The ending will blow you away

Fran Lewis

The world we live in has people that look like us but are really not. Their outward appearances when walking in the street would not alert you or anyone that they are different, possess powers that we would all like to have and are there for the sole purpose of protecting humans and Weeia alike. But, sometimes things happen and even Weeia are placed in positions of danger and although their lifespan is longer than humans, they are subject to the same dangers we are when someone or something decides to take control and end their lives.

Danni has just passed her test as an advanced Marshall after having dealt with a practical joke played on her by a group called the Purs. Astute, smart and definitely at the top of her class she and the others that passed are about to embark on their new found missions in various locations. But, Danni’s elation and excitement after sharing where her mission will take her with her best friend Marcy and her aunt and uncle is short lived. A secret meeting with the director about the circumstances of the mission, what happened to her predecessors and the reason she was chosen might make someone, but not Danni shudder and think twice before accepting the assignment. Getting her new equipment, learning how to use the new technology Ernie and knowing that she is going to miss him and everyone else, Danni manages to enter the airport, sit on a plane for more hours than anyone would care to and winds up having to find transportation approved of by her bosses and then enters where she will live to find it not quite what you or anyone else would expect to find in Paris. The building was dirty, her apartment once she found it was filled with dust, dirty linens and rodents and not livable plus no plumbing. Hoping to encourage her new boss to fix the problem she finds her way to a hotel for the night hoping to get some solace and relief. But, things are just starting to heat up for Danni and Paris is not going to be the dream job she expected.

Becoming friends with a young man who is into fixing vintage cars and motorcycles keeps her busy while the person in charge of giving her cases seems quite absent. Where is Francois and why isn’t he alerting her to anyone that needs her attention? Learning from the start that she is going to have to be assertive and dominant, she immediately lets the woman in charge of where she is staying that certain things need to be addressed and now. The rodents, the lack of plumbing and her excuses do not hold with Danni but things have not started to happen and the reasons for the deaths of the men that had her position before her still have to come to light.

Tenacious, work oriented and wondering why the list of suspects wanted was not posted she insists that the office be updated with a computer, updated wanted information and in so doing she does come across someone wanted for over twenty years for murder. Going to where this person runs an outside stand she manages to arrest him but since this is not a normal world and people are not what they seem this criminal when arrested leaves her with something deadly. Hoping to gain some respect even though Danni needs a makeover and fashion coordinator to make her appearance more professional and presentable some might say, she finds herself in need of a healer to rid her of the deadly poison this villain managed to inject in her without her realizing it.

Things change after a while and she continues to befriend Alain who allows her to borrow his scooter for transportation and the author gives readers an upfront tour of the entire city allowing us to know that not all of Paris is glitz and glam and that there are seedy parts and some amazing in a city that is special.

Going back to where she arrested the murderer she feels the presence of Weeia and understands that the vendor sold some Weeia powers to gypsies. Danni is commanded to help a man named Monsieur Peracles find out who is sabotaging his bakery business and who is causing his products to go bad. Thinking it’s his competition and with a personality that Danni find offensive she manages to get her points across as she tries to learn the truth.

Investigating she learns the truth behind the products made by the workers in Peracle’s bakery, the real company that now owns and might be responsible for ruining his reputation and the poor quality of the products. Danni springs for having the food tested by several labs and what she learns would give anyone of us food poisoning and a phone call to the Board of Health. But, Danni is not quite done yet and is approached by someone named Berthe to find her uncle who is missing. Dealing with the gypsies is dangerous, finding herself along with her friend Iaen hurt and in need of the healer again. But, Danni is strong, takes down the enemy somehow single handed, is searching for the missing man and the end result just might tie in all in together but how. Let’s not forget Bob, the homeless man and his dog Achilles, whom Danni helps with food and money but who would not take any of the goods from Peracles’s bakery. While is rival makes the best pastries in town his bread is made from old and rancid materials. Why would the new owners do that and what did they hope to gain? Who is really behind it and will the truth ever come out?

While Iaen and Danni try to outfox the gypsies she has to determine whether she can trust him or whether he is setting her up. With the Weeia is wants to rescue drugged and tied up by the gypsies, the bakery problem on hold and a boss who seems ambivalent to solving crimes and getting the bad guys in jail, Danni seems like a one woman force all her own.

As Danni and Iaen discuss the plan and she contacts Francois her boss and Patrick his friend they come up with a plan to rescue the man from the gypsies that is quite unique, clever and forces her boss to use his skills in an operation rather than spending his days having lunch with his dog Ceri. A plan quite intricate that only Danni could develop as we learn that she is a force to be reckoned with and one that I am sure author Elle Boca has plans for in the future.

The plan was quite extensive and the outcome you just won’t believe. Who can be trusted and who will live another day trying to escape the Gypsies, the illusions created by Danni, the plot to destroy the bakery as Danni proves she is smart, astute and not afraid to go that extra powerful mile and use her skills and power for justice. But, who wins and who dies? Will she remain in Paris? The ending will blow you away. Will Francois accept her the way she is and looks or will well you decide if she needs to wear a dress to get the job done?

Secrets are still hidden and the end is far from near, as the final chapter will shock readers when you learn the hidden truth behind what is the fate of one group and that of another. Will Danni survive her new job? Will her boss ever realize that she is an asset? Who is the leader of the Romany for France and what role does this person play?

Author Elle Boca strikes a high chord when she introduces Danni our advanced Marshall to readers letting everyone know she is a total force to be reckoned with and I think she has only just gotten started.

Fran Lewis, Just reviews/MJ Magazine