Danni is my favorite character created by Boca

Ashley Tomlinson

I always loving getting back in the land of the Weeia. I still desperately wish to be a part of these magical people but only if I can be Danni. I loved her so much, she was blunt and snarky when she needed to be but in the end, she just wanted to do a good job. Her ability was awesome and by far my favorite one so far.

Like all of the books in the Weeia world, this book was action packed. Everything starts happening quickly and the pace stays that way, which I love. There’s never an opportunity for me to get bored. I thought it was awesome that Danni got to go to Paris for her first assignment, how lucky was that? The way Paris was described made me feel like I was there and sad when I realized I wasn’t.

I really think Danni is my favorite character created by Boca so far. She felt more real to me even though she had this cool ability. She had an addiction that is all too real in this world. There was just so much about Danni that felt real and I connected with her which made the story so much better.

I can’t wait to see where Elle Boca takes this series next.

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of hyperashley.com