I loved Danni as a character

Kristyn, host, Reading to Unwind

This book follows Danni who just became a level 3 Marshal for Weeia. She gets a post in Paris to help police the Weeia. Danni experiences some setbacks when she arrives in Paris such as a bad living situation and a boss who is MIA. Danni then works hard to prove herself as the new marshal in town.

I loved Danni as a character. The author did a great job creating a whole new world regarding Weeia and it was very easy to follow along with. Danni was a very interesting character she obviously had a difficult upbringing, which has continued into her adult life. I liked that Danni was able to admit her faults and in turn able to be stronger because of them. Danni was a very independent character and someone who would work very hard to achieve a goal.

The author does a great job describing Paris when Danni is touring the town. I felt like from all the vivid details I could imagine myself traveling through this town along with Danni and picture exactly what Paris looked like. I also liked that we got to not only see the tourist areas, but other areas of the town. It was great that we also got some background on the current economy in Paris during the book. The details that the author used to describe the setting were great I felt like I was right along with Danni.

The beginning of the book is a lot of background information on Weeia as well as getting to know the characters. I feel the book picks up towards the middle to end with a large amount of action. The author does a great job writing the action scenes I felt like I could imagine what was going on with Danni during these settings.

My major issue was I felt like I was missing a huge bit of information by not knowing what happened to Danni’s family. The author kept alluding to something bad happened, but didn’t elaborate in the beginning. I felt like I was missing a big piece while reading since it was brought up several times in the beginning of the book and was definitely a major issue that effected Danni’s life.

I would suggest this as a nighttime read. It was easy to follow along in the book and was easy to find natural stopping points to put the book down and pick it up the next night. The story flowed very quickly and was easy to read.

I received a copy of this book from France Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of this book.

My Rating: 4/5

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