An American Weeia in Paris featured on Atlanta review site

An American Weeia in Paris featured on Atlanta review site

Pop the Butterfly, a book review blog by Paige in the Atlanta area, recently profiled An American Weeia in Paris. Thanks to Paige and Pop the Butterfly!

An American Weeia in Paris on Pop the Butterfly

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“A plot filled with suspense, intrigue and an ending you won’t expect,” says reviewer

“A plot filled with suspense, intrigue and an ending you won’t expect,” says reviewer

Smart, astute, unyielding at times and a force to be reckoned with

Fran Lewis
Experiencing a terrorist attack is common for newly appointed acting Marshal Danni. Her appearance is unorthodox for someone in her position but this assignment to protect two Superhumans and the outcome of what happens at the Eiffel Tower sets off a strange set of events. The Walkers are not ordinary “people” the husband is high up in the Weeia hierarchy but his wife will shock Danni as the attack occurs, she and the Walkers are in an upscale restaurant about to order dessert when things get tense and as he tries to take control but his wife won’t budge because her kids went out and have not returned.

There’s a super crime fighting hero going up against the terrorists and crime in Paris. But , Weeias are not supposed to flaunt their existence to humans. This is against their laws and Danni now the acting head of the Paris Marshal’s office is up against a real foe right in her own backyard. Rupert has political connections and brings in a task force aiming to solve the case and push her out. Her own boss took away the case and gave it to this team. Danni needs help but first a friend calls who thinks that she and her partner are being followed but why? Doing some surveillance Danni spots someone using her tracker on her badge and sends his pictures to her old friend Ernie learning his identity but not why he’s following them.

Her old partner left and finally contacted her and she’s hoping he’ll help with this case so she gets the position permanently but there are obstacles in her way. Amanda Walker discounts her warnings about danger and her husband Ted follows Danni but the result of what happens shocks Danni learning just what Amanda is and can do. Lives are lost but somehow, she and Amanda work as one to try and save a guard but will this be the end of her job or will her boss understand the outcome? Ted Walker is considered a superhero and a superhero has gone rogue and Danni is charged with stopping this hero before Rupert takes her down and gets the position she wants. The issues of betrayal, deception, friendship and loyalty are just some of what author Elle Boca brings out as the tensions rise and the dangers increase.

The humorous highlights surround her problems dealing with this toy poodle, Ceri who belonged to her former direct report and who insisted she take him in. Ceri is smart and cunning making it hard for Danni to deal with her and the surprises she finds when she comes home. Plus let’s not forget Madame Marmotte her somewhat secretary who adds her own spin on Danni and does not always deal with her without her terse comments but when push comes to shove, and Russell asks and requests something from her the response is priceless.

Danni becomes embroiled in solving the case and keeping tabs on Mathias and the Walker children. Called on the carpet by Rupert’s father closing she was harassing the children she stands up for herself, but something happens during her surveillance for Mathias that changes every about her parents and Danni must deal with the harsh realities and startling truths. Speed walkers are hard to track and she’s on the prowl to find this one who’s creating havoc and is dangerous is it Sammy Walker or just who is this new Superhuman? As things get stranger Ernie appears and Danni is forced on an unusual journey in the middle of the night where she learns the history of the Weeia, the person called Unelmonija the most gifted and powerful Weeia known to their history and he enlightens her to much more. But first she learns about her parent’s powers and what similarity she had to one. Ernie explains a group formally known as Ihmiset called The Descendants. This woman descended directly from the Ulelmoija are known as The Daughters of the Descendants. Added in this links to why her badge has limited abilities and what she experiences takes her to an entire new dimension and is astounding. Danni faces hard choices and her goal is to track the MGV and solve her case before Rupert’s team does.

Danni and Ernie have an unusual relationship and as a result of this encounter you never know how things will progress and knowing that Marla is about to descend on her changes things as what she experienced and what she learns about her parents has to remain a secret in order to protect her own life.

The world of Weeia is much different than ours but Danni using her new app was able to learn just who MGV is but that is not to be revealed to anyone but this person is smart, quick and with this person’s help you won’t believe what they accomplished and how they took down some dangerous criminals. But, things get tense when someone close to Danni is seriously hurt, Mathias is kidnapped by Argus who is at the heart of what is happening to so many others, bribes, torture and more to get people to do what they want but can anyone ever really get away from this dangerous group that thinks they are so elite and higher than all others. Situations get tense, Danni must make a difficult decision, hoping to find Mathias and learning the truth behind Argus and once again having to say goodbye to people she loves. As things get more dangerous and Danni hopes to get the permanent position as Head of the Paris office, she needs to rethink her thoughts about someone, find her own way and hopefully reconcile her own differences within herself. An ending that leaves us wondering what is next for Danni, will she find someone in her life after losing the one person she really loved? Learning about her ability that she did not know she had, will that change the way she handles thing? Smart, astute, unyielding at times and a force to be reckoned with and of course let’s not forget Madame Marmotte who adds some color and zest to every scene that she’s in and her loyalty to Danni is unfounded. What’s next for her? Will she get the permanent position? Friendships are broken, others cemented, and trust and loyalty are at the heart of whether she will succeed. But what she does to make Sammy smile before the Walkers return home is priceless and amazing.

Author Elle Boca created a plot filled with suspense, intrigue and an ending you won’t expect as we learn more about An American Weeia in Paris, named DANNI!

Fran Lewis, Just reviews/MJ Magazine
See the article on her website:

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New! Cover reveal for An American Weeia in Paris

New! Cover reveal for An American Weeia in Paris

Check out the cover for my newest book An American Weeia in Paris due out very soon.

Know exactly where in Paris the white structures in the background are? You are invited to leave in a comment with your best guess.

An American Weeia in Paris

While human residents are delighted with the new superhero in the City of Light Danni, acting head of the Paris Weeia office, is tasked with apprehending the unidentified person her superiors believe is Weeia. Will she succeed before a well connected upstart beats her to the goal and steals her job?

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“This Paris is likely to feel real to all but the most Parisian of readers,” says reviewer

“This Paris is likely to feel real to all but the most Parisian of readers,” says reviewer

Author David Higgins read and reviewed the first book in the Paris Marshals Series.

I recommend it to readers seeking an urban fantasy thriller that relies on character and investigation more than magical abilities

Dave Higgins

Boca mixes the shock of moving to a new culture, the frustration of being a cop with a boss who won’t support them, and an urban fantasy world that isn’t filled with the usual creatures to create a tale of magical investigation that is driven by character rather than special effects.

Near identical but gifted with magical abilities, Weeia have always lived among humans in secret. The Marshals exist both to capture criminals and ensure the secret remains. When Danni is offered a placement in Paris straight out of training, she can’t believe her luck. However, with her predecessors dead, the Marshals’ office near derelict, and her boss only interested in her not getting in the way of his life of decadence, she realises her posting might not be what it seemed.

This novel is set in the same world as Boca’s Unelmoija series. However, it neither relies upon nor reveals events in those novels. As such, it both is suitable as an introduction to the world, and can be read in parallel to the Unelmoija arc.

Unlike the focus on mystical heritage and secrets of Unelmoija series, this novel is akin to an urban fantasy detective or police procedural. While it has a large dose of the same unique metaphysics, a substantial part of the plot revolves around using—or subverting—procedures, analysing evidence, and investigating rather than wielding strange abilities and unravelling prophecies. By creating a police service that is similar to those of Western nations but different in a number of key ways, Boca skilfully balances the reader’s desire to solve along with the characters against the use of magic for investigation.

Boca weaves a detailed but not obsessively so thread of Parisian life through these mysteries, adding to the firm foundation created by mundane detection, creating a parallel series of challenges, and rounding out characters. While she admits to taking some liberties with reality, this Paris is likely to feel real to all but the most Parisian of readers.

Although there are—as might be expected of what was written as the first book in a series—some questions left unanswered, Boca resolves the majority of threads, providing Danni with victories that are not only satisfying but significant enough that the book could stand as a solo work.

Danni is a sympathetic protagonist. The daughter of Marshals who were disgraced by some unexplained event, she is torn between an unconscious desire to present herself as a good Weeia and many years of not letting bullies silence her; this opposition both drives and inhibits her efforts to undertake her posting efficiently despite the rest of the Marshals’ presence wanting her to stay quiet and leave thing alone.

The supporting cast are similarly shaped by internal contradictions, making them, Weeia and human alike, feel like real people living lives beyond the plot.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I recommend it to readers seeking an urban fantasy thriller that relies on character and investigation more than magical abilities.

Dave Higgins, speculative fiction author
(see it and other reviews on his website at

Next book update

Next book update

If you have been following the adventures of Danni Metreaux in Paris and reached the end of book three there is good news. An American Weeia in Paris, book four of the Paris Marshals Series, is coming along nicely.

Beta readers (that you for your feedback) have shared their input. More news soon!

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Gypsies, Tramps and Weeia

Weeia on My Mind

Weeia on My Mind

Smells Like Weeia Spirit

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