I love Danni!

Ashley Tomlinson

Have I said how much I love Danni? Well, I’ll say it again I love Danni! She is still my favorite character that Elle Boca has created so far. She’s so strong and snarky. I think she’s my spirit animal, I can only hope my spirit animal is as kick-ass as she is anyway.

I thought this book was darker than book one was but I still loved it. I think it being darker made me like it more. Danni is seven months into her assignment, and totally kicking butt everywhere she goes. Like all Weeia books, this was filled to the brim with action and I loved every second of it. This one even had some romance in it. Danni found herself crushing on Iaen the bad boy. I’m jealous because who doesn’t want a bad boy in their life. Once the romance sparked I wanted more because I’m a sucker for a love interest mixed in with all the fighting.

I’m always excited to jump into the weeia filled world. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants an action packed urban fantasy. It’s a great series by a very talented author.

Ashley Tomlinson, reader, aspiring author, and host of hyperashley.com
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