Five golden salads for Amy and five heavily seasoned pizzas for Duncan

Entering a room and finding someone covered in blood is how our story opens. Loi, thought to be an amplifier, or someone who is able to bring out the Weeia powers or abilities in a person, for some reason he is killed. As Amy, our main character and her sister Kat and boyfriend Duncan along with Loi’s wife Ann try to sort out what has happened, they are instructed by a group called the Elders to leave the room and allow them to take care of Loi’s body and call for help. As we get to know Ann, Loi’s wife and she requests help from Amy, Kat and Duncan the reader will become unsettled by her actions and her lack of emotion. Ann wants help to sort out his murder but she withholds information that might help find the killer. Amy has many Weeia powers such as dreamshifting, mindshifting and now thought to be a spiritshifter and an amplifier. But, there is much more behind what has happened and in order to understand and learn what the Elders are discussing Amy decides to Dreamshift into the room and hear what they have planned and why. In order to Dreamshift she concentrates, mediates and leaves her body, enters the room with her mind and then returns hopefully unheard and unseen. But, getting involved in learning the truth about Loi’s death and possibly being an Amplifier too could be dangerous. Amy is smart but at times she acts childish when her thoughts are tested, she is forced to listen to reason and her loyalties are tested. Spiritshifter: Unelmoija: Book 3 will tie up some lose ends, leave you wanting more of these characters and hopefully reunite Amy, her sister and mother with their absent husband and father.

Abilities are something that humans do not have but Weeia do and they are kept secret. Not allowed to discuss their powers with humans or reveal them to anyone else, Weeia have to be careful when speaking about their abilities and using them. But, Duncan is smart, humorous, sarcastic and the best medicine for Amy especially when she is in one of her moods. Wanting to learn why some of the younger members of the Youth For Change have no powers he and the leaders will go more than the extra mile to find out why.

Entering Ann’s home and looking into Loi’s death they are confronted by two men that seem quite angry and need to be stopped before Ann or anyone else gets hurt. Two men promised abilities and paying thousands to Loi for them. But, his death negates the promise and they want their money back. But, Amy is clever and although the money is returned somehow she manages to bring out the powers in one man named Ralph leading Duncan to think that maybe she might be the answer for the Youth for Change. What would you do if you could give someone an extraordinary ability? Duncan is a speedwalker that would be fun to walk so fast and get back unseen. Amy can mindshift and dreamshift and Kat is a super warrior and strong. What power would you like? What would you do if you were Amy and you were asked to see if you could amplify or bring out the abilities of so many? Would you risk it?

Throughout the novel we get to know Duncan and we all wish that we had his metabolism so we could pig out and eat as much as he does. The chemistry between Duncan and Amy is almost as electric as her powers. Bringing the Weeia youth for change to Miami by creating a venue such as a concert was quite ingenious. Amy would replace the lead singer and with the help of her friend Lilly her identity would be hidden. With her sister Kat promising to watch her back along with Duncan will she be safe? Learning more about her ability opens up many different avenues for her as well as Duncan and Kat. Most Weeia have only two abilities is it possible she has four? Besides being called Unelmoija. Henkis: abilities: The Undelmoija is said to be: identifiable in part because of her abilities. Dreamshifter, mindshifting, amplifier and timeshifter and much more, are just some of what Amy will have to deal with if she is so powerful. But, will it place her in danger? What about her family?

As focus shifts from Loi’s murder and Amy decides to awaken the Weeia in many young people humans and Weeia during a concert where she will sing, but no one will know it is her; the author focuses on what happens when a decision is made, the Elders are not consulted and the end result is an interesting twist.

Enter Vlad from Russia who appears to like Kat but for some reason Amy feels cautious around him and feels he has another agenda. As it becomes apparent that she might be an amplifier the decision to test her powers is decided. When her mother learns that they think she is the Unelmoija it title is defined as: their leader, wise, generous and powerful, their future and their past. She is “ our daughter and our mother.” Powerful words!

But, they needed to be certain and more convincing would come about. How would you handle being an amplifier, dreamshifter, mindshifter and a spirtshifter?

A concert that will bring to light more than just her ability to amplify as the light bounces from her to those in the audience and back to Amy again. Read Chapter 28 and learn more about Weeia light lines and how they are distinct from human. Learn more about how the lines left each person’s body; moving outward toward other people’s bodies awhile lines form others entered each Weeia or human body. The rest you need to read and experience for yourself when you attend the concert, hear Amy sing and find out what happens next.

With the first concert behind them and rave reviews they are waiting to learn whether Amy is an amplifier and if anyone has new abilities and if she was able to unlock them in those that did not have them before. But, something happens at the second concert and lives are in danger and deceits are revealed. Why was Loi killed and who was really behind it you just won’t believe? Why would the Elders block the abilities of young babies? What was their reason and why would come after Amy?

One young technologically creative young man named Ernie created the sets and graphics for both concerts. Why come after him? When all of the pieces of each graphic come to light and a video is played explaining it all, what happens next will surprise readers as Amy fights for her life but will she win? What happens when those in charge abuse their power? What happens when on young girl is determined to fight for what she believes in? With a surprise curve ball someone just might come to her aid but will anything be done to those guilty of murder? How will things change for the Youth group and will anyone try to right the wrongs that have been in place for so long?

These questions and many others remain unanswered but one thing is for sure this is a must read series for all teens, young adults and adults to learn the true meaning of honesty, friendship, love, loyalty, moral values, ethics and the abuse of power. Once again the author has created a plot and storyline that gives readers much pause for thought.

Let’s give this one: Five golden salads for Amy and five heavily seasoned pizzas for Duncan

Fran Lewis, reviewer