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Although Weeia on My Mind is the second in the Marshal series (Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia being the first), it reads incredibly easy and would most likely be easy to follow along with even if you hadn’t read the first. This second installment follows Marshal Danni Metreaux as she continues to police Paris and keep the peace among the Weeia. With no help fro her superior (or her lazy secretary) she has her hands full trying to keep the peace and stay on top of the paperwork. Just when she thinks things can’t get anymore complicated an attractive young trainee shows up and she has to help show him the ropes. At first Danni is annoyed but her new trainee proves useful on her cases and she finds that she is starting to stay on top of work for once (plus he’s good eye candy). With some extra time on her hands she rekindles a romance with an old flame and she couldn’t be happier; that is until one of her cases starts to get more complicated with no leads in sight. What’s a girl to do? Another great installment in the Weeia world, readers will relate to Danni as she tries to stay true to herself and prove everyone wrong in the process. The descriptions of Paris, the food, and the fashion are out of the world and really help immerse the reader into this cosmopolitan urban fantasy. I can’t wait for the next one!

Erin Cataldi, librarian and reviewer

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