Another adventure in the life of the most underrated heroine in town

Tome Tender Weeia on My Mind

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Weeia Marshal, Danni Metreaux, our own snarky little misfit in Paris has once again found herself neck deep in danger. Instead of the usual lack of an ally, she finds she has become a trainer for a handsome young marshal who knows the lay of the land in Gay Paree, of course the land he comes from is paved with gold while our Danni is constantly reminded of her poor upbringing and the stigma associated with her family name. Instead of finding another Parisian Weeia to ignore her, make her job twice as hard and pretty much make her a pariah, he is helpful, sincere and quite talented, not to mention he has an in with the Weeia high society.

Someone is terrorizing merchants for “protection” money and humans are their pawns to do their bidding, if that isn’t enough, priceless art has been stolen from the home of a wealthy Weeia family. With the help of her new “student” and the strength to endure from her new love, Danni does what she does best, dig in and dig deep. Will she be able to save humans and Weeia alike?

Elle Boca’s Weeia on My Mind is another adventure in the life of the most underrated heroine in town. Ms.Boca has pulled another fantastic tale of the super natural from her growing magical bag of tricks. Heartwarming at times, full of mystery and adventure and even a little romance, it’s about time our Danni has some happiness in her life. Danni is the heroine who seems to stand alone, and it makes her all the more endearing to watch her stamina after watching her being treated as less than the woman she is. Fabulous reading, characters you love to hate and Danni, all wrapped up in a tale that is magnetic from start to finish. Ms. Boca has put her stamp on this tale and it glows!

Dianne, reviewer and co-host of Tome Tender Book Blog