Enjoyable Spin-off

Sharon Stevenson

‘In the Garden of Weeia’ is a novella spin-off from Boca’s Weeia series, featuring interesting new character Ernie.

I found this a quick and enjoyable read, with a character who was almost instantly likeable. It’s the start of a new and intriguing storyline in Boca’s world of super-humans with fantastical powers.

The Marshals Academy was a cool addition to the world of Weeia. I liked that Ernie’s story was drastically different from Boca’s previous main character Amy. The story was really fresh yet maintained the elements of magic that made those first books so unique.

I thought it worked well on it’s own as well as in addition to the series. If you’ve not checked out the series out yet and you love fantasy/superhero tales you should definitely try this out!

Sharon Stevenson, author, The Gallows Novels and After Death Series