Reader Lani Houston has finished all the books published so far in my Miami urban fantasy series. Below is her five-star review (with her permission) of Unelmoija: The Timeshifter. Thank you Lani!

Still with her intricate details and wonderful imagination we see thru the characters eyes the beauty


Five stars is not enough for the 4th installment of the Weeia series!!!!! The author takes us from 0 to 60 in a split second throughout the book. Still with her intricate details and wonderful imagination we see thru the characters eyes the beauty of other places.

We are immediately emersed into an action pack scene. Oh! WAIT!!! That was just a dream, but it seemed so real. But everyone notices that Amy is not her usual self. Tired all the time, her actions toward everybody is out of character, having headaches and those realistic dreams. Remembering what her mom had said, Don’t do anything different because it can change the outcome of the future! Now we add the timeshifter ability to Amy’s already many powers.

Mrs. McKnight has a new job as a prominent neuroscientist research. Kat leaves for a visit with her father. With everything that’s going on with Amy, mom decides to take her to work with her so she can run some test. Thinking the machines aren’t working correctly, Amy has spent the day at the research lab redoing test after test. Duncan arrives for a visit and Amy’s diappointed that she couldn’t meet him at the airport. He takes her home so they can fix a meal and wait for mom to come home hoping that she has found out what’s wrong with Amy. During their evening meal mom comes home with the results of the test. The Centurion has localized in Amy’s brain, and mom is going to find the grandparents in hopes of them knowing a cure, Kat is off to visit with her father. Things get steamy and hot between Duncan and Amy while they have the house to themselves. After supper they decide to speedwalk to a friend’s house to water their plants and feed the cat. But during the walk they are abruptly stopped. Did they hit something? Or is it just a glitch in the speedwalking? Or is Amy’s sickness affecting Duncan’s ability?

Mom calls to tell Amy that her grandmother said to drink mint tea. This does help some and the dreams aren’t as scary as they had been.
At the evening meal Kat arrives back home, disappointed because father never show. Talking over the results from the test they know if they can find the Centurion plant and get the toxin, mom can make a serium with it and scorpion toxin. This would help block the Centurion in Amy’s brain. The thressome are off to Cambodia in hopes of finding this rare plant. They get to sightsee but also have an extraordinary adventure where they learn more about Weeias.

This book does leave us with a huge cliffhanger!!! I must say I have gotten so engrossed into the characters that the ending left me defeated, I cried for the tragedy. YES, I said it, I cried!!!! As these characters have developed and the close family bonds are forged, I became a part of them. With this said I still recommend this book and the whole Weeia series for anyone that enjoys young adult, urban fantasy, romance, action adventure, sixpence and paranormal.