have to find a new time period and place to live. What happens will surprise readers as wherever you go you find people in need of help, those that need to be dealt with and environments that need to be explored. Survival, family loyalties, love, friendships, understanding and one young girl who kept it all together even though the Pardox came true, their lives changed, what looked untrue was really the truth and some difficult situations proved you can endure just about anything if you try.

Author Elle Boca completes the Unelmoija series with an ending that will surprise readers and twists and turns that make you wonder if she might bring back the next generation and see if they are able to return to the present as the rest remain well you need to read the book to find out where. What happens to her father and Klaus? Why did they have to teleport and timeshift ? How will they survive? What about their skills and talents? These and many questions can only be answered when you read this interesting book and join the group as the teleport, timeshift, dreamshift and much more.

Fran Lewis, reviewer, Just Reviews