The most recent five star review for Unelmoija: The Dreamsfhiter appeared this week on Amazon. Here is a copy with the reviewer author’s permission (thank you Teresa!)

Great Fantasy Adventure


I really loved this book! It was almost too short – but lucky for me, the next book in the series was already ready and waiting for me!

I thought the story was unique and original, and the characters were well developed. The main protagonist, Amy is very likeable and is presented in such a way that is very true to her age. The author accurately captures her uncertainty and all the feelings that come along with being a teenage girl.

The magical elements were very imaginative (not your run of the mill superpowers), and there were just enough plot twists to keep the story moving – it was a rapid pace, but easy to follow.
Overall a very quick and enjoyable read. I finished it in a weekend and then immediately went and downloaded the next one and will probably continue to do so until I meet the end of this wonderful adventure. I would recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy and/or paranormal books.

Teresa Carlson, self described writer, illustrator, nerd