Amy is Back and Singing a New Tune as Trouble Follows!


I have to send this to the top of the heap of hidden gems!I spent most of this novel smiling, loving the action, the determination and the sheer grit of Amy, Kat and Duncan! Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter by Elle Boco is another spellbinding journey into the world of the Weeia, their arcane laws, a prophecy that some would do anything to stop and our Amy, stuck in the middle again. There is something fishy about the Elders, they are behind something sinister, but is it all of them or just a few? The Youth for Change group is trying to discover why so many young Weeia have not come into their powers, or are weak. Natural causes? A sinister plot for power? Amy is going to find out, at any cost, but is she ready to learn more about herself?

Once again, Amy is developing new powers, and they put her life at risk if she is discovered, but these very powers may be the key to unlocking the true powers of Weeia all over the earth. Prepared to jump from the frying pan and into the fire, Amy will risk all that she is, all that she is becoming to see justice done and wrongs righted. Running right into danger, watching her friends die for her and the cause, Amy must set aside her emotions and learn to deal with matters through strategic planning knowing others may suffer following her. Will she become the stealth weapon they need or will she do it her way, once again and bring the house down?

Rest up before re-entering this fresh and exciting world of the Weeia. Elle Boca uses her own powers of storytelling to cover each page with non-stop action, intrigue and Duncan’s amazing appetite! Her characters are alive; they are dimensional and full of unique personalities that help wrap this tale around you. Do you like being part of each scene as it plays out around you? Elle Boca makes each page fade away as she brilliantly rolls those mental cameras we all have. Sprinkles of humor, a touch of sadness, a few specks of doubt, the sweet blush of romance and a boatload of adventure will have you gasping for breath! Non-stop from start to finish, Ms. Boca keeps her readers glued to every scene and the amazing resilience of Amy and her friends. The question we have is, has Amy finally accepted who she may be or is she still lost in denial? All of her powers she takes in stride, how can she miss “The Signs?”

Dianne, reviewer and host of Tome Tender Book Blog