Should be entertaining to anyone who likes an investigative adventure with a light fantasy flare

Cabe Polk

When Marshal Danielle Metreaux and her junior partner, Sebastien, answer a call to investigate a student’s death at the Academie Superieur de Goin, (Sebastien’s upper class private school alma mater) she was as unprepared for the uncaring defensive posture of the school administrator (an old friend of Sebastien’s family) as she was the free use of narcotics among the students. With nothing to indicate a homicide, they must assume the death was the result of accident related to the student’s use of drugs.

However, when other Weeia began to act strangely in a manner that would reveal their presence to normal humans, Danni and Sebastien must intensify the investigation. At a loss to explain the phenomena, they must enlist the aid of the CUT Team to resolve issues until a full time command center is organized with Danni’s boss, Francois, in command. When Danni is side-lined during the investigation with a personal loss, Sebastien steps in with the help of a Syrian chemist and provides the expertise need to allow Danni to figure out what is causing the disruption among the Weeia.

Once again, we have Danni Metreaux who is beginning to feel increasingly comfortable in Paris, and who is more comfortable with Sebastien as well. Her boyfriend, Iaen, is a big help to her adjustment, but is not destined to be a permanent part of her life. The intensity of the crisis for Weeia forces Francois to become more active, and Danni who has come to the attention of the CUT team leader may have a chance for advancement outside Paris.

As are the other Weeia books by Elle Boca, Smells Like Weeia Spirit should be entertaining to anyone who likes an investigative adventure with a light fantasy flare. 4-Stars

Clabe Polk, Reviewer
Midwest Book Review