Author Elle Boca delivers a powerful ending

Fran Lewis

Marshall Danielle Metreaux is back along with Sebastien Poyager in another adventure that will take them deep inside the Academie Superieur de Goin to uncover the mysterious death of a student and the death of an older man who was visiting his sister. Sebastien seems to have the upper hand most of the time when doing interviews and interacting with the difficult staff they work with. He is smart, hot and calling them in to solve this case where people are dropping like flies and the answers are not apparent brings them inside the school meeting the headmistresses who is only concerned about appearances, not really quite concerned about the true cause as long as Sebastien helps solve the issue and places her back in total control. Coldhearted, methodical and often appears cold and unfeeling in manner and demeanor, she hopes that since she is an old friend of his family, that he will acquiesce to her wishes and solve the case even though Danni comes as part of the package. Meeting with the sister of the man who died from strange causes brings to light that there might be a connection to what is happening in the school and it could be related to drugs. The first student tries to recount what happened to his fellow student and by his demeanor and body language you can tell he’s afraid, apprehensive and fearful that he might upset the rigid headmistress. Did Mr. Monde use drugs? Was it murder or an accidental overdose? Weeia are different than we are and many are acting odd and more bodies will fall. Some seem human while others do not and is this related to being human? As the story progresses and the investigation is going nowhere like in real life the police bring in the FBI or CIA or a Behavioral Unit, they bring in CUT Team to aid in solving the problem and hopefully find out who or what is killing students. ?

Interviewing several students an oddity comes out that some of the girls used their sister’s makeup and their status among the students soared as opposed to before they used the makeup. But, their final decision was that he used and others did drugs.

They were not out of the woods by a long shot as many other disturbances happen in a club between two mindshifters that seem bent on destroying each other. Gathering up their cell phones, passwords needed she sends them to CUT: The Clean Up Team to wipe out any videos of pictures that might have been taken during the disturbance. But, the odd thing is that neither woman knows what caused them to blow up. While one seemed upset the other cold and could care less having a father as the Attorney General she thought she would skate. But, Danielle is tough when she has to be and with her partner things somehow manage to get down. In between she wants to spend time with her great boyfriend but another incident sends them to the Garden Park and then a second to another place making them wonder just who if anyone was in control of what is happening. So many incidents of violence but no one knows what is causing it and why? Reporting it to Francois who does nothing at all but criticize and ridicule, Danni hopes to get some answers and help from Ernie her old friend in Portland, the CUT team and hopefully some of the witnesses.

Things go downhill as more incidents happen and each one more serious than the next. But, Susanna, the Syrian chemist who is seeking refuge for her and her two children, along with Ernie and his amazing resources hone in on what might be the cause of the problem and why people are acting strange. But, in the middle of the case even before they single out the cause Danni suffers a loss that she barely recovers from or can deal with before getting into the thick of things with this serious case. What is causing Weeia to act out of sorts? Where does it stem from and who is creating this powerful thing to change personalities? A specially created scent that aligns with a person’s Henki and when properly applied can make you popular if that is what you want, make you charismatic or anything you want. But, that’s if it belongs to you. When the CUT leader, praises Danni and would love to steal her for his unit, will her loss and what she is enduring make her leave Paris and go in another direction? With her friend Marla, Ernie and her partner and Susanna, will they solve the mystery and will she remain?

The ending is filled with some unexpected twists as we learn more about the headmistresses who could care less when another student dies. Who loves being high? What is the motive behind the deaths? Just what will happen to anyone already infected? Will Sebastien remain with Danni? What about the offer from CUT? Author Elle Boca delivers a powerful ending that lets readers know this is not over yet and there is much more to come but first lets hope that somehow they solve the puzzle of what Smells Like Weeia Spirit?

Fran Lewis, Just reviews/MJ Magazine