Gut clenching emotional scenes and that perfect touch of romantic heat

Unelmoija Paradox 400

We’ve all heard it; the ripple effect of one small event can change the path of history and the future. Leave it to Amy to test the theory of a paradox in time, all in the hopes of discovering hidden truths in the past that could possibly end the battle between two mortal enemies. Unelmoija: Paradox by Elle Boca is a rapid-fire, action-packed time traveling adventure as Amy attempts to unravel secrets from the past that have been kept from people she loves. Will the knowledge she searches for make a difference in the events of the present and future? Could one emotional action in the past cause a paradox in time, warping every second from that time on?

Still learning to master her seemingly never-ending new sets of powers, she and Kat now have their grandparents watching over them. With the old knowledge shared by her powerful grandmother, her lessons are intense, and urgent. Never has time been such an unknown factor, never has racing against and beating the clock been so imperative. With Vlad and his father Klaus once again planning and plotting, humanity is in immediate danger, as is a lifelong enemy, weakened and an easy target for revenge. If ever her powers were needed, it’s now and Amy will stop at nothing to save the world.

Hang on to your hats, your heart and your wits as Elle Boca brings it all home without missing a beat! Prepare yourself to be shocked, to be caught off guard, and go on a journey of a lifetime as the past, present and future come crashing into each other with the force of a tsunami. Not everyone will walk away, no one will be left unscathed and Amy’s life will never be the same.

Fabulous characters, all coming to life under Ms. Boca’s fertile imagination and her ability to create dialogue that feels and sounds real. Amazing action, gut clenching emotional scenes and that perfect touch of romantic heat all blend together for another powerful tale from Elle Boca.

Dianne, reviewer and host of Tome Tender Book Blog