Reader Sheri Wilkinson has read all the books of the Weeia Series. As one of the first recipients of an advance reader copy of book five of the series she is among one of the first to read and review Unelmoija: Paradox. Below is a copy, with her permission, of the review she published on Thank you, Sheri, for this enthusiastic five-star review!

The perfect read for Young Adult, Adults and lovers of fantasy

Sheri Wilkinson

Amy and her friends are back in the fifth installment of the Weeia series. Amy must uncover the cause of the disappearance of New Lyon. But this is no easy task. Changing the past could mean the end of all humanity. But doing nothing will certainly have a horrid outcome. Amy and friends will do what ever it takes to avoid the Paradox and save mankind. This is her biggest challenge yet. Will she be able to succeed?

A well written story. I really love Amy, I did from the first book. She is older wiser and able to handle her special abilities much better. The secrets she uncovers were shocking and there are quite a few “I didn’t see that coming” moments. I love that shock factor in a great story. The vivid details, suspense, and secrets pulled me into the story as if I were there.

The plot is intense, and kept me hanging and telling myself “Just one more chapter !”. Everything unfolds perfectly. With an original plot, likable characters, tension, suspense & secrets Unelmoija: Paradox is the perfect read for Young Adult, Adults and lovers of fantasy. I would also like to say the cover is fantastic. It really is beautiful and has an air of mystique. A true 5 star read!