I recommend this for anyone who likes stories that push boundaries.

Danielle Metraeux, a girl whose family history makes her a bit of an outcast by no fault of her own was the Weeia at the Academy who was the one who got bullied. However, she had made it to Marshal and has been deployed to Paris France, on her own merits. This plum assignment is to monitor and guard the Weeia population in conjunction with her supervisor.

While at Academy, she was often silenced and lost, until she found her own way. In Paris, she is finding that skill set handier. From her apartment and office manager she uses her abilities to make her new post habitable. The things she is gossiped about are things that let her into places other Marshals haven’t found easy. She begins to prove herself worthy of this posting despite rocking the boat.

With the help of her own skill set, and the tools given to her, she begins to enjoy what she does, never forgetting why she was sent there in the first place. Where her superiors in Paris look down on her, she gets more done in a short amount of time than they have in years, and in doing so, gets the respect she deserves as well as craves.

I read a good deal of paranormal and urban fantasy. Having never read Ella Boca, I found this book reviewed on a favorite blog during its first go around, and it intrigued me. When it came up as a second blog tour, I offered to read it. I really liked this kind of parallel society idea wrapped in a story set in Paris, a city I love. And Boca’s description of the Paris map makes it easy to see where they are, which is not any easy thing. When I was done I wanted more! I recommend this for anyone who likes stories that push boundaries. Me? I want to read the next one….NOW.

Andrea Stoeckel, reviewer, Goodreads