The more I read into this series the more hooked I get

Ashley Tomlinson

One thing I love about this series is no matter how much time I spend away from it I can always just right back into this world. It always welcomes me back with a magic filled hug. This one, just like all the others is very good. It’s filled with action, magic and even has some cute love scenes.

Amy finds out that she might have a new ability and this one may be dangerous. She starts having very vivid dreams about her past but the only difference is when she changes something it really changes her past. So she must be careful not to change her future while her mom, sister and boyfriend race to figure out what is going on with her.

I always love going back to the world of the Weeia. Okay I also kind of wish I was apart of this magical group of people. The more I read into this series the more hooked I get. I need to know what the heck happens next especially after that ending! I can’t believe Elle Boca did that to me but it’s okay I forgive her since she gave me so many adorable Amy and Duncan scenes.

This book is a good blend of action and cuteness. Even though it has serious moments with Amy and her brain situation (nope I’m not telling) it also has cute moments like Amy and Duncan swimming with dolphins. I love that because I would probably have a heart attack trying to keep up with this book if it was full to the brim with nothing but action.

I highly recommend this book for anyone that loves magic, love, and action. It won’t disappoint!

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of