Heart-racing urban legend
Author Nicholas Rossis

Amy gains her time-shifting ability in the most annoying way possible. Nothing is safe, as whatever she does in the past can have big repercussions in the present. Even worse, the Elders have not stopped worrying about her and her friends, and the toxin in her body is messing with her abilities.

In other words, a day as usual in the world of Amy, the Weeia who has abilities beyond the already impressive ones of her people. Having read all four installments in the Unelmoija series, I was happy to discover that Timeshifter continues to excite and draw in the reader from the beginning, with a tense opening scene, designed to get the heart racing.

The ending was no less shocking, with Boca setting the scene for the fifth (and final?) book in the series. I’m already looking forward to it!

Nicholas C. Rossis, epic fantasy author, Pearseus series