Fast-paced, well-developed, and a stunning new read


Elle Boca’s novels get better and better with each new print. I was highly intrigued after the first novel and now even more so. Unelmoija: The Mindshifter is the most suspensful of her series yet.

So much at stake and so little time. Amy and her friends go out for fun only to have bad things happens. One of them is taken and may disappear forever unless they find her quickly. With two left of the fun trio, time is running out and they must act fast. But now, Amy may have done the unthinkable. Using her powers in front of those who she shouldn’t have. This may cause more trouble and delay in rescuing her friend. Can they rescue their friend before it’s too late or will they loose her forever?

I love suspense and a novel packed with action. There’s enough action and dialogue that will keep readers turning the pages. Fast-paced, well-developed, and a stunning new read that will draw in readers from everywhere. I enjoyed reading this new story by Elle Boca and look forward to reading her next one. Overall, I highly recommend this to all. Unelmoija: The Mindshifter is definitely a must read.

Danielle Urban, Goodreads reviewer