Wonderfully written…


After reading Unelmoija: The Dreamshiter (see her review here) and Unelmoija: The Mindshifter (see her review here) author S.A. Molteni went on to read Unelmoija: The Spiritshifter. Here’s what she had to say about it:

It begins where the second book leaves off with Amy and her boyfriend, Duncan along with Amy’s sister, Kat at a Weeia conference. Unfortunately, a death occurs while they are at the conference and the three young Weeia see the body before the Weeia Elders alter the scene. What looks to be a “natural death” of a fellow Weeia named Loi becomes a mystery worthy of being solved by Amy and her friends.

After being ushered out of the room, Amy dreamshifts back into the room where Loi’s body is and tries to determine what the actual reason is for her friend’s death.

From what Amy can find out, Loi was an “amplifier” and one who can assist other Weeia with strengthening their abilities. Amplifiers are rare and Amy soon discovers that she may be one as well. This puts her life in danger once more and she is determined to uncover the true story behind Loi’s death. On this journey, she, Duncan and her sister, Kat discover much more than who killed Loi (and why).

As the story unfolds, Amy must stay under the radar of the Weeia Elders and what better way to do that than to be the lead singer in a band that will be playing at the Weeia Youth Conference? Right under the noses of the Elders, Amy hides in plain sight. This was an entertaining subplot in the book.

Although book three of the series is lighter than the first two, it still has many suspenseful and thrilling moments. The characters are maturing quite nicely and coming to terms with their multitude of abilities.

This latest book does stand on its own, but I would suggest that the reader read the first two (Unelmoija: The Dreamshifter and Unelmoija: The Mindshifter) before this one.

S.A. Molteni is the author of several award-winning short stories including Fade to Gray, Her Name Was Half Calf and A Special Bull. You can find her at http://samolteni.blogspot.com/