Erin Cataldi, avid reader and host of Tragically Dull Adventures of an Almost Librarian, read the print edition of Unelmoija: The Timeshifter as a stand alone book (in other words, without reading the previous three books of the series first). She kindly shared her views on her website, Amazon, Goodreads, Library Thing, Twitter and Pinetrest.

With her permission below is a screencapture (love the artwork on her site!) of her post and the review. Thank you Erin!

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Erin Cataldi

A new adult urban fantasy that will captivate and intrigue readers. While this is the fourth installment in the Weeia series, it also serves as a standalone because it seamlessly catches the reader up to events that happened in the previous novels. Due to a centurion overdose that was administered to Amy in the past, her weeia abilities are on the fritz; she’s more tired than usual and has suddenly been able to timeshift in her sleep. The timeshifting is a HUGE problem for Amy because she can’t control it and if anything happens out of the ordinary it could screw up her entire future. She has to find a cure for the centurion lodged in her brain or she’ll end up screwing her timeline and taking her friends and family with her. Determined to find the source of centurion and maybe a cure, Amy, her sister, and her boyfriend head to Cambodia to try and put a stop to their predicament. Even though time is pressing the trio find time for food, fun, and lots of sightseeing while on their quest. Will they find what they need and will they find it in time? Read to find out more!

For fans of fantasy and adventure.

I received this book free from the author in return for my honest, unbiased review.

Erin Cataldi

She is a self described “Crazy cat lady librarian” from Franklin, Indiana. To see her original post and visit her website go to