Darker, yet I was unable to put it down

Author Nicholas Rossis
With “Smells Like Weeia Spirit,” Boca continues her Unelmoija spinoff Weeia Marshals series. Danni, one of the most grounded and likable modern heroines, despite her faults (or because of them), finds herself once again in the midst of trouble. Office politics notwithstanding, she has at least the support of her trusted aide, Sebastien. Together, they go through a cross-section of Parisian society. When the need arises, she has extra help from her old friends, who rush to her side.

Despite the obvious similarities, I found “Smells Like Weeia Spirit” different from the rest of the series. Darker, for one thing. The description of an unexpected death in the family and its repercussions bring out Boca’s amazing writing talent, and I’d want to read this book for those chapters alone. At the same time, it felt more disjointed; like a car ride that has sudden twists and turns that leave you slightly disoriented. Not enough to make me give it four stars, but enough to warrant a mention. Then again, Boca has a tendency of leaving loose ends, only to tie them in the next book(s) in her series, so I suspect this is the case here as well.

I’ll be looking forward to her next book, as I’m hooked on her world by now.

Nicholas Rossis, award winning author Pearseus epic fantasy series