A great series

Ashley Tomlinson

This is a series that I’m sad to see come to a close. I loved every book in this series so much. I know I’ve said this a million times but it’s just so easy to get into this world that Elle Boca created. The magic in this series is so unique and fun to read. So seriously can I be a Weeia? Pretty please.

This book takes place a few weeks from the ending if last book. With the way the previous book ended I knew this book wouldn’t be it’s super upbeat and cheerful self. There’s just no way to be cheerful after a tragic thing like that happens. Sorry, if you want to know the awful thing that happened you’ll have to read to find out. Even though it wasn’t all cheery it wasn’t depressing in anyway. I did kind of miss the carefreeness of the other books sometimes, this one was a tad more serious. I also kind of missed Duncan and Amy moments but I completely understand the reasons for that. Plus with the ending being that amazingly adorable, how can I say anything negative?

Timeshifting was explained a lot more thoroughly in this book. It was so easy for me to picture those scenes with Amy and her Grandma traveling through time. This family is seriously so amazing, I just love how close they are. Something that I don’t know if I ever commented about these books is about how passionate the characters are about their food. Not kidding, they make some amazing sounding food. Can I have some recipes, please?

Okay the only negative things I can say about this amazing book is that there were a couple of times that I felt like the story got a little slow. I highly recommend this book and this entire series to magic lovers everywhere.

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of hyperashley.com