Reviewer Fran Lewis has read all the books in the Unelmoija Weeia Series. Here’s what she had to say about the print copy of Unelmoija: The Timeshifter:

Timeshifter: What happpens when you can’t turn back the hands of time?

What would you do if you could shift back and forth in time from the past to the present instead of in chronological order? What would you do if when you went back in time you relived events in your life that brought created dangerous situations and your other talents or skills were frozen and you could not control the outcome until the event was over? Amy has always been able to control her Dreamshifting and Spirtshifting but at the present she is being stalked and followed. Stopping her to show her a photo and realizing that this has to be some type of trap, Amy finds herself at his mercy but is this real? As the scene continues Amy learns just why she has been captured, the relation to her mother and the next thing she knows she is waking up in her bed with the alarm clock going off. Recalling several incidents and the death of a good friend named Ernie at the hands of a rogue Elder, Amy begins to analyze what is happening to her but comes to no conclusion as yet. Amy might appear to be human and live with humans but she and her family are Weeia with abilities that most humans would love to have. She can dreamshift and control her dreams and the outcome most of the time. She can Spiritshift, she can mentally speak to someone and communicate without words, she can feel someone’s emotions and she can even heal someone wounded.

Finding herself having lunch with her friend Krissa she begins to wonder if she has not gotten another talent similar to her friends that of being able to have an Emotional Henki. Asking if her friend controls it or is it anything you touch that she can get impressions of someone’s whereabouts or actions. How amazing! Krissa explains that she can pick up emotions people leave on objects they own or touch. This allows her to understand people, her enemies and much more. But, Amy’s powers are out of whack and she begins to wonder if she did not touch something in the Council Chamber when questioned in the past about the death of her friend at the concert, if it triggered or set off something in her Emotional or Mental Henki! But, things continue to spiral out of control and the dreams turn into nightmares and she finally explains the situation to her mother.

Dreamshifting allows her to have dreams allow them to become realities and then decide when they ended. She can create or change the objects used. Thinking of what happened in her present dream and how it related to her father really shook her up and the only way to resolve the issue would be to discuss it with her mother. Each time she had a dream it would lead her back to the present and although she focused on her daily routine Amy realized that something was off.

Amy and her mother discuss the many possibilities of what happened to her and when they narrow it down to something that one of the Elder’s might have injected her with which cause could cause her death if an antidote is not found. But, first they need to find the source, which is a Centurion Plant, which in this case is poisonous and has overtaken not only her body but also her brain. Centurion Plant according to is: any New World plant of the genus Agave, requiring many years to mature and blooming once before dying, especially the widely cultivated species A. americana, having leaves in a basal rosette and a tall flower stalk. Agave americana, native to tropical America but naturalized elsewhere, having very large spiny greyish leaves and greenish flowers on a tall fleshy stalk. It blooms only once in its life, after 10 to 30 years (formerly thought to flower after a century) also called American aloe.” But, can they find it and where it is grown and who might have it before it’s too late? One more dream about living alone, her mother missing and being thrown out of her living quarters brings it all to light as she realizes that something from the past is controlling her present. Spiritshifting might be good but what happened when she was questioned might have allowed them to inject her with this plant. MRI’s, scans and tests revealed the truth.

With the help of her mother, her sister Kat and the appearance of her boyfriend Duncan, Amy just might be able to put the pieces together but first they have to decide where to begin and how.

With her mother traveling to find out what the cause of her problems are and with Duncan and her sister Kat at her side Amy hoped that she would be safe. Beaches, museums, diversions and hoping to find a way to control her timeshifting, her mother spoke with her grandparents and the answer seemed to be mint tea or at least for now. But, when things begin to spiral even more they realize that they might have to travel far and wide to another country to find the centurion plant, where it is grown and who might have it and why.

As Duncan, Kat and Amy decide to go on an Organized Swim to try and relax and rid her of the tension Duncan recounts for readers that there are four Weeia Henki, that most of us would like to have: Emotional, Material, Mental and Temporal. Amy has all four and they are stronger than most people’s. So, would they neutralize the centurion and just how would the mint tea help as a temporary fix? Centurion from another plant or another batch would not blend. Amy needs to be injected with the right protein or she would lose the delicate balance she found. This was really frightening to all of them and they needed to find the exact batch and the right color, which is purple. Each of the strains of this plant has its own specific color based on the color of tits flower. Their problem is they do not know which one is in Amy! As Amy recounts what happened when she was questioned by the Elders they realize answer might be in Asia.

Cambodia was the destination and the author takes readers inside this country, the museums, temples, the hotels, restaurants and more giving readers a guided tour throughout this country. Visiting the nurseries was first on their agenda and then going to the capital Siem Reap, their cultural capital was part of their itinerary and because Kat could communicate with them in their language made it easier for them to get around. The author relates that the capital was quite a tourist attraction and hoping to find centurion their top priority. Meeting different families, staying with one in particular and sharing their customs and the food helped to bridge the gap and prove that people of different cultures and with differences can get along. The history of the country is quite interesting and the many places the author relates to makes you want to visit on your own. But, when Amy senses Weeia and they find out who and why they are there, the answers they hope to find might not be the ones that will help them with centurion.

As their time in Cambodia draws to a close and the disappointment sets in they find their way back home and just where and how they find the plant will surprise readers as author Elle Boca creates a twist and unexpected surprise that no one will see coming. Added in before they leave the head of this family or Weeia family gives Duncan a special pendant that he is supposed to wear all of the time not stating what will happen if he does not.

But, the past is about to come into the present and just when they think they have the centurion and are home free the harsh true is presented and their rate of survival diminished. Shots, injuries, danger and someone just might not make it out alive. Will Amy be able to use her healing powers to save someone close to her? When the final count is assessed who will be left to carry on? Will she become Unelmoija and at what cost? An ending so explosive and powerful you just won’t believe the end result.

Once again author Elle Boca brings to light the issues of family loyalty, friendship, honest, power, greed, revenge and hate in order to create a plot that will keep you riveted to the printed page and wondering: Is this the last we will hear of Amy, Duncan, Kat and Mom or is there more to come?