Reader Sheri Wilkinson was the first to read and review Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter. Thank you Sheri, for this insightful five-star review!

Sheri Wilkinson

A great Urban fantasy for Y/A & Adult readers, I could not put it down! I was hooked from the first page!

Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter (Weeia, #3) by Elle Boca

In book three of the Weeia series, Amy finds her friend Loi dead. He is an “amplifier” and Amy discovers she may be one too, it is rare for Weeia to have more than one ability. Amy and her boyfriend Duncan, sister Kat and friends decide to go to Miami to get to the truth.

She must stay low profile and hide her identity to try to help the young Weeia and find Loi’s murderer. Her life (and her friends) are in danger, but should she take this risk? Amy is determined to resolve the issue and find her friends murderer at any cost.

I really enjoyed this story, it delves more into Amy’s life. Amy, Duncan & Kat are very likable. Well written and easy to follow, it felt as if I were part of Amy’s group of friends. I feel that Y/A and Adult Urban/Fantasy lovers will enjoy Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter. Plus I loved the cover! A must read!

I also recommend Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter and Unelmoija: The Mindshifter.

Sheri Wilkinson, reader