Light hearted and fun


I read the first two books in this series a couple months back one right after the other. I liked them a lot, but had to take a break from reading and reviewing because of my own personal stuff. I still had a few books on the back burner when I had time to review and this was one of them! I should not have waited to read this one because I liked it more then the first two. It was a lot of light hearted and fun. I enjoyed the fact that the story focused on Amy and Duncan’s relationship more while still maintaining a good mystery plot. Also this book is not as dark as the first two, honestly the second one was really dark, which I enjoyed because you got more from the personable characters. You will still feel suspense while read this book and the pages will fly by when you read it. I recommend to anyone who likes paranormal, mystery, and urban fantasy. This is a great read!

T.M.B.A. Corbett, reader and host of TMBA Corbett Tries to Write