A great addition to the Weeia universe

Author Nicholas Rossis

Fans of Boca’s Weeia series (myself included) will be relieved to learn that the story continues, albeit without Amy – aka the Unlemoija. This new story features Ernie, the wiz-kid who got a second chance at life, courtesy of Amy.

To be honest, when I learned that Boca was continuing her series, I was apprehensive. I could not fathom how the story could go on without Unelmoija. Feels like Star Wars without Yoda.

Thankfully, pull it off Boca did.

As I read, I gradually stopped thinking of Amy. Instead, I focused on Ernie; an unlikely miscreant, with a knack for letting his talent lead him into trouble. And by the end, I wanted to dig deeper still into her Weeia world. I devoured the novella within a single hour. I thought it flowed really well, and that it’s a great addition to the Unelmoija universe. Ernie is a fine character, likable despite his flaws, and it was great watching him develop into a well-rounded young man.

I’d love to hear more about Ernie and Amanda, and the Marshals in general, so I hope she keeps that angle going for a few more books. Also, she has a wonderful new baddie in Dak, so I can’t wait until he and Ernie cross paths again.

I received a free copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Nicholas Rossis, author Pearseus epic fantasy series