Welcome to a fresh YA fantasy tale-A Real Hidden Gem!

Young adult urban fantasy, magical moments, amazing discoveries and sometimes its luck of the draw that it has a heroine that makes for the perfect role model for impressionable minds. Get ready to meet Amy, intelligent, down to earth, and now the proud owner of unusual powers! Where did they come from? Are they real? It’s always been just Amy, her mother and her sister, always living under the radar, secluded in their personal cocoon by the sunny beaches of Miami. When a mysterious and rather foreboding man interrupts her morning run with the news that he is her father, the final piece is in place to change her life forever, especially as she has become the target of death from supernatural people called the Weeia, her people, her father’s people, and her adventure begins.

Welcome to the fresh YA fantasy tale Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter by Elle Boca! Get ready for danger, mysteries and Amy’s new life a she learns of her own talent, dreamshifting and the possibilities it holds. So why would she become a target for death? It seems her father is a strong elder, and many Weeia have reason to seek revenge against him. Enter Duncan, a Weeia whose power is speed, or at least that is the end result. Duncan is no fan of her father’s, but he vows to keep Amy safe. The bonus? These two become great friends, their humor and snark making chuckle-worthy reading. Will they move beyond friends and into a relationship? Danger is lurking all around them and only their complete trust in each other may save Amy from death. Is it more than a vendetta against her father? Parents, they hold back when they should be open and honest…Can Amy handle all of these changes?

Elle Boca, take your shiny gem and move it to the top of the hidden gem pile! Excellent writing, characters that leap off the pages with natural dialogue, low angst and an entirely new hidden group living among humans! From start to finish, I was in love with this tale, which is almost like a tour guide around Miami!

Dianne, reviewer and host of Tome Tenderly Book Blog