A Well-Written, Suspenseful and Thrilling Read

SA Molteni

Weeia on My Mind by Elle Boca is book two of the Weeia Marshals series and continues the story from the first book in the series – Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia.

Danni is in Paris and is seven months into her first assignment after graduating from the Marshals Academy in America. Her boss, Francois, is very “hands-off” in directing Danni and hardly acknowledges Danni’s work until she proves herself to be a very capable Weeia officer. Madame Marmotte is the local Weeia office manager and also shows quite a bit of disdain for Danni.

When the Marshals Academy sends a new recruit, Sebastien to the Paris office to work with Danni, the tables turn and Danni must oversee the new underling. Something she is not at all eager to do. Sebastien is related to Madame Marmotte and soon Danni sees a different, softer side of the office meddler and malcontent who thinks the world of Sebastien. No sooner has Sebastien arrived in Paris, he and Danni come up against several villainous sorts akin to the Mafia and are in a fight for their lives. Sebastien proves he is a worthy partner and Danni soon warms up to the idea of having him in the Paris office.

In the midst of fighting Weeia on Weeia crime and carrying out assorted other duties, Danni becomes romantically involved with Iaen, a border-line “bad-boy” type who is just the right mix of good and bad to send Danni’s heart aflutter. The two become very close and soon are spending all of their free time together – which may or may not be a wise choice for Danni.

This second book in the Marshals series is a well-written, suspenseful and thrilling read that is a bit darker than the first book in the series. But, as with any crime-fighting story, criminals die and the manner in which they die could be off-putting to some readers. However, the events that unfold are paramount to moving the story forward and bringing it to a satisfying conclusion.

If you are a fan of urban fantasy or paranormal books, the Weeia collection is a wonderful world to get caught up in and enjoy. I have read all of the Weeia books and cannot recommend them highly enough. They are great stories that I could see being on television or the big screen.

Keep the Weeia stories coming, Ms. Boca, this fan is definitely hungry for more.

S.A. Molteni, author of I.T. Geek to Farm Girl Freak