More Great YA Reading!

Not sure who I am most impressed with, Elle Boca, the brains and imagination behind our Amy, or Amy herself! Either way, Elle Boca’s Unelmoija: The Mindshifter takes the baton from The Dreamshifter and ramps up the WOW factor a few more degrees, at least! Amy is off for a fun weekend on the sunny beaches of Miami with two of her best friends. Are they in for fun in the sun or will one night clubbing become a nightmare of danger as her human friend is drugged and kidnapped. Determined to find her Lilly, Amy calls on her abilities to help search out her friend’s whereabouts. Do they call her friend’s parents or do they make an all-out effort on their own? Do they risk involving a human, breaking one of the Weeia’s most important rules?

The hunt is on in earnest when their opportunity to nab the kidnapper is interrupted by a group of dark-cloaked vigilantes on a hunt of their own to bring down a group of human slavers and save the girls they have captured. Amy is on a mission and she won’t be stopped, until the leader comes forward and gives Amy another jolt of reality that she NEVER saw coming! If they work together, this gang doesn’t stand a chance, but only the power of the Weeia may find Lilly before it’s too late. Fasten your seatbelts, keep your hands in the car, we are about to head off, full sped into a maze of intrigue and danger as Amy’s true grit is tested and her powers develop. Beware, intrigue and a bumpy ride lay ahead, not the brief vacation the girls wanted, but a frightening journey into the dark and seedy side of life, Miami and human trafficking.

Proof positive that Elle Boca can write and keep it inside the lines of the YA fantasy genre. Again, with great care and surprising twists, this tale comes to life at the hands of this talented author who knows how to place each word in just the “write” order to evoke a sense of urgency, while continuing to breathe life into each of her characters. Great dialogue, action that is nonstop, and new discoveries make Unelmoija: The Mindshifter fabulous reading for ALL ages!

Dianne, reviewer and host of Tome Tender Book Blog